Tears for Spears?!

7/16/2007 11:33 AM PDT
Maybe she wolfed down some bad sashimi, or perhaps blinding flashbulbs finally got to her, but Britney Spears definitely looked frustrated as she left Shu Sushi in Bel Air yesterday. Wait -- was she crying?

After taking a deep breath and pulling herself together, Spears immediately went from dreary to cheery -- smiling and waving to paps as she navigated her black Mercedes through a sea of shutterbugs. What a pro!

While tears didn't actually appear on Spears' face, we're told she unleashed the waterworks inside the restaurant -- and this wasn't the first time we've heard stories of Britney bawling in public. We heard that over the weekend, Brit was sobbing in between club-hopping. What's eating her?