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Drag Superstar Kelly: A Sell Out? You Betch!

8/8/2007 5:36 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

YouTube sensation Kelly (not Clarkson) has some fans in the cereal business -- Honey Nut Shetbags anyone?

In a preview clip given exclusively to TMZ, the "woman" behind "Shoes" (which really is a must-see video), is courted by a group of ad execs -- including Chris Hardwick, membah him from "Singled Out"? -- hoping to use her betchin' image for a cereal. The full video will appear tomorrow on her official website.

To say Kelly's confused about the proposal would be an understatement.


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jProud American Author    

Wow! Looks like John Travolta in drag to me? Too funny. Why do men think it's cool to look like ugly women? LOL.

2599 days ago


Why does this website embed videos and when you click, you're given a big player with a lot of autoplaying clips, none of which are the ones you clicked? It's enough to prevent me from clicking for the vids. For instance in this case, I clicked for a "Kelly" video and was served some nonsense about Will Smith leaving a restaurant or someplace. I don't know because I didn't watch the clip[ and when I could see no "Kelly" in the lineup. I just closed the player.

2599 days ago

cereal???must be animal feed--as in horse oats...but the character is funny....yeaahhh for YouTube. Without these types of outlets, ordinary people would not have a chance to showcase their talent and uniqueness.

2599 days ago

are you new?    


2599 days ago


Uhhh... weird.

2599 days ago


Oh, there's the vid. It wasn't up when the post went live and using TMZ's timestamps, it wasn't there almost an hour later, but eventually they put it up. Of course, why you choose to do things in reverse order is beyond me and it still doesn't address the fact tat if I read back for a day or two, the video links will be completely useless because whatever they're linking has moved off the video player.

2599 days ago


well, the guy who plays the now-famous Kelly is actually on a show on VH1 called I Hate my 30s....he plays Kyle

2599 days ago


2599 days ago

know it all    

If you like "SHOES" check out "MUFFINS" on youtube, it's shorter but just as funny I think.

2599 days ago

Dr. Zoidberg    

i love that betch kelly

2599 days ago


exclusive clip TMZ? the full video that is going to be posted tomorrow on her website was already leaked and available on youtube. TMZ couldn't outscoop an infant.

2599 days ago


Is this britney spears? Looks like her

2599 days ago

thats rad    

kelly's myspace says the video is NOT on youtube until tomorrow. That link you posted mr "perez" is to something called rick and roll. wtf?

your shoes suck

2599 days ago


you just got rick rolled bitch!

2599 days ago

me betch    

LOVE HER!!! And if you don't, it's probably cuz you're some prude from the midwest who's too concerned with whether or not the cows got fed to even know how to use a computer. So if that's you and you're "trying" to read this, (in the words of kelly) "F**K YOU!!!!"

2599 days ago
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