Paris' Slammin' Father's Day

6/18/2007 10:48 AM PDT
Ms. Hilton got a special Father's Day visit from her parents last night, but for some odd reason Rick described this year's holiday as, "not one of my best." Wonder why?

Cameras swarmed Mama and Papa Hilton as they worked their way into Lynwood jail yesterday for a weekend visit with their locked up daughter. Nicky was nowhere in sight as the jail only allows two visitors per session, but she had stopped by on Saturday with boyfriend David Katzenberg.

After spending some quality free time with their daughter, Rick and Kathy told photogs that Paris had made her dad "a beautiful card" while in lockdown, adding that her spirits are positive but she's been cold in her cell. When asked what she does with all her free time Kathy said Paris "just looks at the four walls and reads some nice fan mail."