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Paris Ditches Mainland to Get Lei'd

6/28/2007 7:58 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

An incognito Paris Hilton arrived in Maui this afternoon. Aloha, freebird!

The uncaged, jetsetting heiress was in a jail cell for three and a half weeks -- then had to endure a full hour of work being questioned by Larry King. It's time for a vacay, baby!

The ex-con/socialite borrowed a floppy straw hat from the Scarecrow, slapped on a pair of granny chic sunglasses and a ratty black wig from the Britney Spears collection to complete her mystery island look.


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2673 days ago


I am earning my monney!Got she is so pathetic!
Paris just stop talking please!
If you are invited and paid to speak it's only bec you are your father's daugther that's it!
Your movie isn't famous i even never heard about!
Your song doesn't work so that well!
And you know why you did modeling it's only bec you nearly bough your celebraty, so stop saying everywhere that you are someone bec your are just the most ridiculus person of the world!And you represent the bigest jock of LA!So just please stay at home and give us a breack!

2673 days ago

Big Bear    

Someone told paris hilton she could get lei'd and she went there as fast as possible. I sure hope the folks there know about all of her social diseases before they approach her. She will not need a board to surf on as her huge feet will be enough to surf as long as she wishes. Maybe she is there for the good smoke?? The salt water will be tough on her open herpes sores!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2673 days ago

paris rox my sox    

why does everyone think Paris Hilton is an idiot? you people are just cruel!

2673 days ago


I guess it's safe to assume she's not getting started on her home for released convict mom's anytime soon..... Go figure. She hasn't changed a bit.. Well, other than overcoming closterphobia. Only person Paris wants to help is herself. I liked her at first, but this dumb behavior is no act as she once claimed.

2673 days ago


Hey Paris, Britney called and she wants her hair back.......muhawhhaa

2673 days ago


How pathetic can someone be to thinks doing three and a half week in a county jail some how make's anyone an ex-con... LOL, really LOL... Local jails are run by our local controlled county systems and are used to house people most of the time for under one year who brake minor laws most of the time or those who have the influence and money to keep then out of a real prison which is not the case with Paris... Probation or parole what's the difference? well to the real world there's a big difference, but to these Internet want-ta-be news hacks and the old news talking head's any stretch of the imagination will do... Being put on probation keeps you out of jail and or prison or can be a delayed entry system for some people who should have been incarcerated to begin with... Parole is what happens after you are released from a "state controlled prison system after you have screwed up your probation terms and are violated and sent to a real prison or if your original crime is punishable with a prison sentence and the judge just sends you straight to prison...

If your are put on probation for a criminals offence and or a traffic infraction that cannot land you into a real prison and you violate your probation , your probation officer most of the time hit's you with a PV and put's you back in front of a judge who ether punish's you with 30 to 90 days jail sentence for your screw up and or can terminate your probation and make you serve out the remainder of your original sentence or put you back on the streets with your on going probation terms if he feels it was no big deal. Ether way when your back on the streets and not sent to prison your probation is still running it's course unless you serve all your time in jail... Any how Paris is not a ex-con by any stretch of the imagination, just a spoiled rich knot-tie girl who is the "Cat's Meow and remember being young is the ultimate adventure, so chill, step back, give her some room and stop humping on her legs like some irritating perverts... And remember the big picture, she's not a bad person and has not done anything most females don't do other than maybe driving while revoked.

2673 days ago

Dawn Day    

Oh PUKE already!

So sick of seeing her mug every damn where!

2673 days ago


#19 putting #14 should be ashamed of yourself ...everyone has a right to their own the way have you ever done anything wrong ..let Paris go ...and by they way I am not a fan of hers nor do I THINK she is a role model..I think she is very self absorbed...but who are you to come on here and bash other people who are entitled to their opinions..You #19 should be ashamed of Yourself...

2673 days ago


the best thing anyone can do is be real and be true to themselves....thats it!! dont ever listen to what other people say ..i think this goes to celebrities as well as noncelebrities!!! just be true to yourself and be good to others!!!I wish I had the $ she does but I dont ..I just try to keep things real and thats whats inportant..The LarrY King Interview she was trying to be real and honest ..I think lets see how she behaves and hoepfully who knows maybe she says maybe good things will come out of this ....If people watch all these people and read about them ..hopefully we can start seeing good role models...not people who just party and use drugs etc ...we need more good role models in Hollywood,,,,thanks

2673 days ago

Parents Need to Know    

What kind of purse???????????????????????????


2673 days ago

paris rox my sox    

why does everyone have to be so mean to paris! paris is a human being like everyone else in the world! just because she does something bad doesnt mean she is a bad person!

2673 days ago


#382 you are sooo right ..everyone makes mistakes we just dont have it splashed all over tv like she does...i think what gets everyine so annoyed is the fact that she is so self absorbed..just be normal act normal you know thats what I felt like she on Larry King..I hope she was sincere..she seems like she comes from a closeknit family--

2673 days ago


Larry King asked her twice if she had EVER done drugs and she said NO when everyone with internet access has either seen her doing drugs or eluding to doing drugs, therefore, when caught in such a blatant lie, how can she still have any supporters??? You'd have to be both blind and dumb to continue to support a LIAR. How can you admire THAT??? Also, why would Paris need R&R? From what? She doesn't actually work on a daily basis and her 3 week stay in jail shoud have been sufficient R&R from her nightly clubing. Look what a "big heart" she proved she has making fun of Lindsay Lohan and laughing and calling her a "Firecrotch" Really big hearted - yeah - really kind and sweet - right!

2673 days ago


To #381, that purse looks like an Hermes which costs a few thousand per bag, however, if it is their Birkenbag it costs $12,000. Good Luck if you're buying one!

2673 days ago
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