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Tears for Spears?!

7/16/2007 11:33 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Maybe she wolfed down some bad sashimi, or perhaps blinding flashbulbs finally got to her, but Britney Spears definitely looked frustrated as she left Shu Sushi in Bel Air yesterday. Wait -- was she crying?

After taking a deep breath and pulling herself together, Spears immediately went from dreary to cheery -- smiling and waving to paps as she navigated her black Mercedes through a sea of shutterbugs. What a pro!

While tears didn't actually appear on Spears' face, we're told she unleashed the waterworks inside the restaurant -- and this wasn't the first time we've heard stories of Britney bawling in public. We heard that over the weekend, Brit was sobbing in between club-hopping. What's eating her?


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Maybe its getting into that ugly wig covered bloated brain that she is just a joke. Or clinically, rapid cycling bipolar

2635 days ago


"Bawling in Public". Hell the girl can't get a break at all. Everything she does is "public". No amount of money is worth what she goes through in any given day.

2635 days ago



Leave her alone....WHOCARES!

2635 days ago


What`s eating her?
What`s Britney eating?

Oh no, another Britney story. Guilty, guilty me, read this little story. And wow. That there folks is a real trainwreck in need of some help. From her Mama. Seriously, she`s the next one to go. I`ve said it before and I`ll say it again. Now she`s only a laughing stock and I kinda feel sorry for her. She obviously has some problems and she needs to solve them. I don`t really care why she`s crying, though. Britney, go away. What`s best for her right now is to just take a vacation, and come back in 5 years. Give us all a break, please. Nothing left to say about this exept, "Why are people so fascinated with Britney?" I hope her puppy`s doing well....y`all.

2635 days ago

All American Girl    

The syphilis must have spread to her brain. She should have been checked.

2635 days ago


Dear Britney,

Want you to know that we love you here. I am a mom also and it is OK to cry sometimes. You have a lot of responsibility even more because you run a business. I have respect for you. Remember that when you feel blue.

Love from Liesbeth

2635 days ago

chillout music girl    

I feel sorry for brittney ......I can't believe it, but it is true..
She is really going through some rough times lately.

2635 days ago

Zenophobe Alien    

Crying for the mess she has made of her pittiful life

2635 days ago


Reality check for a Has-Been.

2635 days ago

Britney is CRAZY!    

Could it be possible she is FINALLY realizing that the world isn't laughing with her they are laughing AT her???

Naw, didn't think so. Maybe she just found out the Kevin has a very hot & SANE girlfriend.

2635 days ago


Maybe she's bawling because she has cameras in her face and up her skirt everytime she's outside. Maybe if she stopped doing stupid things and went into isolation, it wouldn't have come to this. She needs to be a mother instead of a bar-fly!

2635 days ago


To those of you who feel sorry for her and still have respect for her (all two of you):

You do realize that unless she's a rapid cycling bipolar (which I agree with) or has some other major psychological disorder, this is all her own doing, her own choices, her own creation, right?

Yeah, didn't think so.

2635 days ago


Poor thing! She can't ever be left alone. I think the best way to avoid all of this spot light if she moved away from Hollywood.

2635 days ago


I'm soooo tired of the 'Poor Britney' schtick. She's the one who created this life, so she needs to GROW UP AND DEAL WITH IT. I swear, if I hear one more, 'oh, leave the poor girl alone, she's just living her life.' I'm gonna puke.

People, she wouldn't have paparazzi following her every move and photgraphing her every chance they get if she lived like a regular human being instead of shopping and clubbing and buying dogs and crying and shaving her head and wearing horribly tacky clothes.

She wants the attention, I guess 'cause her daddy didn't love her enough or whatever. So let's stop with the boo-hooing for Britney.

Ok, I'm done..

2635 days ago

Team Kim    

Silly people, she is just role playing for her next big movie ya'all.....Cry me a River

2635 days ago
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