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Jaime Throws Stones at Britney from Glass House

8/3/2007 2:03 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

New mom Jaime Pressly had some harsh words for Britney last night. My name is GIRL!

TMZ cameras were outside of the Maxim/X-Games kickoff party at Area on Thursday where Jaime, mother of a two-month-old son, had a message for Brit, saying, "Don't drink and drive," and "If you can't be a mother, then don't be -- and let somebody who can." Burn!

Of course, the message would have a bit more meaning if it weren't coming from a new mother who was also out partying past 1:00 AM last night -- and hit up Vegas for her birthday over the weekend.


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Tess T Cull    

Um, it is okay for parents to go out. She was right, just don't drink and drive, and leave your kids with a good babysitter. Gawd, don't be so quick to judge. We moms have lives, too.

2641 days ago


Aren't alot of these people paid to be at these places or given perks like your family drinks and eats here for life. Her baby's father is a DJ I don't know many dJ's that work 9-5 so just maybe her mom is watching her kid who is probably sleeping and your judging her. TMZ what are your kids doing when your stalking these celebs?

2641 days ago


Jaime, Britney doesn't drink and drive you are confusing her with Paris and LiLo. Now go home you skanky whore and take care of your baby!!!

2641 days ago


Hey, if you've been home with a baby for the last two months, there is nothing wrong with getting out and blowing off some steam once in a while. It's hardly the same as Britney where she's out every single night with and without the kids. It's ok to have a grown up's night out.

2641 days ago


Who is this nobody? Something about a canceled TV show?

2641 days ago

Rosie the chauvinist    

I have seen no reports of Britney being arrested for DUI. I think people are just lumping her in with the other Hollywood criminals. Too bad.

This woman Jaime, unless she is in Britney's house and knows her well, has no place commenting on her ability as a mother.

I agree that if she herself has a 2-month-old baby, perhaps she should be home with it. Frankly, I question anybody's parenting who is out at a "club" after 11 PM or so.

Okay, what I really think is they ALL should stay home with their babies, except for business and dinner with family/friends, whatever. Parenting takes a huge amount of energy, time, devotion. One needs rest and to avoid too many distractions to be a good parent.

2641 days ago


She isn't doing anything wrong by being out late. You can be a mother and have a life, without getting into trouble.

2641 days ago


I may be wrong but I do not recall Brittney being arrested for dui as of yet. All of age parents do have a right to go out. Most of us dont go to work with our spouses so that is no excuse. But as TMZ commented, people who live in glass houses shouldnt throw stones.

2641 days ago


this bitch has no business slamming britney at least britney waited until jj was like 4 months before she started going out parting. And at least now she only appears to do it when kfed has the kids, i would call that pretty responsible. Britney maybe alittle loopy at times and things she does dont make a whole lot of sense but come on, i dont remember brit partying 2 months after sp was born she didnt go crazy until after jj and the divorce whats this womans excuse for leaving her first newborn child at home with a sitter.

2641 days ago



Is Britney suppose to sit home when her kids are with thier father? You are a dumb azz!!

2641 days ago


Thats right, meeeee.

2641 days ago

On the cheap    

nice pressure for a child... to save mommy from herself. Kids have enough to deal with without saving their parents from their own stupidity. I understand Nicole's sentiments, however perhpas she should follow up her ramblings acknowledging the fact that it's not for the baby she is eating and stopping her drug abuse... it's for herself, which will only benefit her child. Hopefully, she is able to stay sober and keep eating, however if she doesn't then the child will believe it is his/her fault... that s/he wasn't a good enough child to keep Mommy on the "right track". I wish Nicole, Joel and this child only good things, but Nicole... really. Is the message you are now sending to young women that if they want to start making good decisions, they should simply have a baby and everything will fall magically into place? Just looking for some clarification, that's all.

2641 days ago


meeeeee-no, she's suppose to be out shaving her head, exposing her stuff for the world, and slapping her mother around.

2641 days ago


First off, she may have been referring to both Lindsey, Paris and Nicole with the DUI comment and Britney with the mom comment. So she was out late one night and decided to have a birthday party.....shame on her. Listen, my wife and I went out and celebrated out anniversary when out son was three months old. He stayed with Grandma....does this make us bad parents?

As for her being on a cancelled show? NBC already announced about 4 months ago that they renewed her show for 2007/2008 season.

2641 days ago


I agree. I always thought Jaime should have a bag over her head. She is nasty ugly and always looks like she needs a shower.

2641 days ago
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