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Britney Does Miami

5/21/2007 1:14 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

There's no outfit that isn't enhanced by carrying a shiny gold handbag, y'all!

Britney's lip synching Miami sound blah-chine performed at the House of Blues in Orlando, and the mad hatter took the opportunity to rock a few new looks, Florida style.

Click on in to our quickie gallery to see a few of Miss Thing's weekend of fashion misses.


No Avatar

who cares?    


2657 days ago


She looks like she is going thru a regression again. The extensions look worse than the wigs and fedoras ever did!

2657 days ago


I LOve you Britney!!!!!

2657 days ago

name withheld    

I love you Britney!! Work it girl.....

2657 days ago

Inspector Gadget    

I dont want to jump on the bashing band wagon here, but .......................

Isn't kinda interesting that once the high priced handlers and all the big money support disapears that you get to see the person as they really are and you get an inside look at just what a well marketed product their career was/is.

Poor Brit, she just seems a lil bit lost doesnt she ........

2657 days ago


I'd do her - Love you Brit!!!!

2657 days ago


The whore does everyone.. that's what happens when you get fat and ugly

2657 days ago


Again TMZ: Great work on the humor! I love how you describe Brittney's fashions (don't forget the best accessory---the gold purse). LOL! You've made my day with this post and Pam Anderson's poll question---so funny!

2657 days ago

tuna marie    

she is such an attention whore, does she really think she looks good in these outfits? she hasn't hit rock bottom yet, and i hate to see what that will look like.

2657 days ago

J Doe    

Christina was the FIRST person to EVER publicly come out and say that she thinks Britney needs help and is a lost girl. She said this back in 2003, and the media had a field day afterwards.

Her fans, Britney fans, and the press attacked Christina for saying such things and claimed that she was just jealous because Britney was getting more attention. Britney retaliated by saying that Christina is 'Dark'.

Anways, Christina was not only right, SHE WAS 100% RIGHT !!!

A mere two months after that quote, Britney got hitched in Vegas. Then she met Keven Federline and they quickly got married and banged out two kids back to back, and Britneys trashy trailer park image kept getting worse. Then there were rumors of the drugs, then the divorce from Kevin Federline which made her party with Paris Hilton, and then more drugs, and finally, shaving her head off and straight into rehab.

Christina should be credited as the first person to realize that Britney had a problem. Britneys problem started back in 2002, right after the Justin Timberlake break up. That's when Britney finally lost it.

At that point the media still saw her as a singer, but she was just very tabloidy. It wasn't until that VMA night in 03 when Britney proved her point. She proved to the whole world that her public antics comes first, then her music, by kissing Madonna rather than performing something new off of her album.

It was that final straw, that Madonna kiss, that sent Britneys career into the Grave, along with her sanity. After that, no one cared about Britneys career anymore, all they cared about was her outrageous behavior. 'Toxic' was like her one last hoorah before her career went south. She needed that, but it really didn't do much for her.

Good call Christina.

Really, really good call. If only people listened to you back in 2003 about Britney, she wouldn't be in this situation today, At least you tried.

2657 days ago

Just my opinion    

I admit, I like Britney and I'm hoping for a major comeback. But she looks like trash right now. Those outfits suck! I know prostitutes that dress better than that!

Brit, hire your old stylist or get a new one because your cousin can not dress you right.

2657 days ago


I'm curious as to what monica or Lincoln have to say. They're usually the first to defend anything this train wreck does. Pathetic.

2657 days ago


I just don't get it. Britney is a washed up nobody now. I feel for those who pay that much to see crap. 15 minutes of trashy sluts dancing and Britney lip-synching. Not worth $125. And her hair, come on. It's disgusting(just like her). She needs to face reality, nobody is ever going to want her looking like that. She's too fat, too ugly and it's time to move on. She's only doing this for publicity. Where are her kids while she's off doing this? She's really making Kevin look like a saint. Seriously.

2657 days ago


in some of those photos of ms piggy about town, she really does have a retards face, no offense to retards.

luv the whole dancing around pretending to sing performances. this is the best comeback ever & better than i even dreamed about, luv ya brit, whoooohooo, you go girl, do yo thang! don't listen to the haters who are just jealous!

2657 days ago

Caribbean Goddess    

She use to look sassy, (sexy and classy.) Now she looks trashy. She lost her credibility as a role model, fantasy girl and as super star. She can try her best to make a come back but, she will not hit the charts as she didi before. She allowed K. Fed to f**k up everything. Now he is running around with all these girls on his arms and when he goes out in public he has to have body guards like he is this big super star. Was the d**k worth it?

2657 days ago
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