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Fergie's Meth Meltdown

6/23/2007 4:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Not so Fergalicious: Black Eyed Peas' Fergie has come clean about her addiction to meth, and in this month's Self magazine, she talks about a particularly hamper-ing moment on the drug.

One time she was so paranoid on the drug that she talked to her hamper for eight hours straight. "I remember thinking somebody was inside of it, going to come and get me, so I was talking to the person who was crawling in the hamper," she admits. Now that's a bad trip!


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She had come clean about it before in Cosmo last year. I thought she was an ex-meth-head, but now everyone's saying she's currently on it????

2676 days ago


I applaud Fergie for coming to the public and admitting the troubles she went through instead of having it come out in the tabloids in some nasty way and then trying to deny it. Underneath it all, celebrities are also human and they make mistakes just like the rest of us. You go, Fergie!!

2676 days ago


My twenties are a blur from all of the cocaine my friends and I snorted and smoked.

I quit after I witness an incident when I was smoking coke/crack with a friend at her parents house one night. I went to the bathroom and came back in her room to find her in the floor having a seizure, her 8 year old son was screaming and holding her in his arms.

I never touched that stuff again! That was 16 years ago.

Congrats to Fergie for getting herself together.

2676 days ago

Piglet Baldwin    

Is it just me, or is there something skanky about Fergie; like the meth background fits.

2676 days ago


Only in America can you be a ho on meth one minute and millionairess ho the next.

2676 days ago


congrats #12 and all others who have managed to recover from such a devastating addiction. I did grow up surrounded by addicts of drugs and alcohol. I have seen the horrors they went through trying to recover. It is not a good place to be (for them). I do not know , however, the intensity of the Meth addiction.

2676 days ago


to #9, the black eyed peas have putting out music for almost 15 years...15 fergie free years...they use to be underground hip-hop before she joined and they became mainstream...just spittin some truth yo way...anyways...meth is digusting...and once a tweeker, always a tweeker.

2676 days ago


Yet another shocker and a loser comes out. Once a druggie always a druggie. Mothers, Fathers, encourage your children to stick to music from REAL musicians and role models. Seems those only today are hardcore rockers, AFI and Saosin who follow a straight-edge lifestyle. Google "straight-edge" but in a nutshell it means no sex, drugs, ciggarettes, or meat. For more information visit:

2676 days ago



2676 days ago


Sorry,I made a few grammatical errors. While I tried to fix them I hit the Comments button.

2676 days ago


Fergie came clean in the Cosmo magazine last year about her addiction to meth. This is old news. However, I do wish Fergie the best of luck to continue staying clean.

2676 days ago


She was just in Tampa, wish i would of known we could of partied together.

2676 days ago

Duke, Duke, Duke, - Duke of Earl    

So now the kids hear this crap -- another big star was a drug addict, but, wait -- I'm all better now! So the kids think, see, it's not that bad IF you get addicted you can always kick the habit and become a HUGE STAR! Obama was a crack smoker, but look: all better now so vote for me. Kids thinking about trying crack think if Obama can do it and become President, why not me too? Clinton getting a BJ from a 19 year old, no shame in that: its a "personal matter." We have really fallen to a new low in the country.

2676 days ago


I need the hookups....4 real.

2676 days ago


celebs just dont get it you cannot drink and go clubbing and stay clean and sober. If you are an addict you need to stay away from a drink and a drug every day one day at a time. I am coming up on 5 years clean from cocaine and when i first tried to get clean I still thought i could go to clubs and have a drink. That one drink always led to the coke/crack. You cannot stay clean if you are an addict and I pray these celebs realize the rehab they go through is a way of life and they need to live the program for the rest of their lives not just 30days or 90 days.

2676 days ago
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