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Victim's Dad -- Lane is Selfish

8/2/2007 1:37 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lane GarrisonThe father of the boy who died has just testified, saying of Garrison, "He's selfish. He took no responsibility. He could have come to us the next day and apologized, but he didn't."

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In the case of Lane Garrison not telling the victim's family that he was sorry. Sometimes the attorneys do not want the person to talk to the other family. Maybe Garrison wanted to let the family know how sorry he was but was advised not to. Let us no judge others too quickly.

2618 days ago


Sure seems like Lane is taking responsibility to me. Wonder how much this family is going to sue him for in civil court? Another Fred Goldman here?

2618 days ago


The shoulda', woulda', coulda'

to be honest, I think LANE feels terrible, how could someone not...

So sad!

2618 days ago


This is a tragic situation, but... I fully feel Lane is taking responsibility, and all parties involved are now after a heavfty pay check. We support you Lane, good luck.

2618 days ago


At least old boy manned up. I believe him, his seems hurt. They just want some money. I feel sorry for him and I wish him well. I know he will man up and do his time if he has to. He's not hiding like that tramp Paris, with her herpes outbreak excuses.

2618 days ago

Just my opinion    

Actually, he couldn't have apologized even though he was sorry. I think Lane does feel terrible about this tragedy. But he couldn't apologize because that would have made all of the legal back and forth more complicated.

Brandi wasn't drinking and driving when she hit a car that slammed into another car and killed that woman, but simply because she was crying at the scene and saying how sorry she was, she is now being sued for millions by every member of that lady's family.

It sucks that folks can't say sorry without being taken to the cleaners.

2618 days ago


Lane should do time. He drove drunk. The people who decided to get in the car with an intoxicated person are also at fault. My sister got into a car with a friend who had been drinking, she wasn't killed but it was still a bad decision.

2618 days ago


The father's anger is understandable but there is blame to share all around. Why is this 16 year old running around out at all hours of the morning, unsupervised at liquor serving parties. Lane should serve prison time but it is clear that this was not an intentional act but rather a tragic accident for everyone involved.

2618 days ago


im guessing no one has lost someone to a drunk driver it doesnt matter how sorry you can not replace that person in your life and he should of thought be fore drinking and driving but also no amount of money can replace them so i can understand maybe paying for the funeral and dr bills but why get rich off a tragdy

2618 days ago


I think it is unfair to say that he is selfish as many people who have worked with him say he is totally selfless and no offence but the parents of Vahagn don't know Lane personally so they cannot say that.

At the same time it is unfair to say they are after money since they have said that because they aren't thinking right and they have lost a son, they are devastated.

2617 days ago

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