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Can Brit Save Career with Big Surprise?

8/15/2007 9:19 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It could be the last chance for Britney Spears to be more than a tabloid tart – yet another "surprise" performance, this time at the MTV Video Music Awards.

Rush & Molloy report that, as rumor has it, Brit-Brit is getting ready for a not-so-secret splash at the VMAs, and that she's been prepping with manager-mogul Jeff Kwatinetz (recently canned by Kelly Clarkson, as TMZ first reported). Her record label, reports the News, is "worried any missteps (or a no-show) could hurt her comeback." Unlike chicken-greased photo shoots or topless hot-tub hookups, of course.

Meanwhile, the rash of subpoena-serving in the Britney-K-Fed divorce spread Tuesday, with another of Brit's ex-assistants and her manny-bodyguard getting their own speedy deliveries. Shannon Funk, who TMZ caught cavorting with OK! mag staffers, and Daimon Shippen, the manny who many thought might be a paramour, were served at the airport and getting of his car, respectively, reports People.

Imus Slapped with Suit by Rutgers Baller

And now, the deluge. Shock jock Don Imus got rapped with his first civil suit stemming from Nappy-Headed-gate, as Rutgers' star center Kia Vaughn filed a lawsuit yesterday alleging libel, slander and defamation on Imus' part, reports ABC News.

Vaughn's lawyer, Richard Ancowitz, says that the suit was filed "to restore the good name and reputation" of Vaughn, and that by calling his client and her team "nappy-headed hos," the I-Man "referred to [Vaughn] as an unchaste woman," which is apparently untrue. Imus, of course, settled with CBS Radio, which fired him earlier this year, for $20 million.

Kim K – I'm Just a Flat-Assed Waif!

Kim "The Tush" Kardashian just shakes her bootay head at the notion that she's had any kind of gluteal implant, but claims that she's small potatoes compared to her much more bodacious relations. "I'm Armenian; you should see all the women in my family," says Kim to King magazine (via Page Six). "The women have bigger breasts and bigger butts." (Gulp.) Kardashian says blame it on her genes: "That's how I was born. I'm not gonna fight it."

Party Favors: Ellen Nabs Hillary for Season Premiere ... Crystal Wants Conan's Slot?

She had the first President Clinton on her show, and now Ellen DeGeneres will be getting the (prospective) next President Clinton as she rolls out the first show of her fifth season. Sen. Hillary Clinton will be joining Ellen in New York as she kicks things off in NYC Sept. 4 and Sept. 5, and the funnywoman promises other "big surprises" beyond. ... Speaking of comics and talk shows, could Billy Crystal of all people have been angling for Conan O'Brien's slot once Big Red moves to "The Tonight Show"? Page Six reports that Crystal wants a late-night show, something in the range of, oh, five years at $20 million a year.


No Avatar

Will other suits follow?

2624 days ago


Britney has gone too far. It is all about image and she has ruined her image. All she was ever about was sex, and no one thinks she is sexy anymore, just dumb.

2624 days ago

Katie Verkland---I promise to hunt you down    

Good Luck Brittney!

We are all on your side... forget the plus size losers on this site that want to bring you down!
You are a talented superstar and deserve all the success u can get!

Love U!

2624 days ago

John Denver Rules    

I knew one of those bitches would sue. I mean come on. Really? She needs to grow a pair. What ever happened to sticks and stones .... What a joke. I 'm sure her life will never be the same because of what some old ugly guy said about her. I think i'm going to sue that guy from my 7th grade class 15 years ago because he said I have buck teeth. What the hell is wrong with people these days so damn sue happy. Thanks to people like her I have to pay 400 dollars a month for health insurance.

2624 days ago


Oh gosh! Please no! I seriously hope Britney does not show up at the VMA's. She needs to get over it now. Nothing she does is any good. If she does show up, all she is going to do is LIP-SYNCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Anyone who supports her after all she has done is STUPID and BLIND!!!!!!

2624 days ago

Ms Kris    

Oh goodie-stripping & lip syncing (SPELLED WRONG) at the MTV Awards

Sure, that is something to look forward to-NOT

Kiss another woman


Can ANYONE sign this woman into a mental hospital for treatment?

2624 days ago


Thanks MTV this may be the beginning of the end of Brit's career.

They know she is going to do something to embarrass herself and why not do it in front of the world!! Can't wait!

2624 days ago

HQ Celebrity    

I guess that was one drunken, topless, hat wearing episode too many for Kevin Federline, because he´s decided to go after primary custody of the couple´s two sons. Even though in the divorce settlement just two weeks ago he agreed to joint custody, the times, they have changed, and Kevin is apparently unhappy with the unnecessary risks that Britney is exposing the children to. The papers have been filed, and I guess the battle is set to begin.

2624 days ago


we all know Brit will screw this up just as she did the last 2 "interviews" she was supposed to do.
Who knew K-Fed would look like father-of-the-year? Seems he's the better choice than a mother who swims in her panties and bra, parties all nite and ends up topless in a hot tub making out with God knows who, acts erratically and blows off 2 rag-mag interviews that she set up, hits parked cars, and on and on.........some one help this girls before she permantely self-destructs like Anna Nicloe.

2624 days ago


MTV sucks and who wants to see this washed up tramp? I won't watch, she is a stone tramp.

2624 days ago

Lenn K.    

Now for daily Britney report, really nothing new but they must write something because they know that anytime you say something about her you get alot of hits. Her career is in the tank, her marriage start in the tank, and child rearing skills aren't far behind. If you look at the numbers on the left side Paris is at 701 and Britney is closing in on her with 549. These people are not doing anything to get this much attention,

2624 days ago


I would love to see Billy Crystal get a show. I do not like Conan!!!

2624 days ago

Katie Verkland---I promise to hunt you down    

Britt is going through a bad time... I can't believe that fat losers that want to put her down when she is down on her luck!

GO B GO!!!!!!!

2624 days ago


We need more Armenian women in America. Where the hell is Armenia anyway ?

2624 days ago


Every VMA show Brit has even done has been amazing. I would love if this rumor were true. For her to kick ass on stage and prove all the haters wrong!

2624 days ago
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