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Dad -- The Actor is Acting

8/2/2007 1:39 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The father of the boy who died in Garrison's car just went after Lane with a vengeance.

"He is an actor. He is acting. He killed a human being and he killed our son."

The dad went on, "Yesterday was one of the hardest days. It was Vahagn's birthday. He would have been 18."


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This is a rough and horrible situation for everyone involved. My heart goes out to the family.

2606 days ago

Dippen Zinzuvadia    


2606 days ago


What is this? A play by play of every sentence?

2606 days ago


I just watched Lane Garrisons PSA for Drunk Driving....he is a good actor.

2606 days ago


i feel bad for both parties. to attack lane though is not right

2606 days ago


I know, why not update one topic instead of filling the page???

2606 days ago

Assistant Deputy District Attorney of Los Angeles    

Do family members ever remember that once attorneys are involved there is going to be no contact between the defendant and victims relatives? I am sure he would have apoligised for the ACCIDENT had his attorney not told him to remain silent. This is a huge loss for all involved. Lane is just like anyone else in hollywood during there 20's. He was unlucky and unfortunately his driving resulted in a fatal accident. No ammount of time is going to teach lane a lesson nor will it bring back the victim. These are always tough cases to resolve. DA

2606 days ago


These parents are up there with parents who let their little boys spend the night at Michael Jackson's house. Where is the parental responsibilty?
Oh judge, this is so terrible. Throw this man in the slammer because my kids had no parental supervision and they got in a car with a boozed up celebrity becasue we taught them no morals.

2606 days ago

Just my opinion    

Dang, how many times does Lane have to say it? Even I believe him and I've never met him in person. That man will eat dirt for the rest of his life even though he is doing all he can to make restitution to the family. Lane can't bring someone back to life no matter what he does and he can't go back in time.

He deserves jail, yes. But I have feeling he'll be paying millions upon millions long after he's out and retired.

2606 days ago


The parents are in a lot of pain. But I think Lane was honest in that video. I don't think it's an act.

2606 days ago


families should NOT seek revenge. that's not for them to decine. i know how hard it is for them but to attack lane when he is clearly trying to do the right thing is shameful. i'm SURE these people would call themselves 'christian' if you asked them. pitiful. it does nothing to bring a person back, all you will get is media attention and money. i'm sure that in the end, if you cant have your son back, you'll gladly take the money aimirite

2606 days ago


#7 I agree with you. I feel really guilty for it for some reason, but I do.

2606 days ago


The boy was 17, and drinking and attending a party. Had his father taught him better, he would have never got in the car with Lane, because he wouldn't have been there in the first place.

What Lane is a terrible crime, and he needs to pay dearly for it. His life is "over" as he knew it, and sorrow and regret will fill his days from now on. That is a huge punishment.

2606 days ago


why are the parents being charged for chld Neglect? why was there 17 year old son drinking and at a party in the 1st place.. parents need to have more control of what there kids are doing...

2606 days ago


With all due respect, because it is tragic and I wish it didn't happen...but your son made poor choices that night too. Did any of them care about others on the road? Innocent others? No! It's all a good time, until YOU get hurt. I hold each and every one of them responsible, because they are all at fault. Everyone knew he was messed up and got in the car anyway. Let this be a lesson, when they say drinking and driving is's because it is. Again, wish it didn't happen, but the fact is they knew and didn't care.

2606 days ago
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