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Osama's Son Pissed at Wedding Reax

7/16/2007 1:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

When your dad is the internationally loathed terrorist Osama bin Laden, most anything you do is going to make news. But for some reason, Omar bin Laden was shocked at the media coverage of his marriage to a woman nearly twice his age. Death to the infidel media!

Little O told Saudi newspaper al-Watan that he was "stunned and outraged" by publicity surrounding his wedding to a 51-year-old grandmother. Jane Felix-Browne, who herself has been married and divorced five times, is actually bin Laden's second wife -- in addition to his first wife!

Polygamy isn't just for HBO anymore.


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Dawn Day    

What, what and what. You lost me in that story.

2653 days ago

Zenophobe Alien    

Why would he marry his grandma?

2653 days ago


The creep factor is that she's an old bag loser, not the bin Laden part.

2653 days ago




The women who posted nasty thing about her here are mad b/c a 51 year old looks like a 25 y/o model, and you are sitting you lard arses online eating fritos and watching young and the restless. As for the men who are writing bad things, you're upset b/c you can't pull a hot chick. The only thing you can pull is a blowup doll out of your moms basement closet. What a bunch of losers you readers are. Pathetic. The woman is hot, say she's hot. Good lord, IDIOTS...

2653 days ago

chillout music girl    

I thought Osama thought westerners were such villanous people.
His son now is marrying a older woman who isn't of arab descent.
If little osama moves to england, I hope the police monitor him like a hawk.
He is probaly just using this woman to get a british passport, then he can participate in some terrorist plot.
I wonder what his hear father is thinking in this moment... My son is a trader or How can I use this idiot british granny to my advantage.
Someone needs to slap the heck out of this woman.

2653 days ago

chillout music girl    

This is a good story TMZ...

The trader westerner and the terrorist son!!!

2653 days ago

kim suck    

why me?? BOO HOO HOO!!!!

2653 days ago

kim suck    

poor boy! and poor old lady!

2653 days ago

Playne Jayne    

TMZ needs to state this more clearly...

From what I read the first time... She is the Big bin Laden's second wife... and Small bin Laden is now married to her too. Then something about her being his grandma??? I reread this 5 times... and went to CNN

This is Lil' bin Laden's second wife in a poligamy marriage... further more she happens to be a grandmother (a very young looking grandma)... She is not married to the Big O. So she is not related to lil' bin laden....

She on a seperate note has been married & divorced 5 times...

TMZ needs better editors to clean this up.

2653 days ago


AM I CRAZY OR does he look just like Osama Bin Laden!! The second I saw the picture I got scared. That Osama has some strong sperm/genes. I cant even look at this picture without thinking of the WTC and all the poor people that died.

2653 days ago

Playne Jayne    

And Yeah, this "photo" is totally photo shopped... the lighting is off and if you look at how they are sitting on the rocks... it doesn't look right and notice he is sitting not in front of her... but looks like ON her...the way the arms are is a dead give away.

TMZ you should take this down because who ever was in charge of this whole article flubbed up and needs to redo this!

2653 days ago

jProud American Author    

Why do we care? His father hates Americans and wants us all dead. So we need to care what his son does? Scary. I pray for world PEACE.

2653 days ago


Something isn't right here.
She is wearing tons of make-up and no head scarf.
Didn't they behead women in Afghanistan for doing that?
Yet she is marrying Osma's kid.
I guess she would have married Hitlor's son as well.

2653 days ago


Polygamy isn't just for HBO anymore??? HBO did not introduce polygamy. Muslim men can marry as many women as they can as long as they can provide equally for all of them.

2653 days ago


I agree that she looks very good for her age but it is clear that she is trying to look as young as possible. Come on... Braids at 51.

It is a stretch of my imagination to see this as true love.

2653 days ago
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