Andy Milonakis -- Lindsay's Savior?

8/7/2007 12:04 PM PDT
D-list wannabe Andy Milonakis believes he could be the one to save Lindsay Lohan's life. Say what?!

TMZ was outside of Crustacean last night, where the diminutive train wreck was chatting with also mess Jason Wahler, who had just scored the digits of sexy chicken dancer, Bai Ling. Andy claimed it was his great influence that got the "Laguna Beach" badboy to "eat Cheerios everyday instead of chugging vodka" and to "eat a nice dinner, don't smoke crack." What a pal!

Milonakis also said he could get Little Miss Lohan to straighten up as well, telling TMZ, "I'll have her eating Cheerios and sniffing less coke!" Who knew Cheerios had so much power?!