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L.A.'s Most Eligible -- Clooney and Diaz

8/25/2007 11:14 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Looking for a hot date in the L.A. area? Why not call up George Clooney and Cameron Diaz?

Sexy Georgie Boy, and cool Cameron topped list of L.A.'s hottest singles. Why was Diaz chosen? Well besides the fact that she's a stunning hottie -- she's also raking in the big bucks.

On "Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle," daring Diaz made more than $20 million, so she'll be buying the drinks! And Clooney, twice-named "Sexiest Man Alive," also has a home in Lake Como, Italy. Bellisimo!


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Amy Silverman    

I thought Clooney was gay and those women were covers?????

2613 days ago


Cameron Diaz the hottest single female? C'mon people! George Clooney? Possibly.
But Cameron Diaz? C'mon!!!

2612 days ago


I think George Clooney is a handsome guy. I don't think Cameron Diaz has any class whatsoever. I have read in different places (if it is true) that she has bad breath and body odor, doesn't shave under her arms, swears like a trooper and even farts in public. Aside from her millions, I am sorry, but what a freakin' turn-off all those things add up to be. I think the bad breath and body odor is what did it for me. Pass!

2612 days ago


I agree with the comments of #13 & #14. Really, someone needs to stop telling Clooney how handsome he is; he has aged, just like we all do and he is not nearly as good looking as he was when he was on ER. Lately, he has been looking sickly.

2612 days ago


I don't have a problem with Cameron Diaz.. I think she has a good personality and just needs to find a man who is right for her. I like her with John Meyer right now.
George Clooney, on the other hand, is waaaaay over rated and reminds me of a bassett hound. He reminds me too much of the late Rock Hudson....Hmmm. They were both married briefly a long time ago and never settled down with one person again. Hudson later died of AIDS. Well, George did have an 18 yr. relationship with his pig, who lived in his house, so you've got to give him that. He does have a good sense of humor, though, but I also think he has a man crush on Brad Pitt. Now, THERE'S a gorgeous man!

2612 days ago


Camerons beauty comes from her confidence in herself.

George Clooney just keeps getting better with age. He loves to date women but he has no desire for marraige or children. And thats OK as long you a person knows that going into the relationship.

2612 days ago


I think that Cameron spent a little to much time on the surfboard...the sun damage is showing big time. She's definitely hot but not in a good way! Only kidding, however, her and George would make beautiful babies together.

2612 days ago

He's just another Idiot    

You people are jealous of Clooney and Diaz because of their popularity and money. In interviews of both, I found them to be charming, funny, interesting and very attractive. Sorry you deadbeats have such dull lives that you get your kicks out of bashing these people.

2612 days ago

Mary Worth    

Both are solid citizens, exercising their right to speak up, as guaranteed by our good old Constitution.

When they do, they are the true patriots!

For those who call democrats (and I'm not one by a long shot!) evil, check this out:

2612 days ago

Mary Worth    

I have seen a priceless pic of Brad Pitt as he's looking at George Clooney.

It is a smiling look, similar to the way a girl looks at her guy!
Anyway, that was my impression!

Wow, the closets in Gollywood are burstin' at the seams!
(Tiny Tom,. however, doesn't take up much room.)

2612 days ago


You have got to be kidding, Diaz was only hot in that Jim Carry movie and that's it. She's alone because she's not againg well. She looks like ass! She has a great ass and nice legs and that's it. BLEH!

2612 days ago


Why does TMZ even bother with post if they are going to remove them..TMZ ever hear of FREEDOM OF SPEECH HERE IS THE USA?

2612 days ago


George Clooney is a very nice man. But lately, George, you look ill. Too thin.

2612 days ago


The clock is ticking. Soon, no one will be interested.

2612 days ago

mary in ohio    

Hey debbie&the VERY happy Married woman lol your both very jealous
&what does your 3kids&being married have to do with it?I think she looks like the girl next door good for her!!!!some girls are skinny because they are born that way(not everyone throws up! dont be a hater from born skinny

2612 days ago
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