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Golden Gals Gone Wild

8/1/2007 12:29 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Ever pictured the gals from the "Golden Girls" dressed up in leather and whips -- or just plain naked? Of course you have. Live the fantasy -- with the new "Golden Gals Gone Wild" art show, set to open in Los Angeles on August 11.

After purchasing a Chris Zimmerman oil painting of Bea Arthur in full frontal view, Lenora Claire felt inspired to create a show where artists submitted their naughtiest versions of the "Girls." This is the most age-inappropriately sexy show since Dennis Franz bared it all on "NYPD Blue."

Allow ample time after eating, and check out the link.


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Dawn Day    

Bea wishes she had a rack like that!

2638 days ago


I have to know - are the real Golden Girls aware of this? I think this is in horrible taste, portraying a respectable elderly woman in such a fashion. If Bea Arthur approved of this, I guess more power to her. Otherwise, I hope she sues. How tasteless. I sure wouldn't appreciate someone doing that to my picture.

2638 days ago

Celeb News by E!    

It must be catching on as "alternative art". ebay just reported a listing of the same type
"topless" painting in oil, of Betty White.
It was already up to $1,498. and had 63 bids on it when some guy named Billy Williams from Oxford, Alabama hit the BUY IN NOW for $2,800.

KC for Celeb NEWS by E!

2638 days ago


Good god---- my eyes are bleeding.
Whats next?... Sophia's Vajayjay in pink, green, and white watercolors?

2638 days ago


Awesome! xoxo

2638 days ago


What no velvet Estelle Getty full frontal on a bearskin rug?

2638 days ago


That is SO cool. I think this is the same person who did that painting of Amy Sedaris as superhero She-Ra.

2638 days ago

su.san smith    

the girl holding the painting is the girl who curated the show. She loves the Golden Girls and is not in any way making fun of those Golden Girls!
She is trying to expose people to ART! So don't be a fool, be there August 11th and see what it is all about!

2638 days ago


If being totally direspectful to another human being is art, then her artist have succeeded. However, I would suggest to her , that they go back to art school. Perhaps study color theory? Human anatomy, and definatly technique. Or is this a new school of Velvet Elvis portrature art?
The quality of her work is sensationally laughable.

She loves the Golden girls? Show them some decency and respect then. This is embarrasing to watch. And most decidedly exploitive.

She is exposing people to art? You are a fool if you champion that statement. She is trying to expose her concept to buyers... it's called marketting... At the expense of the Golden
Girls. Privacy and personal dignity.

There is great art everywhere you look. Art that makes you think and feel....... I guess your right this art makes me think of the embarrassment, pain and exploitating these actress will have to endure. It makes me feel disgust at the "Artist" who seeks to exploit, manipulate and market a false image of the subject. And makes me think "You have got to be kidding me.... theres a sucker born every minute" Who would buy this crap?

Lenora, I hope that after a lifetime of work in the public eye, entertaining people, being mothers and grandmothers some other opportunist will come around and exploit you the way that you have exploited them. And I hope that this causes you the same sensations these ladies will endure because of your "devotion" . I hope that his makes you lots of infamy and money, and mostly I hope that Bea Arthur is the first one to sue you for every penny you will ever make.

That is my wish for you!

2638 days ago


Whoah! Bea Arthur's got nice man boobs!

2638 days ago

$EX Artiste!    

Lenora Claire is amazing. Whenever she shows up for something, its like a circus event. I am definitely checking out the event. Lenora, your stock is rising!!

2638 days ago


Imagining boobs onto the Golden Girls isn't "art". There isn't anything creative or artistic about it. La raque de Betty White is not destined for the Louvre.
Taken in the right vein, it's no big deal. It's fun,it's kitsch,and it's a creative form of fan expression of admiration. But, there is no way you can try and convince people that she is trying to improve the world by exposing them to "art".

2638 days ago


I think it's totally awesome. It makes you look at icons in a different light. Totally cool, insightful and a bit subversive.

And the chick is hot.

2638 days ago


this is so amazing!! i cannot wait!!

i have had the pleasure to meet Lenora Claire
(the girl in the picture above)

and she is a SWEETIE!! such a doll!!

i will BE at the show FOR SURE!!

and for all you haters out there!!!

F OFF!!!


2638 days ago


Not to be rude or anything but WHO would want this picture and WHERE would u hang it

2638 days ago
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