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Charles Nelson Reilly 1931 - 2007

5/28/2007 2:01 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


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Hey Dave, take that "first" comment and post it at Neopets where you belong with that lame comment!!

2712 days ago

Madam Pince    

Goodnight, sweet prince.

TMZ, you can do better than the Teletubby. Perez has the definitive photo of CNR.

2712 days ago


The tella tubby thing is completely tasteless and unbelievably disrespectful. I can understand why they used it for Falwell but this man did nothing to deserve such disrespect. My advice to the TMZ staff, grow up a bit.

2712 days ago


LOL...TMZ..I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111

2712 days ago


#32 rest in hell. YOU ARE A BIGOTED SMALL MINDED JERK. CNR was a funny and respected human being.

I do agree about the distasteful display of the Teletubbie. I would have rather seen that funny face of CNR instead. Send the tubbie to #32.

2712 days ago

Rosie the chauvinist    

I don't understand the teletubby. It was used to disrespect a man of God previously. So now are you saying something bad about Charles Nelson Reilly? Are you too limited to write a short obituary of the man? Are you in the third grade, with this need to show juvenile pictures?

The teletubbies are stupid. I'm sorry for any of these people who have had idiots post a teletubby picture when they DIED.

Grow up and take life and death seriously. I guess if it were your OWN death, you'd be a bit more serious about the whole thing. Not a moment for stupidity.

OMG, grow up, TMZ.

2712 days ago


A Teletubbie is now the harbinger of death on TMZ.


Rest in peace Charles Nelson Reilly.

2712 days ago


#36, Did you mean your comment for #31? #32 was perfectly pleasant.

2712 days ago


Can't say I was offended with the teletubby at first, but if it shows disrespct for him then it needs to be removed immediately. If that's not the intention then no one would laugh harder then CNR. He was a gem and his friends adored him. We will miss him so very much.

2712 days ago


CNR was a genuinely funny man and a shame he has passed although we all gotta go someday.

I agree with most of the others. The teletubby is tasteless. Why not a respectful picture of CNR?

TMZ is turning into the new National Inquirer with just as much tastelessness. Anything for a buck, eh Harvey?

2712 days ago


CNR always made me laugh and seemed like a nice man.

2712 days ago


Don't understand your reasoning mocking Charles Nelson Reily - a tony winner, great director and humanitarian. You messed up this time. Not funny.

2712 days ago


Charles Nelson Reilly was a comic genius!Tthe Loosers who made the choice to put up the telletubbie should take the time to watch reruns of matchgame and see true talent. Maybe then they would be more respectful!!

2712 days ago

Rosie the chauvinist    

No, a harbinger is a sign of things to come, not a representation of something that already is. The first robin you see might be a harbinger of spring, but a teletubby is a stupid thing, stupid when it was just a teletubby. Now that TMZ thinks it's clever and witty and smart, it's still a stupid teletubby.

I feel dreadfully bad and sorry for the families of Rev. Falwell and Mr. Reilly.

When I first came to TMZ to read news stories, only a few weeks ago, it seems, the stories were actually news-related and newsworthy in content. Now, in just a few weeks, the site has plummetted to the bottom of the juvenile gossip pile. How did this happen? Did you hire a new team of writers and researchers? What? It's a pity because today's readers look for real news, not stupidity.

Straighten up your act and get back on track, will you please? I don't want to see porn photos of men in weirdly fitting bathing suits. Stop being idiots, okay?

2712 days ago

Rosie the chauvinist    

Oh, wait, I get it!

Rosie O'Donnell is a teletubby.

2712 days ago
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