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Miss New Jersey Blackmail Drama Continues

7/8/2007 12:58 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Beauty pageants can be a real bitch! Miss New Jersey Amy Polumbo's blackmail troubles continued yesterday when a second package containing a threatening letter -- and possible additional racy photos -- were sent to the Jersey beauty.

Polumbo's problems began several days ago when a mysterious blackmailer threatened to release around a dozen sexy shots of the pageant winner to the press -- if she failed to step down from her post. So far, Polumbo refuses to submit to the shakedown.

Police are in the process of questioning the runners-up to determine if the wannabe queens have anything to do with the crime. Polumbo's lawyer, Anthony Caruso, said that the Jersey tomato "doesn't think that any of the runners-up have anything to do with this," and that she is "deeply distressed that this blackmail scheme is affecting the lives of other contestants."


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Dust for fingerprints. Do some CSI techno stuff. Force the hand of the blackmailer, please! Entertain us.

2633 days ago

Lenn K.    

Why to people not learn and keep taking and senting sexual picture of themselves? This is a new time and you know they will make there way to the internet. Just suck it up!!!

2633 days ago

Zenophobe Alien    

Why do women continue to willingly undress for provocative photo's and then play victim when they put out there? She did the photo's. What is her beef?

2633 days ago


Hopefully these young girls will come to realize that the taking of the sexually explicite pictures is something that could potentially ruin life plans. And it is more that they don't know who their friends are. . .this is about stupidity on these girls parts.

2633 days ago

Sulu Shaw    

Regaring Miss New Jersey, this will ultimately (probaby) do great things for her career. Remember the "Vanessa Wiliams" photos? Also, I always wonder about the "Girls Gone Wild" pimp and his conglomerate. What happens to these women's lives once they sober up and enter the workforce.?Talk about being vulnerable to blackmail....


2633 days ago

Kris Peterson    

Ten bucks says that it is some relatives or friends of the person that was first runner-up.

2633 days ago


First of all, nothing against this Miss N.J. chick, but she's not all that pretty if you ask me.
Who cares who gets naked with whom. I don't. Get your groove on.

2633 days ago


It's just got to be someone related to a disappointed loser, if not herself. LOL.

2633 days ago


I agree, she's not that hot and why do these woman ALWAYS have
nude photos in their past??

2633 days ago


It would not surprise me a bit if she was behind all this. I mean...she isn't going to go much further in the pageant circuit. This may be her one shot at becoming a popular name. It seems odd that the photos are considered to be "non-racy." Why not just allow the photos to be shown...why all the drama and press conferences. Just seems desperate to me. BTW---you go are much smarter than I am!

2633 days ago


Mom! Mom!......It's not right !!

Put on your big-girl panties Amy, you did the pic's, now deal with it. You know you love the publicity your getting, poor thing... see you in the centerfold.

2633 days ago


I'm a big fat whale. Well, not that big and fat but I have fat knees. I want to go swim in the beach. What can I wear? Or should I just stay home until I die?



2633 days ago


Grannie, yes STAY HOME. My eyes, my eyes.

2633 days ago


this is best thing to happen to her.all free puplicity.she will be in playboy or something soon.oh the fake outrage.

2633 days ago


You people have nothing better to do then rip other people you?
You don't don't even know this girl . You have not even seen the pictures.
This girl has worked hard to get to were she is.
My sister ran in these compititons years ago. These compititons are for College money.
These girls are very bright. There are no nude pics. It is what is written in the caption that is disturbing. And this this girl is very smart for going to the police with this
Now why don't you idiots get off your fat ass's and do something positive with your day!

2633 days ago
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