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Hayden Cheers Paris, Boos Lindsay

6/1/2007 1:16 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Perky pom-pommer Hayden Panettiere feels bad for Paris Hilton ... but for Lindsay Lohan -- meh!

TMZ spotted the underage "Heroes" starlet at Melanie Segal's Platinum Luxury Lounge for the MTV Movie Awards yesterday, where the lil' miss paused a moment to talk about everyone's favorite bad girls, Paris and Lindsay. After making a sad face and telling our cameras, "I feel bad for her (Paris) ... poor, poor thing," Hayden then flashed a slightly sinister gum-cracking smile and said that Lindsay needs to "face the consequences of her actions."

Looks like this cheerleader is rooting for Team Paris! Sorry, Linds!


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She feels sorry for Paris, does she understand the law at all? Or maybe it just works for whatever teams she's on. I'm sure Paris loves her sympathy. And Paris will reward her with Paris' usual charm and backstabbing. Careful Hayden, ignorance and arrogance must just rub off on ya.

2666 days ago


Okay, the only thing i have to say is that hayden should get over herself. No one cares about her opinion. Her "bring it on" movies sucked SO bad. Her heros show, well...i never watched it, but from the looks of it from my school, she sucks. AND she ALWAYS plays the same character. A cheerleader or a person who has determination. Please, i bet she does crack and all those other wonderful things. miss innocent? i think NOT.

2666 days ago

Marshall Jefferson    

Hayden said that Lindsay needs to "face the consequences of her actions." Well duh, so does Paris genius!

2666 days ago

baby d    

Wow, from all the posts it appears that everyone here has a closet devoid of skeletons, driving tickets, boozed up nights, high school hijinks. This is comforting, I thought the world was turning into a modern day Sodom and Gamorrah. All of you must attend my parents church on a regular basis. Well, I applaud you all. Oh Yeah, Hayden and Paris rule!!!!!!!!

2666 days ago

The UNfanclub!!!!!!!

Yeah. I wouldn't mind if it had to take losing Hayden's life just to get Lindsay (Lohan) to clean up her's!!!! :-) Willingly. In fact, if she just wants to kill herself now, I'll applaud now.

2666 days ago

Whoops! I pasted the wrong one. lol


2666 days ago


I am very disappointed in hayden! I like her show Heroes but her judgement i am now starting to question. How can she slam linds but not paris? In my opinion you have to have balance and when you start loosing your balance then you end up eventually in a bad state so we will see now how hayden ends up in i say about five years

2666 days ago


It's worth noting that Lindsay has yet to go to the slammer like Paris. And that Hayden looked a teensy bit sarcastic about Paris (note the sad face coming on and off)...

2666 days ago


I just masturbated to this video.

2665 days ago

Flint Fredstone    

Hayden, Paris and Lindsay are bunch of ashtray breathed, low class, soon to be yesterday's news sacks of crap. Paris - it'll be interesting to see if this has a positive effect on you, or just turns you from a bananna eater into a carpet muncher. Lindsay - you are a walking disaster. Grow the hell up and behave

Hayden - We are all judged by the company we keep, and lets face it, Paris Hilton is a waste of flesh. She's had the keys to the kingdom handed to her and chose to spit in the face of the people who gave them to her. Is this really something with which you want to be associated? Are you really trying to live up to the 'dumb blonde' stereotype?

2665 days ago


Hayden looked like a girl being asked a question she didn't want to answer. I think she answered well considering. She didn't choose sides from what I could see. I think TMZ is trying to start controversy. What she said was she felt sorry for Pairs who is facing real consequence and going to jail. Lindsay is hiding in rehab (without the revolving door this time). Who knows if Lindsay faces her consequence she may feel sorry for her as well?

2665 days ago


I don't understand how both girls can be doing basically the same stupid things, but she feels bad for Paris...............why? Because Paris' movies suck too?
I really don't understand hollywood.

2664 days ago

Daddy wants some of the pie too.    

"Look at me, Look at me" Don't expect this bimbo to come up with the solution for global warming. What an airhead!!!

2664 days ago


I dont think that Paris doing time is going to change anything.....i give her a month tops before being in trouble again.....she thinks her money can help her out of trouble and them reducing her time from 90 days to 45 days proves that......and Lindsay will never learn either ands dont anyone else see that Paris is bad.........first Nicole.........then Lindsay who next....................

2663 days ago


Go Hayden! ^^

2663 days ago
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