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Paris - My Family's Getting Ripped Off

6/19/2007 1:09 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Paris HiltonParis Hilton is spending a lot of time in jail with a cinderblock outlook on life, says her mom, and when she tried to improve the view a little bit, the guards weren't letting her have it.

Kathy and Rick Hilton called in last night to FOX News' "On the Record" with Greta Van Susteren, and Mama Hilton said that when she asks Paris what she's doing during the days, Paris tells her, "I look at the ceiling. I look at the walls." And when she tried to put up some family pictures, "the guard came in and ripped them off."

Meanwhile, Rick Hilton told Van Susteren that Paris' now-famous Father's Day card was "kind of cute," making light of her plight. "It showed me holding her hand against the glass with her on the other," said Rick. He also addressed his own dad Barron's donation to Sheriff Lee Baca, saying it happened "a year and a half ago" and denied there was any favoritism shown.

Hiltons Tell All: click to watch video Paris Hilton gallery:click to launch photos

Rosie -- Gimme Bob's Job Already!

Crazy Rosie: Click to launch photosIt might be far from a sure thing, but Rosie O'Donnell seems like she's all ready to come on down and be the next host of "The Price is Right."

The former "View" flamethrower tells her fan-inquisitors at that she's meeting with CBS this week to talk about "TPIR," and that she's all set to go if CBS asks her to take over the skinny mike from Bob Barker, who ended his 30-year run last Friday. "If they asked me, I sure would ... I LOVE THE PRICE IS RIGHT," she wrote. Barker endorsed Ro as his replacement over the weekend.

Of course, not everyone is thrilled about Rosie potentially plying players with Plinko. One reader wrote that a petition had already started for a "50-state sponsor boycott" should Rosie be chosen, to which O'Donnell spat back, "The only thing I want to gay up is you."

One thing everyone can take comfort in: Rosie says she'd keep Barker's signature sign-off about spaying and neutering.

Wacko Anna Nicole Judge Quits the Court

Judge Larry Seidlin, the crazy Florida judge who cried when he ruled where Anna should be buried, has resigned from the bench.
Judge Seidlin

Remembering Anna: click to launch photosThe buzz is -- he's making a deal for a TV court show. Before the Anna case, Seidlin's rep told Harvey Levin the judge's dream was to have his own show.

In a letter obtained by CNN, Seidlin tells Florida Governor Charlie Crist that he plans to pursue opportunities in "the educational system, the media and non-profit organizations."

Nicole Richie Will Fight DUI Charge

Nicole RichieTMZ was in court moments ago when Nicole Richie's lawyer announced her client will try and beat the rap. A trial date was set for July 11.

Richie was arrested last December after she was driving the wrong way on an L.A. freeway. Cops say she confessed that she had been smoking pot and had taken Vicodin.

The stakes are high for Richie. She has a prior DUI and if she's convicted this time around she faces a minimum 5 days in the pokey. Worst case scenario for Richie -- one year in the slammer.

Jolie Flustered by Fox Flurry

No one puts Angelina Jolie in a corner and makes her squirm -- except, perhaps FOX News -- which wanted to know exactly why they were banned from covering the premiere of Jolie's latest flick, "A Mighty Heart."

In this clip obtained by TMZ, a FOX reporter quizzes Angie about it, right on the streets of Manhattan as she made the rounds shilling for "Heart." Jolie, initially a bit flustered -- as much by the question as Angelina Jolie gallery: click to launch photosthe insane storm of autograph seekers -- admitted afterward that her treatment of FOX and the infamous contract her reps tried to force on journos was "excessive."

As one might expect, there will be plenty more breakdown of Joliegate on tonight's "O'Reilly Factor".


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Leave Paris allone and watch another women around..........


2684 days ago


EW ROSIE ODONNAL WILL RUIN THE PRICE IS RIGHT. they better not let that weirdo on that show and ruin all sanity!

2684 days ago


Rosie for "The Price is right"...NO !!!!!!....
Rosie is an "I, Me, My, Mine" person
The Price is right is for the people...
It's a fun, audience show...
Don't turn it into "The Rosie is Right"

2684 days ago


i serisouly will never watch the price is right again if rossie is on it.

2684 days ago


I think Paris should read about all the people suffering from perfume/fragrance in the world. If she wants to good she should learn about the dangers of fragrance since she has a perfume on the market. There are millions that have serious health problems from the chemicals/irritants in these products. The formula in these products remain a secret and they do not have to prove they are safe before going on the market. I have been a prisoner for nine years since I got this illness many times being forced to stay in a tiny room because people in the house refused to give up their products. There cosmetics choices were more important than my reactive airways disease. You talk about being a prisoner. It is criminal that these products are able to go on the market for profit while people suffer the right to breathe. There is plenty of reading on this subject and Paris's time would go faster. I had no idea about this problem before I got this illness. You would not believe what is going on in the cosmetic world, but then this is America so I guess you would believe it. Linda

2684 days ago

Big LOL.......    

Can we say...........No way!!!

2684 days ago


If Rosie should be chosen to replace Bob Barker, I will not watch the Price Is Right ever again - I think she will ruin the concept of the game show - She is not a hostess, she is an all-consuming woman that needs to be in control -

2684 days ago


Please...No Rosie...I have watched the show for many years, her personality will only ruin the show.. The will be no more Price if she hosts...Anyone but her......

2684 days ago

Big LOL.......    

To Rosie that is! uggh!!!!

2684 days ago


As far as I am concerned,Bob Barker is "The Price is Right". That show would be ruined by that witch. I promise you a tremendous amount of people would quit watching it if she takes Bobs place.I cant believe he would endorse her either.

2684 days ago


i vote for john hurley
please god no rosie

2684 days ago


TMZ has been pretty good to Paris in reporting

2684 days ago


The Rosie is wrong Bob,,,,,, Then again so is the price is right show so maybe they can go down together. I'm so tired of Rosie & her worthless yacking. Like her opinions matter & I can't see or understand how or why anyone would care what that over self center has been if she ever was been has to say. Seriously are people at home during the day that lost in personality that they cant think for themselves & have to yes mam Rosie of all people. Some people have no lives or personalities I swear. People wonder why society is this way its because people sit at home watching or caring about Paris, Rosie, or the view instead of getting out inhaling fresh or as fresh air as possible & debating their own opinions about this or that isnt of sitting at home a mindless zombie having people like Rosie run your life & tell you how to think...... GET OUT MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ENOUGH ROSIE.... WHo's Bob anyways.... hasn't he been dead for decades already.... sheeshhh.

2684 days ago


If Rosie is selected to replace Bob Barker, I will never watch the Price is Right again - Rosie will ruin the concept of the game - she is not a hostess, but an all-consuming woman that needs to be in control!! She will control the game and make a mokery of it.

2684 days ago


I like Rosie, but not for the price is right. Sorry, Rosie!

2684 days ago
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