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Britney Trashed by Madonna's Bro

5/23/2007 6:58 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Britney SpearsBritney Spears got panned for the quasi-concert she just gave in Miami this weekend, and her harshest critic was none other than Madonna's brother.

Christopher Ciccone sniffed to a Page Six source that Her Madgesty, his sister, "would never go onstage looking like that." That, of course, was a tramp-ish get-up including white go-go boots and those ever-problematic hair extensions. Page Six adds that the Miami crowd -- full of gay men and trannies – "sneered" at Brit's look.

Of course, as People reports, it's not for lack of trying -- or shopping -- that Britney's looking so rough on stage. The mag reports that "not ten minutes" after arriving at her hotel, she and pals stopped at stores all over South Beach, even fitting in a little spending -- while fans waited to get into the club.

Paris – I Missed Bed, Blackberry in Camp

Earth to Paris Hilton -- summer camp is going to be a picnic compared to jail. The heiress tells Us Weekly, in an interview done about a month before her sentencing, that the rigors of camp living -- which she "endured" for the taping of the new season of "The Simple Life" -- were "annoying." What's more, she hated not having Blackberry service, and really missed "a nice bed," as well as privacy. She better get used to it -- she'll be Blackberryless, bedless and privacy-less in about 12 days, when she's scheduled to enter the slammer.

TomKat Adding Another Kitten?

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are planning for another child that no one will see for months, according to Life & Style (via MSNBC). The couple is about to move into a $35 million mansion in June, and the mag is reporting that "a friend of the couple" says that Tom really wants to give Suri a brother or sister, and that he's ready for another sibling mission when Katie's ready. Well, says the source, "she told him she's ready." And they're already converting one of the seven bedrooms in a nursery.

Party Favors: "Idol" -- Jordin "Wipes Floor" with Blake ... Oprah's Dad Backs Off Book ... TMZ Helps "Knocked Up" Director with Leno Material

Looks like Jordin Sparks has the "American Idol" title all wrapped up, if the judges' reaction to her third song is any indication. Simon Cowell said she "wiped the floor with Blake" with her rendition of the designated "Idol" ballad of 2007 -- "This is My Now." ... Oprah Winfrey's father says he's putting his book about Oprah "on hold right now," perhaps because O told Rush & Molloy that she was "shocked" and "disappointed" when she found out about the tome. ... When Judd Apatow goes on the "Tonight Show" this evening and tells Jay Leno a story about trying to use a real mom giving birth to a real baby in his new movie "Knocked Up," you can thank TMZ for inspiring him to tell it. TMZ heard the tale and told him how funny the story was -- and now it'll be part of his Leno routine.


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wake up    

I am not defending Britney but how is going on stage with a fake blonde ponytail and gold pointy cones over your breasts (and this was before she it the low points) setting a standard, Or better thinking that people would want to see her aging ass in a leotard this last go around. That being said I am sure that Madonna does not want her rude failure of a brother making statements on here behalf. Even funnier he had to use his sisters name for anyone to even know who he was.

2622 days ago


Why doesn't MaDonna reach out and try to HELP Britney?? She used Britney up pretty good during the MTV KISS - but now that she doesn't need her anymore - she looks down her nose.......................... pretty funny considering Madonna was an even bigger TRAINWRECK than Brit about 15-20 years ago. But I guess she matured.................

2709 days ago


Maddona just knows how to make money, she used Britney to make her appeal to a whole new young audience and now its over ahhaha...Madonna was the sickest person around for the longest time, posing nude in diners etc, porn videos..Britney hasnt done anything compared to Madona's skank arse..she just all of a suddent decided to bcome a model cicitzen when she had her baby and hauled ass to britian..get off your blood high horse maoddon, you are a piece of trash yourself..

HMMM a new tomkitten...I thought thats why they took the cult leader on thier honeymoon..obviusly mission failed since there was nor spawn to speak of after the mooning..ahhaha...I doubt Tom can reproduce in the good old fashionied way..still wondering how SOURI came to be.,ahhahahahh

2709 days ago


I doubt that Paris will actually see any jail time-we'll see.......

2709 days ago


Chris is just jealous no one knows who he is and everyone knows his sister Madonna.

2709 days ago

Finally exposed - shes a wierdo    

Wow, the dynamic dumbass duo in one article. Where to start...

Britney - She's done. Her biggest mistake (besides being allowed to create this "tour" to take advantage of her "fans") is she was allowed to dress herself, and she's shown she has absolutely no sense of style. She's already getting lambasted in the press for dressing like a tramp (along with not being able to sing, or dance in rhythm), and her "fans" are starting to realize that not only is she talentless, but she's arrogant & empty headed. If, with her trailer trash outfits & buddha belly, she can't win the approval of a room full of gay men & street queens, she'll have no one left. She thinks she's the next coming of Maddona (who I can't stand), but at least Madonna had her gay supporters to fall back on. I give Britney about 2 more months, and she'll either be back in rehab or dropped by her label. As long as she just disappears, that'll be fine by me.

