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Britney Still Sucks

8/8/2007 10:28 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Oral fixation -- defined as "a desire to have or put something in one's mouth." Not necessarily a bad thing.

TMZ cameras caught the ever-classy Britster rockin' a Fedora-style domepiece as she left Winston's last night, once again taking out her "desire" on a poor, defenseless lollipop. At least she kept it in her own mouth this time!

Brit hit up the Hollywood club after her video shoot earlier in the day, which Spears didn't leave until after 9:00 PM last night. In case you haven't seen enough of Britney lately, the mother of two was dressed in yet another trashily elegant see through getup as she was escorted from the set.


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Not difficult to put all sorts of drugs into suckers like this.

Sure hope it's to quit smoking, if not- it's buh-bye kids.

How much fun can it be to go to a club alone, sit with your assistants, and leave alone. Weird.

2633 days ago


she is nasty and pathetic excuse for a mother. wtf "mother", let me rephrase that: she's a poor excuse of a person. she is not trying to quit smoking. brittney 'i do what i want' spears? please. all she is doing is calling attention to herself once again. kfed- take those kids already before they drown in the bathtub...or the pool...or something worse

2633 days ago


She WANTS the attention. She SEEKS the attention. She would MISS not having a swarm of paps trailing her everywhere she went. Don't you people who feel sorry for her understand that?

Other stars can get away from the spot light, and so could she if she chose too.

2633 days ago

Zenophobe Alien    

You can tell how much she craves attention and the cameras. She would wither up and die if they all went away.

2633 days ago

Zenophobe Alien    

You can tell how much she craves attention and the cameras. She would wither up and die if they all went away.

2633 days ago


----BALD head ----



------Smoke tinted gold pimp sunglasses------

-----GOOD GOD she's been possessed by KOJAK!!!!!-------

2633 days ago


Oh Mama, Mama blue ha ha ha oh mama BLUE. really mama is lost boys, I feel sorry for those boys of yours britney, UR LOOKING FOR LOVE IN THE WRONG PLACE, GO HOME MAMA, THEY ARE TRUE LOVE MAMA. UR KIDS NEEDS U BRITNEY, SHAME ON YOU MAMA. OH MAMA BLUE.

2633 days ago


hey britney if u run out of things to stick in there let me know i got a nice greek shish ka bob for u !!!!! skinless tooo lol

2633 days ago


Didn't K-Fed get enough money in the divorce to hire a lawyer and get those kids away from her ?? Oh wait, they ARE away from her. No judge in his/her right mind should let her keep those kids that are seen with her less than her little dog. It is just so tragic that those two boys don't have a mom, okay they have a crazy-slut-media-whore-mom, but that shouldn't count as a mom, should it ???

2633 days ago


Why does everyone assume that the poor kids are at home drowning in the bath tub? Does it occur to anyone, that they are most likely with K-Fed? Even a Nanny? She is out working on a video until 9:00 at night. She really was not out that late and at LEAST she isn't driving!
I have no sympathy for Brit, but, when K-Fud was out clubbing, no one seems to care...he should have been home all those nights too, when the boys were infants. It's not like he was working or anything...
Watching Brit behave like this is like a strange fascination, you don't want to watch, but, you look anyway...
I do think the Paps are going a little overboard. They are like a pack of wild dogs. I can't imagine sitting in a car and having a zillion cameras flashing. It is kind of a hazard.
Everyone has to remember that we are only see one or two pics of her, how can anyone know the whole story? All we see is the bad. Even though most of it is stupid and she should know better. I just would rather not make assumptions on 1 photo.

2633 days ago


Observations: 1) She looks like Cousin It from the Addams Family, 2) Why is it taking so long for her hair to grow?, 3) Why doesn't she stay home with her kids?

2633 days ago

Get a Clue    

Post #10 from Kate is spot on in my opinion.

Sucking on a Lollipop at a club is a textbook sign of being high on ecstacy.

Remember the high school friend Brit married in Vegas on a whim? He claimed later that on that Vegas trip they were doing lot's of X.

Doing too much X over the years also gives you brain damage and makes you act spacey, childlike, and forgetful.

Food for thought!?

2633 days ago


how come she isawlays sucking on a lolli pop? anyone ever seen weeds. they have lollipops that are really pot.

2633 days ago


Post # 33.Are you kidding me. The man did not have a dime to his name before Britney
Shar Jones was supporting him Then he leaves her pregnant for Brittany. His money from the prenup runs out in November. He has never taken care of his other kids. You can not gain custody just because brittnay gave them soda and Doritos. I baked a chocolate cake for each of my kids on thier first Birthday and sat them in a high chair and let them dig in.
And who the hell knows if any of these stories are true. That bastard Kevin is running a smear campaign with his Lawyer You really have to be blind not to see this. He wants custody so he can collect child support for them I f I were Brittnay I would let him have them and lets see how he feels being chased all day. Then once and for all we could see what he does with the money and believe me those kids probably won't get a dime of the support Brittany is a young Mom. Their will always be people scrutinizing her. She is doing her best and I think the media is just trying to make it hard for her to make it easy for Kevin Federline. He will never make it as a Dad.......What about his other don't see him going for custody of them because Shar does not have the money Brittany has

2633 days ago


LMAO, 'maybe she's using suckers to stop smoking'. Uh, no. How about maybe she's using them to stop teeth grinding?

2633 days ago
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