Sing Your "Idol" Blues Away

8/7/2007 4:29 PM PDT
What's an "Idol" fan to do while they wait for the glory that is Simon's soul-crushing remarks about a person's warbling? They could just hang out in creepy karaoke bars and heckle the patrons, or to keep from being beat up, they could pick up a copy of "SingStar" for their PlayStation 3.

Hitting stores November 13, SingStar gives everyone a chance to become the pop star they were destined not to be. Each game is packed with two microphones, so you and a friend can perform along with your favorites. Artists include U2, David Bowie, Franz Ferdinand, The Killers, OutKast, Weezer and the TMZ's favorite train wreck, Britney Spears. For the true exhibitionist, if you have an EyeToy camera attached to your PlayStation 3, you can tape your best performance and upload it for all the world to see on My SingStar, the SingStar community.

So get your friends together, create a faux contest, and judge each other harshly for your horrible singing. It's the "American Idol" way!