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Faith: Hands Off My Man's Balls!

7/31/2007 4:29 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Faith Hill would prefer it if you left her husband's nether regions alone!

At her Soul2Soul tour stop in Lafayette, LA on Saturday night, one fan got a little grabby with Faith's better half, Tim McGraw -- and Faith ain't havin' none o' that!

"Somebody needs to teach you some class, my friend," Faith scolded the fan. "You don't go grabbin' somebody else's -- somebody's husband's balls, you understand me? That's very disrespectful."

Stand by your man's ... balls.


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anyone whining "HE'S MY MAN" or "THOSE BALLS BELONG TO HER" is an idiot. people are not property. if that's the way you really think, then you are an epic fail. women are too jealous for their own good. if he had a problem with it then he should have said something, not her. don't come across as a jealous petty hag because it's not attractive and it's not necessary either. when will women learn that

2637 days ago


No matter what anyone thinks about Faith, I do think she was kidding when she lost the award to Carrie Underwood. She knew the camera was on and would not be that dumb.How the hell did this fan get close enough to TIm to grab him? Don't the have security at their concerts?

2637 days ago

Tracy Sperr    

For the women who say Faith's words are distasteful, shame on you! She could have said a lot worse than 'balls'. I think she handled herself with class. What other woman would have remained ON stage after such an incident. She did an excellent job at handling the situation. The so called 'fan' would have been escorted out immediately if it were up to me. Faith has nothing to be ashamed of. She not only had to keep in mind the ages of her fans, she also had to worry because her children were with her as well. What a shameful act to happen in Tim's hometown state of all places. The McGraws did a fine job dealing with such an incident.

2637 days ago

Roger T in Texas    

>>>409. Just because they are public figures does not make them public property.

AMEN, Thumper !! These are people Doing A Job. They are people, just like the Roadies, Newscasters and cashiers at your local grocery store. And in those cases, people would be protected from this type of behavior under the law.

I attended their concert in San Antonio, TX in 2006. If you haven't been to one, the stage is a giant "iron cross". One scary thing is, the people sitting within reach of the stage are the FAN CLUB MEMBERS and VIPs!

It really scares me to think that our culture has degenerated to the point that people think it's OK to assault someone just because the person is a public figure and the assailant paid a for a ticket. It scares me more that some people here think this sort of behavior on the part of the assailant should be excused.

Back in the 60's, the story goes, Loretta Lynn came off the stage and started walking across tables to get at a woman that was going after Loretta's husband. I think Faith acted with great restraint in the face of public stupidity. A married couple is supposed to protect each other. Bravo, Faith! Your stock just went way up in my book!

2637 days ago


Yeah, the fan who did that was tasteless, but that's how tasteless fans act. Faith proved she is no better than a tasteless fan. This was Tim's battle, Faith looked like an idiot swinging around, bellowing tasteless words at a family concert when Tim just walked away. Tim proved he didn't have any balls to touch, he didn't go stand by his lady, so he obviously didn't want to complain about this incident TOO much, certainly not enough to stand by his wife's insane screechings. And anyone who denies the truth about Faith being caught screeching about Carrie winning, well, I'll bet you morons still believe in the Easter bunny. Faith got caught BEING FAITH, then tried to lie her way out of it. Carrie was just being gracious cuz she didn't wan't nasty crazy Faith on her back. Who would!

2637 days ago


Defend your man! Go, Faith!!

2637 days ago


WAY 2 GO FAITH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tim had already had his wedding ring snatched off his finger that night. She was classy how she put the woman in her place. And who hasnt heard the word BALLS before!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2637 days ago


Faith! What about what you said on Oprah??? When someone gushes over your man you take it as a compliment - You said, "Who wouldn't look at him he's hot! You said you weren't jealous, RIGHT!!!!!!!!

2637 days ago

Ya Think?    

#348 -- You've got your country divas mixed up. That was Lorrie Morgan who was dating Troy Aikman, not Faith Hill. You need to lay off the moonshine.

2637 days ago


Why is it that in every single thread there is some numbskull how says "who cares" and that is the extent of their pee brain thinking. If you don't care, don't read it, don't post it.
Is there anyone in this country that uses 1/8 of their brain any more or is everyone competing with the president to see who is the dumbest

2637 days ago



2637 days ago


Oh go away, Faith, go take care of you girls and get off here. Everyone knows you are here, pathetic b#tch. How come Tim didn't do anything, faith, even with all your screaming? CUZ HE LIKED IT, he wouldn't wear those tight pants if he didn't want his fans paying attention to what's IN those tight pants, and that just has you in an uproar, that Tim didn't go over to you cuz he doesn't want to discourage his fans. LOL, Tim did nothing while you swung around like a demented ape, Faith. Get over it and get lost, you need to leave here and get back to your family. Who do you think you are kidding, Faith?

2637 days ago

stevey de    

Faith is just jealous b/c no fan is grabbing her. your man didnt have anything to say about it. but his smile said it all. its part of being a celeb. if you are going to be mad at anyone it should be at tim b/c he didnt seem to mind at all. stop being insecure.

2637 days ago

Lindsey Kat    

I live near Nashville and have a family member who worked for Faith's record label early in her career up until around the time she met Tim. It is common knowledge that she "got around" and seemed to always have relationships with men who could get her to the next phase in her career--married or single. As for Alan Jackson she went on her first tour with him around 1994 as his opening act and while Alan was still very much married, that is when the affair began. Alan was known to be crazy for Faith. Also, the Troy Aikman thing--yes, Lorrie Morgan did have a relationship with him but so did Faith. This went on when she was engaged to Scott and when he found out about it both Faith and Troy denied it. It was AFTER that that she hooked up with Tim and seems to have settled down a little.

2637 days ago

Been There Done That    

Ok let me make this point! You may or may not agree and personally I don't care but my husband is a musician/singer from Louisiana as well. Granted he is not a celebrity in the same right as Tim but trust me, women and the music business are the same everywhere you go and at every level. When you "choose" this profession you must understand that there are certain things, good and bad, that come along with it. You have no problem when it's all good but as soon as something is not the way you like it to be you want to use the excuse of being a "normal person" with the same rights into the mix. If you were standing in line at a movie premier and were Tim you wouldn't expect to be treated like a "normal person" and wait in line would you? The fact of the matter is Faith, as a celebrity and wife, should know that the spectacle she made of herself and the situation will only aid in giving the perpetrator of such a horrible act the spot light she desires and give others, that crave attention, a reason to do the same.

As far as the way Faith handled the situation, in my opinion, it was not very intelligent. It is not her place to defend her husbands honor. If Tim had a problem with it he should have defended his own honor. I, as a musician’s wife, have faced the exact same situation on more than one occasion and I am here to tell you for a fact that if I were to have handled it the way Faith did then I would be the bad guy instead of the person performing the act. I have no desire to come off as a jealous, bitter wife. My husband is a grown man with a mind and mouth of his own. If he didn't enjoy it trust me he would say so. Sometimes you must understand that it can simply be the nature of the business, deal with it and move on. I really do believe that jealousy is a major player in the failure of most marriages today. If I can't trust him I don't want nor need him. After all did Faith not know who her husband was going home with after the concert? I know where mine will be...with me and if not that is his choice and I will not spend my life consumed by the worry!

In closing women take my advice or leave it but a real man does not need or WANT you to fight his battles or smother his every move!

2637 days ago
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