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Did Rosie Leave Trail of Trash, 'Staches?

5/25/2007 9:24 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Wild Rosie Gallery: click to launch photosRosie O'Donnell may have burned whatever bridges she had at "The View," after her ballistic blowup with Elisabeth Hasselbeck, allegedly trashing her dressing room in anger.

And that's not all: Her chief writer, Janette Barber, reports Page Six, was escorted from ABC studios after she was caught drawing mustaches on photos of Elisabeth hanging around the building. Indeed, ABC confirmed to the Post that "photographs at 'The View's" offices were defaced," though it adds that Rosie wasn't around when it happened.

As for the dressing room meltdown, ABC denies it. Still, Rosie continues to be cryptic about whether she's coming back next week, with her latest blog posting saying, "There is a point u must step away from the canvas as the work is done."
Ro Vs. E : click to watch the video

Jessica – I Ignore My Fears

Jessica Simpson gallery: Click to launch photosIt's unclear what she's talking about, but Jessica Simpson has taken to the Internet airwaves to dispense some wisdom she gained while traveling in Europe for the Cannes film festival and elsewhere. She tells us on her personal website that she spent plenty of time in museums, and read about Michelangelo, which inspired her to write something that she herself reads over and over to "find new strength." And it goes a little something like this: "Can facing our fear be what walks us to somewhere better? ... In my life, I ignore my fears too often, but then I'm left with nothing to challenge the best of me ... There is no discovery." After reading it over and over, and, again, we're not quite sure what she's talking about.

Paula Pussyfooting Around Dog-Breaks-Nose Story?

wacky-ass paula: click to launch photosDid Paula Abdul's nose look suspiciously un-broken after her supposed trip and fall over her Chihuahua last weekend? Page Six thinks so, reporting that Paula's toying with the truth, and that what really happened was, according to their source, "She pitched a fit, threw something into a mirror or glass object, and a shard of glass struck her in the face." Ouch. Hence, it wasn't broken, and didn't look as swollen and out of joint as noses generally do. Paula's rep says the story is "absolutely, categorically untrue."

Party Favors: Brangelina Makes Sly Getaway in Cannes ... Doc Martens Apologizes for Kurt Ads ... Could "Pirates" Make $200 Mil This Weekend?

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie -- and Brad's castmates in "Ocean's 13" -- escaped the crush of post-premiere admirers by pulling, as FOX News reports, an elaborate bait-and-switch on partygoers in Cannes. ... Doc Martens is apologizing to Courtney Love for the ad it ran in a UK publication showing Kurt Cobain wearing its shoes in heaven, calling the ad "offensive" and "a mistake." ... The third "Pirates of the Caribbean" could be the first film to gross over $200 million over the Memorial Day weekend, say the people who watch -- and care about -- such things.


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People who disagree with Rosie are weak minded individuals who cannot think for themselves. Rosie is strong and empathetic to others...maybe those who bash her are teh opposite weak and selfcentered.

2645 days ago


jessica is saying that by facing your fears, the process becomes something you can learn from. if you hide from your fears, you can be held back from dicovering more about yourself and life in general.
she is young and discovering more about herself, as does any young adult.
why should she be made fun of for that?

2645 days ago


Jessica keeps hearing.. no.. you sound crappy, shut your pie hole, you look horrible, at least try to keep your face the same way four days in a row or we can't film you, fix that rat's-mess you call your hair., cover yourself up, you cheap slut.. shut the hell up whiner, and she bravely ignores these jealous-mean people and keeps pursuing her dreams and their friendship.

2645 days ago


Rosie tried to make The View into a spin-off of the Jerry Springer show with herself as the "host", "guest", and "audience". Of course she hiked the ratings, but at what cost? How about respect, credibility, class, intelligence, courtesy, - you know, the "higher" values in life and society. So what if the Springer crowd and gays no longer flock to watch, - maybe, after regaining our trust, The View will regain the viewers who stopped watching BECAUSE of the monkey-show. She represented the LEAST desirable qualities of a lady and a human being. Let her sow her "seeds" of malice elsewhere, - good riddance.

2645 days ago


Rosie - don't show up on The View today pleeeeeeeeeze. You make it look like women are crass and boorish. Of course your not a women. Go find your friend Tom Cruise.

2645 days ago


Someone needs to draw horns on all of the pictures of Joy "Big Mouth" Bahar. Please ABC kick this heifer's @ss out the front door!

2645 days ago


#43 I was thinking the exact same thing!

2645 days ago

Oh good one you are so tied-down and so miserable    

They will dump Rosie in rehab, to quick fix image

2645 days ago

Robert Cahill    

Rosie O' is a big, loud-mouthed, pseudo-intellectual, childish, bully! She has to give away gifts to be tolerated by anyone with half a mind, and the mindless think her egotistical rants re meaningful. Lose a few million and a few teeth, and she would be the perfect guest on another talk show...the Jerry Springer show!

2645 days ago


Rosie, rewatch the Wednesday show. Elisabeth says "I don't believe you believe the troops are terrorists." She says it. But you are so out of control. You hear only what you want to hear. My heart breaks for you, because you look like a person on the edge of a breakdown. I find it amazing that for months you have bullied and belittled EH - she's ignorant, she can't hold 2 thoughts at one time. Now, she strikes back, and you want the world to say "poor Rosie." I do have one question for you.........who drove the planes into the World Trade Center?? There are terrorists Rosie. Men and women who's sole purpose on earth is to destroy us. I agree with so much of what you say, but not with how you say it. This war is a disgrace, and Bush is an embarrasment. I agree with you. But you seriously need to change your meds and go into intense anger therapy. And shame shame on your writer friend Jeannette.

2645 days ago

who cares?    

rosie--YOU SMELL!

2645 days ago

who cares?    

just think about this--rosie speading her legs!!

2645 days ago


Proud American Writer...there are many ignorant idiots posting today..they focus on her sexuality, her weight..etc...don't see any valid arguments regarding any of her all go back to the trailer park you came from .

2645 days ago


What "work" is done? Insulting America for an hour a day is work?

2645 days ago


Rosie is mentally ill and need help. I hope she gets it, far out of the public eye. Her writer (why would she need a writer for a chat show?) should be fired. That's just unprofessional behavior and shows you what they must be dealing with at The View.
Hasselbeck is a lightweight, and that's not her fault. She was hired to be on The View and chat, not to be a political pundit. Put Ann Coulter or Michelle Malkin against Rosie and they would have her for a snack, and Coulter would be just as obnoxious. If you are going to have a crazy show, just have a crazy show.
It's a shame Barbara Walters is losing her credibility with this silly show. She really was considered a journalist at one time.

2645 days ago
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