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Brit's "High Profile" 311 Call

8/1/2007 7:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained a 311 non-emergency call to Vegas cops made by a security guard at the Wynn Hotel after a bodyguard for Britney Spears allegedly roughed up two paparazzos at the hotel on July 26.

In the tape, the guard does not specifically reference Brit, only calling her a "high profile guest."

Spears' bodyguard was cited by Las Vegas police for misdemeanor battery.


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The safety of Britney's children is the priority. Nothing else matters right now. I must wonder if much of her bizarre behaviors is the result of drugs. Have a judge court order random UA'S on her ASAP. Debbie CASA from Colorado

2553 days ago


Britnay should look into suicide, soon.

2553 days ago


Britney really needs to get her head checked. I can't believe she thinks she is doing a better job running her public life and career better than her manager used to (you know, back when she was a star). What is the matter with her????

2553 days ago


That's a nasty pic of her.

She truly sucks at life. You're an adult Britney, act like one.

2553 days ago


You guys are so mean. The guy clearly says that Britney and her kids were pushed into a glass window!

2553 days ago


What are the odds she has the kids taken away or dies at her own hands?


Children are not pets.

2553 days ago


Leave britney alone , why do you guys pick on her so much, then you get the picture where her eys are half way open to make her look as if shes high....lame...i dont understand why you need to bash her soo much on this site..

2553 days ago


They have 311 instead of 911 in Vegas? When I first read the headline, I thought Brit was enlisting my favorite band for some help haha....ok not really.

2553 days ago


We all know Britney is in need of help, but you don't have to use photos of her looking "zonked" for articles such as this. That's just mean!

2553 days ago


This call is EXACTLY what Britney's side told X17. They said the paps shoved Brits body guard into a glass window causing the body guard to go after him. There was a police report filed a week prior against this same pap by Brit's body guard.

FINALLY the truth comes out, the photog started this whole mess not Brit like TMZ and others tried to portray. This call and what she told X17 proves it.

2553 days ago


was she eating fried chicken?

2553 days ago


A good mother wouldn't put her children in harms way. Everytime Brit leaves her Hollywood home, or goes somewhere high profile, she encounters photographers . . .she knows this, yet she continues to force her children into her chaotic world. Once you are a mother , you make sacrifices on behalf of your children . . .her sacrifice need s to be staying at home more, less partying, and acting like mature, responsible person. Take a vacation to Vermont or somewhere remote where the kids can run and play. . .not Vegas for cryin' out loud. I don't feel sorry for her at all . .. .after all, she created (and continues to create) her own reality. She needs to get a clue and be a mom.

2553 days ago


GOOD now she can sue them that is clearly in her favour.

2553 days ago


Er - The bodyguard was the only one cited. NOT the photographers. The tape is not clear about who got pushed into the glasss. Anyone who is still defending Ms. Britney is seriously in denial.

2553 days ago


I work with at risk kids and I'm their voice in the court system. Britney Spears has major problems. Her consistent irrational behaviors are very revealing. She had two babies one right after another. It would not surprise me if she is suffering from post partem depression and possibly other mental health issues that need to be addressed. I don't want her to lose her children but she needs help badly and her children are presently at risk...there are major safety issues here for them. Until she gets the help she needs her children need to be safe. Debbie CASA form Colorado

2553 days ago
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