Paris - I always thought that, beneath the airheaded valley girl image she chose to portray, that she might actually be intelligent & be promoting her image to simply make money. That's gone now. I've come to the conclusion that she just doesn't get it. Apparently, she truly thinks of herself as a "princess", and thinks that things us mere mortals must deal with on a daily basis shouldn't affect her. In 12 days, she's in for the shock of her life; no blackberry, no cell phone, no fawning subservient entourage, no "fans", no pampered poodle niceties. She'll be in a 6x9 cell, sharing it with some other high profile criminal (who she doesn't get to pick), subject to taunts & threats by other prisoners. It's gonna be a bitch for her. Unfortunately, I don't believe she'll truly get anything out of it; I think she'll do her time, and, if she isn't killed in prison, will immediately go back to the same type of arrogant, empty headed, I'm better than you behavior that causes so many people to truly hate her. Let's hope she does something really stupid again, so she can be put in jail for a much longer term

2709 days ago


I don't think Jordin wiped out Blake at all.....

Blake was great with all three of his songs and I'd rather listen to his version of "This is my now" than Jordins...

She has a good voice but she is kind of shrieky and same ol same ol....

Blake puts a fresh NEW take on his work.....

I prefer Blake......and whether he wins or not he will go further...

2709 days ago


Suri HAS a brother AND a sister...has Tommy forgotten about the two he adopted already.....???

Lets hope the next one doesn't resemble him at all.....Surilooks like a 'mini-tom-mop-top'.....can't see where she a beautiful as is so often said........

Poor kid.....Toms genes and Scientology as a lifestyle.......= very messed up.

2709 days ago


poor HOLMES ,why she agreed to this sham is the million dollar question, looks like they'll be artificial insemination again for poor katie or maybe adopting cause that suri kid doesn't resemble either one of those supposed real parents cruise or holmes

2709 days ago


#7 I agree. Jordin did not wipe the floor with Blake. Jordin does have an instrument, no one can doubt that, but right now she is not an entertainer, she is a talented vocalist, and if American Idol is supposed to be a "singing competition" then change the name because American Idol simply stated is just that . We all know that in the music industry most vocalist can not sing, please they can barely carry a tune, but they are good entertainers who take full advantage of promoting that value and use technical enhancements to make up for the lack of voice talent that's why they can sell out a 20K seat stadium. In today's world we can all "sing" with the right mic or other equipment, but it is the "entertainer" who captures our attention, thus Sanjaya, who should not have been treated so harshly because he is an entertainer and the reality is I could listen to Jordin on a cd but I could not pay to "watch" Jordin on stage for 90 minutes because she does not entertain, that's Melinda's dilemma

2709 days ago


Katie Holmes- the $35 million dollar wife! Maybe...just maybe, if I had a $35 million dollar home, I MIGHT be able to live with a psycho alien from Xenu. Maybe.

Paris will be crying her eyes out from the first day. The first time a guard yells at her, she'll crumble. I'm sure NO ONE has yelled at her (sans Nicole) in a LONG TIME!
And she's NOT getting those blankets. In prison, where you live for years, you can have some things, but in JAIL, you can only have jail-issued stuff. And it's all USED!

2709 days ago

My two cents    

I think that Britney has handled her so-called comeback horribly. What she should have done is to go into hiding, get her personal life together and THEN come out with a new album and THEN tour without this lip syncing crap. She has just become a joke, a media whore and a has-been. She has never been on the same level as Madonna and never will be.

2709 days ago


Marketing potential....(IDOL)

1./ Sanjaya
2./ Chris Richardson
3./ Blake Lewis

not in any order......

I would pay to see their shows....just for entertainment value.....

like #9 says.....I wouldn't pay to see Jordin or Melinda......or Lakisha come to that

I'm sure they will have singing ships always want good singers.......

2709 days ago


Who cares if Tomcat and Katie reproduce......Madonna's brother is Right, Britney is over and if her fans spend their money to support her. Their Parents should get their heads check. Because the fans must be children, Adults know better. And for lazy-eye, you are Old News, just Go to Jail already. Stop milking the Public, everyone does not love you. Stop trying to pump up news for Ratings.....

2709 days ago


Is Madonna brother kidding. Nobody has been worse for our culture. Shes the biggest whore of all time, poisening minds for 30 plus years. Now after the damage is done she moves to another country and does not allow her kids to watch TV. But its ok to watch this whore disrepect God, Young boys and the entire public. I hope she dies tomorrow. Madonna kissed her on stage for shock value!! Whos idea was that!? I want the drugs this guy is doing. Madonna is the Anti-Christ!

2709 days ago
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