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Faith: Hands Off My Man's Balls!

7/31/2007 4:29 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Faith Hill would prefer it if you left her husband's nether regions alone!

At her Soul2Soul tour stop in Lafayette, LA on Saturday night, one fan got a little grabby with Faith's better half, Tim McGraw -- and Faith ain't havin' none o' that!

"Somebody needs to teach you some class, my friend," Faith scolded the fan. "You don't go grabbin' somebody else's -- somebody's husband's balls, you understand me? That's very disrespectful."

Stand by your man's ... balls.


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anger management

2603 days ago


Jennifer, you are threatening posters? THAT kind of thing is quite dangerous. Tim and Faith are public figures, and if Faith makes a public scene, which she did, people have a RIGHT to comment, and if they want to post that she is a jealous hag, that is their right under America's freedom of speech rights. I think TMZ should check YOU out Jennifer, posters who make threats like you do need to be monitored. I also think TMZ should check and see how many of these super nasty bullying posts are coming from Faith. Jennifer, don't forget, YOU are the only one here making threats against posters, trying to shut them up. And Faith was NOT joking at the awards, she was totally crazed and angry that Carrie won. Anyone can see that from the video. I also agree that Tim should just stay away from his female fans, why make Faith go nuts again. For the fans' sakes, just don't go there, Tim. Wear your hot pants and just stand next to your wife like a good, obedient, pu$$y-whipped hubby.

2603 days ago


I seriously doubt that Faith is the one making all the "super nasty bullying posts" about how any woman that minds her husband being grabbed is "fat, ugly, crazy, or insecure," just to name a few of the things these women have been called. I hasn't all been one-sided, you know. And why is it that a man and woman, having a good marriage, mutual respect, and a "'hands off" policy to anyone not their spouse has suddenly made the woman a screeching harpy and the man pu$$y-whipped? No wonder the divorce rate is over 50%. I thank God for my husband and what we have, because apparently, it is quite rare.

2603 days ago


i agree with faith..that was were alot more respectful towards that fan then i would have been.

2603 days ago


Lilah sorry you haven't experience a happy marriage. Having respect for your spouse, being faithful, actually loving each other and your family does not make you whipped.

There a millions of marriages like that sorry you haven't experience it.

For a person to come on here and state comments like that tenntrooper did is wrong, and just saying a fact doesn't make it true, their comments could easily be proven wrong or right so one shouldn't make comments you can't 100% prove. Rumors mean nothing in court.

I am sure Faith would't visit this sleazy site.

2603 days ago


How can you "seriously doubt" that Faith is the one making all the bullying posts, Angela, you live with her? Sounds like many of these nasty posts are coming from the same super-angry person, but you if you have some FACTUAL insight here, Angela, please share why you can make this statement. How do you know they have a good marriage? Because they sing to each other? Get real, Angela, you don't know what kind of marriage they have, probably more of a business at this point. And if a woman stands on a stage screeching like a harpy instead of letting her security (or husband) handle a situation discreetly, I guess people will assume that is exactly what she is, considering she screeched like a harpy at Carrie Underwood. Tim encourages the fans, gets right up on top of them, and he should stop doing that. Not saying fans have a right to touch performers, they don't, and that IS why the place is crawling with security, to deal with that sort of idiot fan, discreetly, without causing a major scene that some in the audience might very well find even more offensive than the actual incident most of them didn't even see in the first place.

2603 days ago



2603 days ago


How do you know what Lilah or anyone here has experienced, Jennifer? What's the point of writing such jibberish? You are sure Faith wouldn't visit this sleazy sight? How are you sure? Live with her like Angela here? As for your threats, Jennifer, they mean nothing, and you are the one who needs to be careful. Faith and Tim are public figures, Faith made a public scene, that's that, people have a right to comment. Don't like it? Move to a third world country run by a dictator, or stay away from this sleazy site. If Faith can't take the heat, she should get out of the business. Or stop making public scenes. Pretty simple.

2603 days ago


First of all, Faith was kidding with the reaction to Carrie winning that award, we all know that. Second, Faith was already divorced from Dan Hill when she met Tim, she was already famous at that point and to keep their careers separate, she kept Hill as her stage name, but legally she is Faith McGraw.

2603 days ago


TO WOA (AKA the 40 yr old virgin) for the record, I think I've called my husband's office five times in three years and been there twice..hardly excessive. I don't need to follow him around, I trust him. But I certainly will not tolerate other women hitting on him or getting snotty with me because they have hot pants for my man. Like I said, he has no reason to stray (nor the energy or bodily fluids left to stray after time with his wife)! There are just a lot of desperate, pathetic women out there who have the morals of alley cats. Unfortunately for you, I doubt you'd be their type. Might try a back alley in a really bad part of town and you MIGHT find a pro who would give you the time of day. But then again, that is doubtful! They can usually smell broke at 50 paces.

2603 days ago


Hey she got them as a wedding gift from him...possession is 99.99%of the law...protect what is yours Faith.. if the fan doesn't have any of her own...then she has no right to touch..let her get a man and m,aybe just maybe he'll share his with her

2603 days ago


Dear Grant:

I seriously doubt Faith is making MANY of these ugly rude posts is because they are apparently coming from men, calling women, "insecure, crazy, and fat, etc" as I said before. Now, I have no FACTUAL insight to prove that, not do I live with the poster, but it's just a "woman's intuition", I guess, and common sense. Do you think Faith would post against a woman that is taking up for her? Again, I don't live with Faith and Tim, and I have no FACTS, just basic common sense. And no, I don't know how their marriage is, but I know how MINE is. I DO live with HIM, and apparently what passes for "OK" in a marriage these days based on the comments I've seen is not what I have with my husband, and I want no part of it. I have heard my husband say the same thing. I guess that means he's pu$$y-whipped? In the eyes of the world, that might not be good, but I seriously think he likes it. Would it make you feel better if Tim and Faith are unhappy? I'd like to give them the benefit of the doubt, for them and their children. As for the Carrie Underwood thing, we'll never know for sure will we? I tend to think it was a joke. That's my opinion, for what it's worth. I agree with you on one thing, Tim shouldn't get so close to the fans, he should back up, because you just can't be nice to some people, they are true nuts.

2603 days ago


No, Faith was NOT "kidding" when Carrie won and the video proves Faith was pissed off. Video shows Faith stopped smiling and got real nasty when Carrie won. The video speaks for itself, always will.

2603 days ago


OK Angela, you don't have facts to back up your "intuition" and you don't live with Faith and Tim. Enough said. We can agree Tim needs to stay away from the fans. Just causes trouble, and apparently, they have lousy security that cannot deal with situations like this in a discreet manner.

2603 days ago

woa HEY GIG    

To Gig, don't be so hateful now that I've called you out on your insecurities. Who cares if some women hits on your man if you trust him so much? Otherwise you wouldn't get so riled up about it. Of course no reason to stray, just hotter younger stronger self confident women unlike yourself considering it sounds like you evaluate a man's worth by the amount of money he has and trust me honey, I have quite enough. I just prefer non-pathetic zealous obnoxious women unlike yourself ; )

2603 days ago
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