Miss New Jersey Blackmail Drama Continues

7/8/2007 12:58 PM PDT
Beauty pageants can be a real bitch! Miss New Jersey Amy Polumbo's blackmail troubles continued yesterday when a second package containing a threatening letter -- and possible additional racy photos -- were sent to the Jersey beauty.

Polumbo's problems began several days ago when a mysterious blackmailer threatened to release around a dozen sexy shots of the pageant winner to the press -- if she failed to step down from her post. So far, Polumbo refuses to submit to the shakedown.

Police are in the process of questioning the runners-up to determine if the wannabe queens have anything to do with the crime. Polumbo's lawyer, Anthony Caruso, said that the Jersey tomato "doesn't think that any of the runners-up have anything to do with this," and that she is "deeply distressed that this blackmail scheme is affecting the lives of other contestants."