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Britney -- I Ain't Got No Mama No More

7/5/2007 9:01 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

When Britney Spears delivered those legal papers to her mom Lynne last week, as TMZ first reported, she also delivered a stinging message along with them -- in verse form.

In the poem, according to Star (via MSNBC), Spears says that she "didn't have a mom anymore" and that she "couldn't imagine a mother doing what she did to her child." Brit was reportedly livid that Lynne kept in contact with her ex Kevin Federline after their divorce. Star reports that a private investigator recorded conversations between K-Fed and Grandma Spears, including one in which Lynne arranges to meet Fed-Ex and the kids behind Brit's back.

Paris Is Just "Looking Out" for All of Us

Paris Hilton took to her MySpace page yesterday to wish her fans a happy 4th of July, and to give them a little advice – "Remember to be responsible and have a designated driver!"

The heiress, just returned from her post-jail trip to Hawaii, thanked fans for their support, and said she's trying real, real hard to get back to everyone who wrote her. "I am doing my best to respond to each and everyone (sic) with the letter I wrote," she says. (Which letter is that? Like this one?)

Hilton might not have been taking her own advice about being responsible, as she was spotted yesterday at a party at famous frenemy Lindsay Lohan's beach house in Malibu.

Diddy's Baby Mama Moves Out -- Again

We all know how this movie ends, don't we? P. Diddy's longtime girlfriend and mother of three of his kids -- model Kim Porter -- has had enough, reports Page Six, and she's moving to Beverly Hills with the kids. There were reports of a rift earlier this year when Diddy was spotted hanging with Sienna Miller until all hours in NYC and in London, but Porter stood by him. With new evidence of another Diddy-Sienna hookup last week, Porter's apparently had enough. A source says that P and Porter "can't be together right now," suggesting some wiggle room for yet another reconciliation.

Party Favors: No More Free Ride from Fitty ... Jacko Moving to Maryland? ... Chestnutt Smokes Kobayashi at Nathan's

50 Cent has been shelling out for just about everyone and their mother (and second cousin) at his label G-Unit Records, but that's all about to end, he tells XXL magazine (via Rush & Molloy). He spent over $8 million of his own green just to take care of everyone's entourage on his last tour, but no more. Especially because none of his people are even wearing G-Unit gear! ... Michael Jackson is decamping from Las Vegas and heading to ever-glamorous ... Maryland? His reps confirm that he's leaving Vegas and looking for properties on the Eastern Shore. ... Joey Chestnutt took the Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest in convincing fashion yesterday, downing 66 hot-dogs-and-buns in 12 minutes, whereas longtime champ Takeru Kobayashi inhaled just 63.


No Avatar

Oh Please    

Britney looks really crazy and you can see it when looking at her eyes. I think she has a mental disease and needs help. I feel sorry for her children and her mother. She is not the beautiful young lady of 4 years ago. I think she is washed up and this is obviously killing her. I hope she can get some real help and face her demons.

2632 days ago


Took the words right from my mouth 59 and 60.

2632 days ago

nobody special    

Britney still appears to mentally unstable. She is young and foolish - one day she will need her Mother and she may not be around.

2632 days ago

Not ! a BrAngelina LOON !    

First Kate , now Kim Porter !

It's always good news when women kick low life boyfriends to the curb :) Stop being a doormat

2632 days ago


Britney needs to get a grip

2632 days ago


She does need help and fast. I guess she is in denial, and she thinks that her actions are what normal people do in their everyday lives. Do you think she should even have custody of those the two babies? She seems to be harmful to herself.

2632 days ago

Oh Please    

You read my mind:

Lol, it is true. Enjoy the day my friend.


2632 days ago

Caribbean Goddess    

Britney, life is too short for you to be acting like a selfish b@&!h. My fiance was adopted and wishes that he can meet his biological parents. You have a mother who raised you and this is the appreciation that you show to her. You better acknowledge your mother for the woman that she is.

2632 days ago


She has all the money in the world right now. She could really do something constructive with it. Why does she still have to be singing anyway? The average musical artist's career usually lasts between 5-10 years max. She has limited singing ability, and she isn't really that talented. She was successful while it lasted, and she could move on to other things.

2632 days ago


You are right that she could do something else with her life other than still be trying to make music. She was "it" five years ago, but sometimes a person won't be able to recapture that light. It has dimmed. Time to move on. She should focus on her family and other projects.

2632 days ago

Oh Please    

It really made me sad to see the bewildered look on Lynn's face. How can anyone hurt their mother like that??? Her mother will always be there for her and she is so lucky to have her. I would give all I own to see my mother just one more time. Geez, growup Brit and get some help. You are very close to losing your children and I really fear for them. You have the money to get all the professinal help you need. I pray you will get well soon. Show a little class and stop this nonsense with your Mom. She was only trying to help you and your children.

2632 days ago


I love Britney Spears! I have all of her CDs, and I don't think she has any problems. She is beautiful.

2632 days ago


Britney looks like He-Man in that picture.

2632 days ago

miss len    

Kim Porter let that cheating, immature BOY go!!! You are a beautiful, successful WOMAN and mother and deserve much better than what you're getting from Sean Combs. If he can't figure out that after TEN YEARS and THREE beautiful children later, you're ALL that he needs, SHAME ON HIM. What kind of message is he sending to his children; your mama's good enough for a lay but not marriage!!!! Don't you think as a woman you deserve better? You are now the mother of daughters; think about the kind of image and self esteem you want to be able to pass on to them.

2632 days ago


As for Brit, she has to remember all the sacrifices she has made in her life so Britney could be the star she is today. I am sure it wasn't all easy times when she uprooted her family from Louisianna to California just so Brit could do the mousketeer club and other projects that led to her fame and fortune. She would have nothing or be nothing if it were not for her mother. Brit does not want to face the fact that she has an alcohol and drug problem and would rather drag her mother through the mud than to take personal responsibility. I am sure Lynn was doing what she thought was right for the kids and that is having a very civil relationship with Kevin, the babies' father. When mother is finally gone, maybe then she will have to learn to take responsibilities for her own actions.

2632 days ago
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