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Katie Holmes: Single and Ready to Mingle?

6/15/2007 12:09 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Is Katie suggesting there's trouble in TomKat paradise?

Holmes was seen wearing the Singelringen -- a ring typically worn to signify the wearer is single -- while in Shreveport on the set of her new flick, "Mad Money." The turquoise and silver unisex Singelringen was on her right hand.

Single celebs like Naomi Campbell, Vivica A. Fox and Wilmer Valderamma are also wearing the hot Swedish ring. But why Katie?

A rep for Holmes was not available for comment.


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Bob Dobbs    

Tom Cruise is tha man! In other words, he is a complete joke! He belongs to the CoS, the Church of Scientology, not the Church of the SubGenius! If only he were a SubGenius... sadly, our cult does not have any wealthy celebrity benefactors. But we are a far better cult than the crappy one he is in, the Church of Scientology! As cult leader, I urge anyone reading this message to please join my cult, with a website at subgenius dot com. Eternal salvation guaranteed or triple your money back! Tom Cruise can't make that deal for you, but I can! And all I need to seal the deal is my grin and my pipe! I am the greatest salesman of all time! Repent! Quit your job! Slack off! The world ends tomorrow and you may die! The Scientologists are just another wing of the Conspiracy that controls the entire world! But I know the Conspiracy; I worked for the Conspiracy, and I know how to defeat them when the aliens from Planet X come in flying saucers! If you join us, you get to have sex with Alien Sex Goddesses! And you know about the Scientologists' doctrine of the galactic overlord Xenu? Well all of that is true, but here is the best part... we SubGenii are actually loyal servants of Xenu. On X-Day, the men from Planet X who serve Xenu will destroy the planet Earth and kill all humans. That includes Tom Cruise. But if you join us, you can be up in a flying saucer having sex with one of the Alien Sex Goddesses from Planet X! Unfortunately, you will have to be shrunk down to microscopic size, and the Alien Sex Goddesses are actually insects... but that is forbidden knowledge. That is like the OT III level of our sacred doktrine. But I sure hope that now Katie Holmes is single, she will consider joining our cult and abandoning the Scientology she foolishly pursued after Tom Cruise made her. She has already proven herself to be a fine cultist, but also willing to try new things. The end of the world is coming soon, and hopefully she will join me on the Pleasure Saucers, and hopefully you will too!

2647 days ago


I don't know much about the deal with Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise but I do know that it's seems kind of childish to attack the kid. (mission)

2646 days ago


amen #9

2646 days ago


you people are truely pathetic.........
1) Hair Cut? - I am sure she did get her hair cut, but she is on a movie set people, ever heard of EXTENTIONS?
2) Another arm? - Now that is stretching it a little don't u think, go find something else to do ur obviously BORED!
3) Ring? - Who cares for crying out's more then likely a prop for the movie,

It's people like you all who feed thw general public with CRAP!!!!!!

Tom, is crazy, Katie is crazy for being with him, so.....THEY DESERVE EACH OTHER

NOW go get a LIFE people for real!

2645 days ago

Sarah Silverman SUCKS!    

TMZ sets us up with these stories and we pounce on them like a bunch of hungry wolves. Most likely the ring is worn by her character in the movie. (The story does say this is from the set of her new movie.) Yes Katie has changed, but she is a grown woman and she made the decision to become involved with Cruise and Scientology. Before anyone spends too much time feeling sorry for her, remember, Katie has the best of the best in life (homes, clothes, jewelry, travel, food, etc). If she sold out for money and is unhappy, then she has to live with that or get out. The baby is adorable!

2645 days ago


I put this simpleton in the same catergory as Hasselback on the View. Grinning from ear to ear always gives me the shivers. she is an ass...

2645 days ago


He is Gay!!! Helllooooo These woman are beards for him....he helps their career's ..they help keep him in the closet.
I would have more respect for him..If he just came out!!!

2641 days ago


Never heard of the ring. Maybe she is just promoting the ring.

2641 days ago

Whippet Good    

Suri is not that good looking a baby. It's not Tom and Katie's fault, you get what God passes out. She's still a hell of a lot better looking than Moses Martin, though.

2641 days ago

terry jean    

Katie? Being Victoria B's BFF DOESN'T mean you're obligated to copy her ridiculous haircut or anything else about her, the unhealthy looking, vain twiglet!
Now that you know your childhood "idol" (aka, TOM) better, isn't the illusion better than the realilty? Don't you see what a control freak the Scientologists have made him? Is that what you want for your life? WHAT HAPPENED TO YOU, KATIE!? Its not too late to reverse it before you have zero individuality left?

2640 days ago



2640 days ago


Let me ask you all WHO REALLY CARES..............................I DON'T!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2640 days ago

Mr. C    

That is not her hand!

2640 days ago
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