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Rosie's Daughter -- Child Soldier?

6/26/2007 7:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The strenuously anti-war Rosie O'Donnell just took her message to a completely different level, dressing her 4-year-old daughter Vivienne in an ammo belt and fatigues in a photo on the top of her blog at
Rosie's daughter
Rosie took flak from fans and foes alike, almost immediately after posting, but defended the choice in her usual defiantly minimalist way. "Art can't hurt u," she said to one foe who called her "sick," and replied, "Art provokes," to one fan who had begged her to take the picture down.

Trump? O'Reilly? Your serve.


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I worry about that child, look at her eyes. Is she well? Who would use their child for their
own publicity stunt. Rosie is a loser.

2612 days ago


WTF!!! She has gone over the deep end with this one !! Is she that desperate, she is going to put her innocent ,adopted children on the net like this!? What a disgrace she is !! How do all the Rosie supporters like her now ?! What as ASS!!

2612 days ago

just the facts    

Most of you people are so stupid. Rosie is not saying anything with that picture except her daughter is playing with her brothers. Those of you who think those are "real" bullets had better go see an eye doctor immediately. She has NEVER said to get rid of all guns. She just wants better gun control so that people can't get guns easily and kill innocent people. She is not going on all these sites trying to get publicity, they are the ones who go to her blog, she's not sending it to them. These sites, faux fox are talking about her daily and the only information they are using is her blog and then they don't get it right. There are many veterans, wives of soldiers that write very nice and positive things to her. Do any of these shows tell that, no! That wouldn't stir you idiots up. I'll bet 99% of you have never watched the View or read her blog. I don't agree with everything she says, but I do agree with her constitutional right to say or write it, just like you have the right to write the crap you write. If you don't like her that is your choice, so don't watch her or read the stuff they write about her or what they say about her. Almost everything TMZ has written about her has been wrong or edited to suit their agenda. Most of you want her to go away--she will never go away until TMZ and others quit writing and talking about her and you stop reading and listening to their garbage.

2612 days ago


I think a good ole boy gave the kids the outfits and they didn't have the heart to return them as inappropriate for small kids with blank canvasses to absorb.

Kids make everything into weapons with imagination. Usually they move on to healthy passions, Most parents don't buy "make believe" weapons for their kids to make believe.

I'm sure someone gave these to the kids and just didn't realize how small kids process stuff with real props in place.

NO ONE IS PERFECT, ITS GONNA BE OK......(trying not to sound condescending)

2612 days ago


AZ3NGLS_: The real Rosie supporters still love her and recognize what this is -- sometime a picture is just a picture. And this girl is not adopted, she is Rosie and her partner's child.

2612 days ago


Any press is good press...
Is that what the fat cow with cellulite on her face is thinking?
She shouldn't be aloud to have kids.
I think Michael Jackson holding his baby over the balcony is more normal than this.....
I liked Rosie until today, Now she has gone too far.
I think anyone with that much money should not be that fat, they have way more resources. She is not a role model to kids.

2612 days ago


This ain't art. This is Failed Art. Fart.

2612 days ago


I'm through with her now. I have always looked over anything she did,,,, but when it comes to dressing your child like this which has no say so in what she can wear is just SICK.

2612 days ago


it's a picture of her daughter playing. Get over yourself and everybody else. I hope the goldman's shut down this website. To everybody else why don't you give half your money away to charity like she has you cheap bastard. Instead of sitting on your ass insulting her do something that makes a difference like she has.

2612 days ago


Has anyone called child protective services yet?

This is OUTRAGEOUS!!!!

2612 days ago


This is her wife's biological kid, not an adopted one. just an fyi.
and, chance and hope, I live very close to Rosie, two towns away and have NO idea in h*ll one would find military toys. Our group of kids that play don't even play with water guns. SAD.

2612 days ago


You people are so annoying. The kid dressed up, so what? My little bro ran around wearing camo as a kid. Why not actually read her blog rather than this edited version on TMZ before you jump off the deep end?

2612 days ago


ummm, Jo, i dont thing ANYONE here thinks these are real bullets. and we still think it's a weird picture. partly cuz it's just not cool for kids to play with guns anymore, but more cuz this whackjob flaps her yap about gun violence then lets her child "play" in something this extreme. i knew she was crazy, but i guess i never thought about her being a hypocrite.

2612 days ago


That picture and her response that it is "art" is no different then a picture of a nude child and the photographer calling it "art" It is what it is and it is wrong!

2612 days ago

Mikey J.    

I was very disappointed when someone called 'Tami' (message #12) , said Rosie's daughter was "absolutely ugly". That remark was completely uncalled for, nasty and spiteful. Whatever you think of Rosie (I don't like her one bit) that is not a nice thing to say about a little 4yr. old. Shame on you. Mikey J.

2612 days ago
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