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What's Really Going on With Britney's Head?

5/18/2007 11:25 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Britney Spears' hairiffic blonde extensions have made yet another hair-rowing appearance on the pop star's head. Despite two days of hard work, Brit's head is just a mess.
Britney Spears -- hair hell!
Yesterday, TMZ showed you pictorial evidence of Brit's inch-long real hair, and the long extensions that an Orange County stylist had to work for hours to get just right. By the look of things, she's going to need that touch-up, STAT!

Britney Spears: Click to watchMeanwhile, we spotted her leaving the Millennium Dance Studio clad in a black number -- not the canary yellow piece she went in with. Perhaps some time with a mirror examining those extensions put the starlet in a black mood.


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It is not her fault. The person who put them in did an awful job. She needs a real, and I mean a real, professional in this matter. With one inch of hair no one should have been able to see the scalp. Why should she throw in the belt? She is a young woman who has been working for almost all of her life. Give her credit and encourage her to rebuild and carry on.

2691 days ago


Then STOP giving her your attention - simple as that!!

2691 days ago

Fashionista la Marcos    

All those who are saying Brit is trailer trash need to be a tad more specific! She is 30-year-old-singlewide-with-laundry-hanging-on-the-porch-corn-growing-in-the-front-yard-five-hound-dogs-holding-up-the-front-porch trailer trash!

2691 days ago

southern star    

Come on Brit for less than what your hairdresser was paid my Aunt could have hooked you up! Go down south where the real weave queens live.

2691 days ago


she shoulda just stuck with the wig until her hair grew back in. but just one wig if she was smart. then she wouldn't have to spend all her money on ones that she thinks make her look unique.

2691 days ago


Her "hair" looks hideous. Period. If she is really trying to start anew, she should just show her new short hair.Get it over with and deal with it! She brought it all on herself, besides, Natalie Portman looked kind of cute after her movie roll with the ultra short hair. The hair will grow back but can her reputation be renewed as easily as hair will grow? But honestly, to me, Britney has never come off as the "sharpest tool in the shed". I've watched several of her interviews. I really WANTED to like her! I really did!!! my opinion...she continues to come off as.....well....plain white trash. Rich trash, but trash none the less. And don't even get me started on her mothering skills. She seems to have no maternal instinct. It makes me so sad each time I see a picture or read another story involving her kids in dangerous situations. Sigh.................

2691 days ago

Nuncio Pinero    


2691 days ago


Well. Goody. Another Brit story. Those Paparazzi keep looking for the spoiled witch & follow her every move. I THOUGHT SHE WAS SUPPOSE TO ME A MOM?! She HAS 2 young kids she should be with, NOT getting bird's nest for ugly extentions. If she's supposedly "broke" then it's her own damn fault! Her "REHAB" was just a joke (more attention) & if she's back to her boozy ways, well throw her back! Like I'd go pay to see a lip synched "concert" of hers? LOL!
The sad thing is: young girls want to imitate these "idols" & assume this is the way it is (getting their way/attention grabbing trash). Same with Lindsay & Paris. EVERYDAY IT'S ON THE "NEWS". I mute the tv when this "breaking story" occurs. How ARE her children? Why can't we hear about THEIR well being?
STOP FOCUSING ON BRIT THE TWIT! NO MORE! I wonder if she'll hire Michael Jackson's team? HE'S been "bankrupt" for years, but he STILL goes snooty shopping. I don't get these high profile people. Guess because I'm just a peon.

2691 days ago


Every one needs to STOP!! Truth be many of us have had a bad hair day, and wanted to grab the clippers....but...didn't have the guts. Britney, ditch ALL the fakes, bleach out your real hair, spike it up, put on some red lipstick & sunglasses. Forget about the rest of us and get on with raising those beautiful babies.

2691 days ago

the voice of experience    

The ONLY way to get the media stories about Paris, Britney & Lindsey to stop is for all of us to STOP ACKNOWLEDGING THEM LIKE THIS! IGNORE THEM!!! The media gives us the stories that they think we if we IGNORE THEM maybe they'll stop with the stories & gossip about them & go on to other celebs that are far more interesting & worthwhile.

2691 days ago


I think it's pathetic that we even pay attention to someone whos so obviously washed up yet still ripping herself apart to find some spotlight... personally i believe the teen tramp who has become an adult lunatic needs no sympathy,,, she has a pampered and extremely easy life... before she can complain even once i would like to see her work in the fast food industry or any kind of service for that matter... i'd like to see her do something that matters... congrats and being an incredibly spoiled piece of garbage who has led our female youth to become sluts... i feel no remorse for the rich little cry baby's...

2691 days ago


You negative people need to get a life. It's obvious you are obsessed with Brit or you wouldnt be commenting on her all the time. I would love to see a pic of the ones writing such horrible remarks about her. The world is a cold and sick place...people dont care anymore. Its her life! She awed fans for years and has the right to do as she pleases. Get a life of your own. Look in the mirror, Im sure you are not perfect. Your Moms should be asshamed for raising such critical brats!

2691 days ago

R ECK    

I think the B*#@" has LICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2691 days ago


Britney is not out of money by no means, why would u even think that? she is set for life,but is going to have a very rough time climbing to the top again. personally i donot think she will ever be there again. she has ruined herself. She loves the attention no matter how bad it is. She is a lost soul so many young girls idolized her and she has really let them down!!She needs to stay out of the media for quite sometime and give it a rest and let the world wonder about her, then try and make a come back and hopefully for her kids sake it will be for the best not for the worst as it is now.

2691 days ago


she needs to go away and take care of her kids. She has issues and living in Hollywierd wont help her. If people didn't buy tickets or her cd's she would go away.

2691 days ago
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