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Lane's Hard Life

8/2/2007 1:57 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

lane garrsonAs we wait for Lane to get rolling on the stand, the prior witness testified Garrison's childhood was tragic.

The witness said the Garrison family was poor. "When there was no food in his fridge, my mom would let me take food from my pantry to him."

The witness said Lane's mom died of a rare disease and his dad was abusive. Four years ago, Garrison's father died of cancer.

As Lane listened, he sobbed.


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I don't even know who this guy is. Maybe I need to watch more lame TV shows.


2607 days ago


Feel bad for him, but he's got to face what he did.

2607 days ago


This is getting beyond disgusting, and will probably backfire on him. Lane drove boozed up and coked up, and that's that.

2607 days ago


I feel sorry for him, I know that he will man up if he has to go to jail. Unlike that tramp Paris, I hate that slut.. He made a terrible mistake and will have to pay.

2607 days ago

Just my opinion    

Okay TMZ, even I have to admit this is just stupid now. You could have wrapped up the last 5 articles in 1 and still left room for a Paris update!

C'mon, stop posting one or two sentences in an article and just sum it all up when court is finished for the day.

2607 days ago

Zenophobe Alien    

Don't ya alllove the "I've been a victim of abuse?" Excuse. always gets brought up when things aren't going their way. Lots of people have been abused but we don't all drive drunk and kill people. Ass Wipe

2607 days ago


This kind of testimony is a slap in the face to victims of drunk drivers. He needs to own what he did, no excuses. Just as the other people in the car need to own that they willingly drove with a drunk.

2607 days ago


How amny times a day to you think he'll take one up the ass?

2607 days ago

Brit is a f*ck up    

How lame!! Most people in America grow up poor!! That's just a sad excuse!!
He needs to get real in a hurry!!

2607 days ago


What does a rough childhood have to do with him getting behind the wheel of a car drunk? Wasn't he taken in by Joe Simpson? This guy had chances and opportunities. He decided to screw them over and go cruising with a bunch of teenagers.

2607 days ago


he's NOT making excuses. if he wanted to make excuses, he would have pleaded not guilty and made the victim's family suffer through a trial.

he knows what he did and he knows he has to be punished. at least is he OWNING UP TO IT, unlike paris and lindsay, who believe that they never did anything wrong.

2607 days ago


Hey, I had it rough, I don't drink and drive.

2607 days ago


Look, I feel bad for him, and he does seem to regret what happened. How can he not?! He's human!!!! Wouldn't you regret it? Besides, I can understand that the kid who died's parents are heartbroken and want to see him in jail, but seriously....your kid was no angel either. He brough death upon himself by getting in the car of a drunk driver....and being plastered himself. He was a minor! Kids today know exactly how stupid they're being....and they choose to do so, until someone dies or gets hurt. Garrison should get one year in jail...and some slack too.

2607 days ago



2607 days ago

lisa runnels    

EXACTLY what does his childhood have to do with hime drunk driving as an adult. Come on now. That's no excuse. My childhood wasn't great either, but I DON"T drink and drive.

2607 days ago
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