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"Free Paris Hilton Now" Celebrates!

6/7/2007 1:14 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Dave Seaman, yes Seaman, from Free Paris Hilton Now has issued a statement of overwhelming joy regarding Paris' newfound semi-freedom:
Free Paris Hilton Now
"The liberation movement is simply thrilled with the news! This is a triumph for grassroots civic action."

Meanwhile, anti-war activist Cindy Sheehan has thrown in the towel in her public fight to end the war in Iraq.


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jProud American Author    

No justice except for the Wealthy. Sad.

2697 days ago


First bitches. She sucks.

2697 days ago

800 Pound Gorilla    

Dear Paris,

I am so glad you are free.
You are sweet and cuddly and cute.

James L. Crum

2697 days ago


Dear Paris, You suck. I kind of felt bad for you during the MTV awards. But now, I wish more had been said. You just proved that you deserve to rot in Hell. When are we going to see you on the news in a deadly DUI wreck? Or maybe we will be lucky and you OD before you kill someone!!!

2697 days ago


Yeah! Glad she finally is where she should be! She should have gotten house arrest in the first place! LOVE YOU PARIS!

2697 days ago

getting tired of crap    

Congratulations, you've helped put a killer back on the road.

2697 days ago


They got the date wrong... June 7 is a dark day for american justice.... And tihs little fan club that wanted her freed should rename themselves... something fitting like ... inbreds for drunk driving... There are planty of nifty combinations they can come up with.

2697 days ago


hey google "vizionary entertainment" to see press packets and a cached release of the whole plan to have paris "find god" in solitary and then announce plans to have her star as mother teresa!!

2697 days ago


Paris Hilton!!!

A lot of people dont understand you because of there ignorance. They dont have anything and will never..there negative attidudes are not from good.. What would Jesus do? The person who has never done anything wrong cast the 1st stone. Paris you made a mistake and Im sure everything has always been taking care of for you as for anyone in your shoes, so you learned, your not a bad person, I have met you 2 times in Miami, Florida and made it to your youtube video in your maimi beach signing for your album, your sweet, nice, caring and you wouldnt hurt anyone. So ok life has lessons, and you are loved and the haters are just devils so dont u are strong and thats why I love you so dont be afraid lol .. ok Paris..Paris Hilton..DJ Kimmy K loves you and Im a good person that sees your heart.. You are loved....and forget the jealous haters that will never have anything..there just misreable...good people dont say mean things to people..people have the right to be mad if someone hurt someone on purpose but this isnt the case...Im very angry at the majority of the world.. there is more hate then love..Where is God in there lifes...Go luck Paris!:)

2697 days ago


any cred she could've gotten -- and spun off into a more solid fame -- from having done time (ask any rapper who's been in the pokey how that can translate into respect and record sales) was totally blown when she "cried" and got let out waaaaaay too early. I mean, crying in jail? Please! I bet she becomes an even bigger laughing stock than she is now.

She's just proven herself to be the thing she swore up and down that she wasn't: a spoiled, rich heiress who believes she's exempt from the laws that govern everyone else.

2697 days ago



2697 days ago


Dear Paris, you're nothing but a stupid spoiled whore, the world hates you, and you just don't get it, you're a joke, with not an ounce of talent! go crawl under a rock and never come out again, people look at you and have the same reaction that they have for O.J. you're a pariah Paris, and everyone but you knows it.

2697 days ago


We all saw this coming, no matter what she does, anything from a sex tape, vulgar racist language and comments to knowingly, willfully and intentionally breaking probation AND driving drunk she manages to come out on top, she makes money off of it. She has one of the best publicists to ever walk the face of the earth. THIS is what's wrong with and what's happened to America....we've become over indulgent, celebrity coddling, excuse making, whiney wankers. This is only going to reinforce her high opinion of herself and the delusional belief that she's better than everyone else. I'm sure mommy and Nicky are just thrilled beyond belief and are stocking up on alcohol right now to celebrate her early release....of course the party will be at Paris' since she's wearing that not so fashion friendly ankle bracelet but I'm sure she'll get out of that one early and easily as well. Let this be a lesson girls, pull a few nose hairs to cry and you can get out of anything!

2697 days ago

Max Thompson    

This is the justice that we all we think is in this Country? Cel people do not go to jail? Wealthy and famous are above the law? what an embarassement for the Dep. of Justice of this free country. The judge who inflicted the sentence probably will be confined now to have dared to put the law in practise.
What a farse!

2697 days ago


I hope that you "Paris Lovers" will get a life and find a new reason to live. She does not care about you!!!! The fact that you have chosen a loser like her to worship is a sad commentary on your own character. I PREDICT THAT ALL OF HER CAREER EFFORTS WILL BE SQUASHED BY A BOYCOTT OF THE GROWING POPULATION OF HILTON HATERS.

2697 days ago
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