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Beyonce Trips Out

7/25/2007 12:27 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Got to hand it to Beyonce -- even when she eats it big time, she's still looks goooooood.

Beyonce bounced down a few stairs while performing in Orlando last night. Ring the alarm, people!

Then, as only a diva would do, she popped right up and kept performing without missing a beat! You can't keep a good woman down ... for more than a beat.

After the fall, B reportedly asked the audience not to post the embarrassing footage on YouTube ... but she didn't say anything about it getting on TMZ! Enjoy!


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Im so ashamed that I even posted a comment eariler.....everyone if your proud to be what you proud.....but when such hatred I was reading as I was scrolling down the page just hurt me....look...remember a little thing called 9/11.....races didnt matter when all those people died and were jumping from buildings dying.....for everyone who died....Didnt matter the race.....I cried.....and the beauty of everyone coming together to help people out they didnt know......America at its best.......Hurricane Katrina.......although Its still a racist issue....people in need banded together to help one another......I have too many friend either still doing a tour in Iraq and many who didnt make it back to have them possibly losing their lives to commerant their efforts they are fighting for to use me freedom of speech to say such ignarant things to my fellow Americans.....understand that we all need eachothers contrbution to society to move forward and be a strong country....I dont face days dealing with people concerned about their color......I have a life....please get on and learn to appericiate it.......remember there are people out there who hate us not because of our races...but for our freedom.....and dont care if were black,latino,asian,indian,white,biracial etc.......if you think about it that way......who cares about the size of your butt......Im proud to be American....and as an American......Im going to have a beer and a burger now in peace and be thankful for the freedom I have in this country to do that.

2612 days ago

Gina G.    

HA HA, sooo funny!! You must be a f****** genius to come up with that gem. LOL!!

2612 days ago


ROTFLMAO ..what is going on with that hair ..should i call it HAIR..she is overrated and im tired of her...BORING!!!! she bores glad she fell HAHAHAHAHAAHAHAA with her ugly costume.. halloween isnt until october 31st

2612 days ago

Just stop it...    

And another thing...before we are white, black or whatever we call ourselves. We are HUMAN! We can all burn up, get ran over by a bus, get shot in the head, drown, and we are promised to DIE! Think about it...when you need a liver/heart transplant are you going to ask if the doner was white or black! IDIOTS!!

2612 days ago


i was there last night at the concert. when she fell i was completely speechles. i felt the pain when she fell. i felt soo bad for her. but like how she just got up, and kept on going, i was soo impressed. at that moment, i completely fell in love with her sooo much. she is an amazing artist and person. ppl need to stop talking crap, and posting the videos on youtube. she was aweeesoooommmeee at the concert. she has a goddess-like voice. she WAS singing live, to set the record straight. and again it was amazing, she made me cry during her performance of dangerously in love. it was awesoommmeee!

2612 days ago


Professional? There was nothing professional about it.. she fell down stairs while holding a microphone and there was no thumping or banging in the mic? Not to mention the singing kept going on without missing a beat. She's a faking lip syncher and THAT is the reason she didn't want the video on youtube.

2612 days ago


Well - at LEAST she hasn't been to Rehab or Jail.

Maybe others should were some weave - weigh the brain down a bit - OH PARIS does - didn't help her at all! Don't know why some idiots want to say that Black women's hair couldn't be long and straight - I KNOW MINE IS and every INCH of it is REAL!

2612 days ago

Gina G.    

Beyonce is so talented and professional and she makes me wish I was black because black women are so strong and beautiful. LIKE I SAID ON A PREVIOUS POSTING THAT TMZ ERASED, I WOULD LOVE TO BE BLACK!!

2612 days ago


This is to #5 about beyonce's hair. I am mixed and my natural hair is that length although it is not blond. I don't look white. I am beyonce's skin color. So don't say black women don't have hair like that. (not blond)
Beyonce's natural hair is long also. Not hat long though. Have you seen her mother? Her mother looks almost white or mixed.

2612 days ago

Gina G.    

White girl you are so right, Beyonce is talented. But I bet you just beautiful the way you are!!

2612 days ago

Gina G.    

Thanks, OneLove.

2612 days ago


Yeah it takes real talent to lip synch. People who listen to this kind of crappy music are incredibly naive.

2612 days ago


YouTube, TMZ, and others are removing all the videos. The last video that is non-YouTube is at:

2612 days ago

tooth fairy    

Wahaha! She can't dance. She dances like a mad cow, no grace at all. Glad she fell. She deserves it because she keeps doing that mad cow ugly dance to abuse audience and she thinks she can dance.

2612 days ago


it is possibly the funniest thing I've seen in a long time.........not to mention she is a horrible performer and very over rated...........................she thinks she's all that......God what a joke. However i dont wish anyone to get hurt so in that regard i hope her health is ok.

2612 days ago
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