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Beyonce Trips Out

7/25/2007 12:27 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Got to hand it to Beyonce -- even when she eats it big time, she's still looks goooooood.

Beyonce bounced down a few stairs while performing in Orlando last night. Ring the alarm, people!

Then, as only a diva would do, she popped right up and kept performing without missing a beat! You can't keep a good woman down ... for more than a beat.

After the fall, B reportedly asked the audience not to post the embarrassing footage on YouTube ... but she didn't say anything about it getting on TMZ! Enjoy!


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Veteran Cosmic Rocker    

We at THE RIGHT TO ROCK are glad this skanky piece of Texas trailer pak trash fell and got hurt. Serves this skanky diva right! Then again we are also glad her counterparts Britney and Xtina are burning in Hell! This chick is still only liked because she is dating that thug Jay Z whom we swear has a longer criminal records. Beyonce is the 21st century version of Diana Ross, a diva with an out of control ego! See you in Hell Beyonce!

2647 days ago


all of you people that like beyonce are crazy!!! i hate her and i wish she instead of AALIYAH died in that plane crash.if aaliyah was alive today beyonce would not be getting all the airplay.beyonce is fake and im i the only one who notice when she fall that she was still singing oh let me correct myself,the tape was still can you fall and still keep singing while falling like nothings happening.when ashley simpson got caught everybody let her have.why not do the same to that stanky hoe beyonce!!!

2646 days ago


Beyonce is quite fair skinned and is trying to match her weave to her complexion.

She is a fabulous performer but she is over rated. Sheesh, u hear a song and like it, but if it gets overexposed you will grow tired of it!

She is such a media mogel, it was nice to see her fall on her face, especailly after the way she dumped Kelly and Michelle.

And a bit of advice Miss B, stay away from the silver screen. Your acting is too painful to watch and so are your television interviews.

2646 days ago


I'm just as tired of Miss B as anyone else, but what the heck did she do to be deserving of comments like "see you in hell" and "I hate her and I wish she instead of Aalyiah died in that plane crash"?

The right to rock (115) and baby girl wade(117), y so angry at someone u never met?

2646 days ago

Veteran Cosmic Rocker    

Kiki, this girl is an egomaniacal piece of s*t who makes Diana Ross' ego trips look like Miss Nice Guy. She only cares about herself. Beyonce and Britney are the two skanks responsible for the demise of the music industry!

2645 days ago


Thanks for your response. She maybe everything u say she is, I wouldn't be surprised.

2645 days ago

smartypants #93 is paid to post

Beyonce wears fur. If you don't think fur is cruel, watch a few youtube videos showing these animals being skinned alive. You just cannot be a 'nice' person and wear fur. Not only does she wear it, but she uses fur from her clothing line from China. And China notoriously uses cats and raccoon dogs to provide fur trim for clothing. Beyonce has been snooty every time someone asks her why she still supports fur. I'll say it again.. if you wear fur, you are either really dumb, or really mean.

2643 days ago


Who in the wolrd does she think she is to have asked, at the end of her concert, for not to put that on YOU TUBE? She was asking for it when and even if she didn't ask. BUT THAT S@$T WAS FUNNY AS HELL!!! That's what she gets for trying to show her ass, meaning I have said it once and I have said it before, SPOT LIGHT HOGGING ASS B&$&H!!!! I'm going to remember this moment for the rest of my life and take it to my death bed. HAAAAAAAA HAAAAAAA.

2642 days ago


Beyonce, girl keep your head high and make your money. while the rest of us don't know how we will survive in our thirties, you are already chasing your dream. right now we have no one to represent our age group and there is a ninch. go girl and may God and the Holy spirit stay in your life. God speaks to some and they listen. He has told you something and the way to go is to worship and obey and He will give you a wonderful life. for those that talk about her parents, you do the same thing and making millions of money. she should help her family or someone else will get it

2642 days ago


All of you haters need to just stop it. Beyonce took a very bad fall and could have been seriously hurt. It seemed to me as if someone might have had sense enough to stop the show at that point and AT LEAST see if she was okay. Kudos to her for getting right back out there so all of you haters could hate some more. I love her and I have enough love for her and any other black female entertainer that may come along and is as good as she is. No wonder we can't make it. We hate our own.

2641 days ago


Some of Beyonce's fakeness is apparent. However, I can't hate cause she's a black woman and I am proud of her. To have the public falling all over you is definitely a confidence booster so of course she gets a lil out hand with the performances/videos, but we're always watching. Just put yourself in her shoes. In regards to the weave comments: Weave means nothing, every race and a high percentage of women, along with they're mother and grandmother is wearing a weave. It makes no difference if the hair is short or long, everyone wants a weave.

2641 days ago


my gurl may have busted her buttttt coming down those stairs but she still proved to the world that even a fall can't stop her show all i got to say is you go gurl you got it all the way by my books let the haters keep hating cause you got the whole package going on and no one could touch you as far as i can see or hear ........1 of your biggest you gurl keep up the great powerful work that you do .

2641 days ago


Thanks for your response babygirlwade.

2641 days ago


e-mail me if you have info on where to get a good weave..... A Beyonce weave lol

2640 days ago


don' t listen to any of these stupid haters B!!! Only a real black woman can fall get up and still give people a damn good show!!!!!!!!

2640 days ago
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