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Crouching Britney, Hidden Accident

8/7/2007 2:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Hey y'all -- I'm a done with ma gardenin' and just wanted to popwreck over to the vitamin pill store to get some more hair growin' formular! Now what'd I go and do?! How'd that parked car jump up n' hit me in the tire? Goshdarn dang dings! Mah insurance is gonna skyrocker! I think I hafta buy a new dog now. Even littler!

Oh shoot. I done forgot mah Weaveguard! I can see my waffleweave in this here hubscap! Oh lordy! There's mah hoocher too! Oh, well, a girl's gotta breathe. Oh, hell! These wedgies is cuuuuuuute!

I'm exhaustipated, y'all. But I loves purple. Luuvvvvvvvvvvs purple. Huh, is this blue or purples? Mebbe I'll get me two more doggies. Oh hecks. There's the paparoozies. Now I'm gone be on TMZ agin'. I loves me some TMZ! And little dawgies ... they's so cute!

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todd lissner anti adult anti wholesomeness activist-----(    

this iz just nasty and tasteless,maybe she waz buying sum nice kava kava lol.

2635 days ago


That has to be one of the most unflattering photos I've ever seen. I realize it's just the angle, but her legs look SOOOOOOOO frickin' funny!

2635 days ago


#6 i don't think i've ever hit a PARKED car thank you very much.

and she does look slightly thinner. even tho that busted-ass weave is blinding me.

2635 days ago


omg--this is the best post ever...i CRACKED up, Y'ALL!!!

2635 days ago


24. Brit did not pull a hit and run.
Brit did not hurt or kill anyone.
Brit has insurance and a driver's license.
Not many can claim that

Posted at 1:55PM on Aug 7th 2007 by Grace E.

And your point is? Obviously, you don't think "Brit" needs some help with all these unnecessary publicity she's bringing upon herself. Judging from all the events that has transpired so far with her, she needs psychological, mental, and most of all spiritual help she can get. I hope she gets it soon before it's too late; it's a shame there are children in the picture.

2635 days ago


Hey, I thought she had a driver?

2635 days ago

Steven Millan    

And these celebrities always wonder why sites such as TMZ(along with its millions of ppl/fans)always write about(and mercilessly make fun of) them.

2635 days ago


i think the saddest part in this whole brittney charade is that she cares more about the dogs than her own children. she is always out and about carrying her little dogs while someone else is carrying her children. grow up!

2635 days ago


51. Actually, I do not understand why this story was on the Web. Give us history and news. Why I even read it I do not know. Can we not upgrade? There are so many fascinating things in history that could be reported. Please credit your recipients with intelligence and not Brittany type articles. Thank you.

U.S. history and news on TMZ? Come on now Wanda, this is a wrong forum to suggest such thing. Hear try these for history: and or this for news: . TMZ is all about celebrity trashy news; personally, I find it quite amusing. Again, you're in the wrong place if you're looking to get informed (not amused or "entertained"). Peace!

2635 days ago


Oh, that's spelt here and not hear as spelt earlier.. my bad!

2635 days ago


Frickin Hilarious TMZ! Kudos for Ad libbing yet another trashy Brit pic! They keep getting better and better because she keeps making it easier and easier!

2635 days ago


Dude, I LOVE TMZ!!

Thanks for the After Lunch Laugh!

2635 days ago

The King of the World    

The girl can die her hair, but she still has blonds roots.
That was just flat ass funny. A blond moment if ever saw one.
"Is my car ok?" Didn't even bat an eyelash at the other car.

She has too may pappz and others (dozens) of people
swarming her constantly,

she's just not living a normal life. I think it's taken it's toll.
How much ofthat crap can one person take.

She's just a little bit cuckoo. I think I'd be too if I was her, too.

2635 days ago

The King of the World    

Her legs are well defined and in fabulous shape! Brit got her Bod back, now she needs to get the rest of herself together.

2635 days ago


Crouching Britney, (finally) hidden beav. Hitting a parked car should be painful. These pictures sure are. Don't think we need another crouch shot do ya'all?

2635 days ago
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