Paris Behind Bars -- Don't It Make My Blue Eyes Brown

6/6/2007 7:48 PM PDT

Paris Hilton is going au naturel. She's taken her contact lenses out and her eyes are now officially brown.

And we're told the makeup is also history. A number of inmates have told her she's better looking without it. One said, "Girl, you don't need all that stuff."

Paris is squeaky clean, in a literal sense. She took her first shower, we're told, with some privacy.

She's dealing with solitary much better today. She's spending time reading a book. She also visited with her shrink again, and her lawyer, Richard Hutton.

More inmates are telling Paris that she got a raw deal and she's really into hearing that from them.

Oh yeah, she slept some last night. Apparently, Paris is adjusting.

We're getting more stuff in an hour or so. C'mon back and see what we got!