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Start Thinking About Tomorrow: Hillary in '08

6/20/2007 7:28 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Click to return to TMZ.comHillary Clinton's campaign put together a video to reveal the final choice for her campaign theme song -- and it's a "Sopranos" spoof.

Senator Clinton even convinced the former leader of the free world to appear in her vid. Those carrot sticks?!? Get that man an Oscar!

And wait ... is that Johnny Sack? He lives ... and he's a Democrat!

Take a look.


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Winky Vitalic    


I'm sorry if you are everyone else's free speech is open, but a dissenting opinion is blocked. Typical Neo-Con.

2650 days ago

Winky Vitalic    


You should be reporting for tmz! This is breaking news!

2650 days ago


What hillary clinton wants to accomplish? realy your time in the white housa is OVER !!!!!!! and get back to your little family, and BE WITH THEM for the rest of your life ! before you will regret , tjat you didn't spent enough time with them. and befor you are getting older HILLARY !!!!!! AND LEAVE THE POLITICS JOB FOR OTHER !!!!!

2650 days ago


Lenn K, the pesky military huh those brave men and women are the ones that gave you the freedom to speak and the other freedoms we enjoy today. Get a CLUE!!!! And the marine in the other post THANKS FOR YOUR SERVICE AND YOUR SACRIFICE!!!!!!! PROUD ARMY MOM!!!

2650 days ago

Jennifa O Jenny    

I like this spoof on the sopranos ending. Things dont always have to be so dry and dull to be effective. Takes courage to 'step outside the box' and do something unique.

2650 days ago


If she get elected, I will move to Munich, Germany. And if she does lose, I will stay here.

2650 days ago

Yeah Right    

To Sarah and all the others that are negative and "bashing" individuals:

"Takes courage to 'step outside the box' and do something unique." -Jennifer O Jenny

Listen to yourself sister! Jesus, Mary Mother and Joesph! Talk about a hypocrite.

armymom and McDoogle: while it surely wasn't my pleasure, you're quite welcome. Thanks for being a TRUE AMERICAN and voicing a small gratitude of thanks. The only two on here to do so. And the rest of you call yourselves Americans? How sad. To think I received a Purple Heart, lost five friends and gave-up 8 years of my life, the birth of my son who is now 6, 9 years of my marriage and the funeral for my grandparents for the rest of you on here makes me sick. You all are probably the one's that just look and stare at the military men and women in the airports as well (especially around the holidays), without even walking-up and even attempting to shake our hands. Shame on all of you. I pray that that all changes with each and everyone of you.

2650 days ago

Rosie the chauvinist    

Well, I'm NOT a democrat and will do everything I can to keep Hillary and her ilk out of the White House. Perhaps I should campaign against TMZ, too, since it's gleeful about democrats?

I prefer to see this country continue, not sink and go to the dogs with Hillary or Osama Barak or others like them.

2650 days ago


God help us if she is elected anybody but another clinton they can't speak the word honesty without melting. all they know is one word power and have no problem destroying anyone that gets in the way of them getting what they want. They tell you what you want to hear just to get the vote. Gone are the honorable men from both parties. They both clintons need to just fade away forever.

2650 days ago

Trophy wife Slim and Trim!!!!    

Yeah RIght,

There was a man in my village in Korea that thought like you. He was madly in love with his wife and very jealous of any man that would give her a glance. She was loyal to him and loved him also. After a time he became postive that she was having an affair with a man that was a postman in our village. This was not true (ironically the man was a homosexual.) Well he planned to kill his wife and her "lover" and told one of his friends at work how furious he was that his wife was in love with this other man. His friend said that the man was a homosexual and that this man and the wife were just friends. Several others told him the same things and they testified at this trial... Knowing all these facts he continued his plan and savagely murdered his wife and this innocent man. He did not adjust the course after learning the facts. I cry each day for the victims and the murderer. I also hope that you have a change of heart over this terrible war as you seem like an honorable man.

2650 days ago

Yeah Right    

Korean: your "litmus test" for ignorance is by using evolution as a topic? You've got so much more to learn then.

Howard Elementary: Huh? Did I say I supported the war? Nope. The cause? Nope again. I said I supported the troops, so my logic makes perfect sense. Read all the posts again. Did I say I have a son in the war/military? Nope, I have a BROTHER. So please, tell me whose logic doesn't make sense. Get more facts? I WAS THERE! How much and many more facts can I get? Damn right I'm a Patriot too. I wish I could post pictures on here. I would swamp this site with all sorts of them. Now you are attempting to call me a Commie or a Nazi? Huh? I need to read-up on my history? I AM A GRADUATE OF THE UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN IN ANN ARBOR Engineering school, not the Dearborn or the Flint campus. I currently live in and work in Novi Michigan for an architectural firm as well and even attended Brighton High School. Care to know anymore info? Just so you think I am not lying or anything?

You still think I need more logic and all? I have more logic, facts and history oozing out of my pores than you can even begin to fathom.

You need to re-evealuate your "labels" you put on people and possibly look into the mirror as you are doing so. May God help you.

Got REAL work to do now. Some of you people are unbelieveable. And sad. And you call yourself Americans? My God...

2650 days ago

Trophy wife Slim and Trim!!!!    

CJ you win... worst post ever!

2650 days ago

Trophy wife Slim and Trim!!!!    

Yeah right... why are you so bitter? Sorry I said that I hope your son is safe when it was your brother. I hope your brother is safe. I never called you a liar. But I do think that you are a snob (regarding your posts about the other campuses of Univesity of Michgan.) Super happy that you are successful... too bad you still live in Michgan...I am so glad I moved...

I didn't call you a "commie" or a "nazi".. .what I said was I didn't think it was good to support the war or a postion no matter what.

Continued success and good luck with your job.

2650 days ago

Joey Bee    

I thought the Clinton "spoof" of the ending episode of the "Sopranos" was a waste of time and money. It was not creative or innovatived. The Mrs. Clinton has the gall to ask for money after wasting it. It was just plain retarded.

2650 days ago


Yeah Right love your post, love you for the AMERICAN you are, and you are not afraid to stand up and be heard. My son is heading back for the third time to Iraq and he feels the way you do, why does the LEFT Wing media never report on the GOOD things we are accomplishing over there. I will keep your brother in my prayers. God Bless!! PROUD ARMY MOM!!!! Now I need to get back to work.

2650 days ago
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