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It's Not Just Miss South Carolina

8/30/2007 2:53 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Caitlin Upton should feel very proud today. It seems she's not the only young person in America who appears to be a little less than informed. Christian activist and author Mark Dice dropped by San Diego State University to see how many of tomorrow's leaders know what year 9/11 happened.

Apparently, the unsuspecting >students couldn't quite remember. Perhaps if Mark had given them a hint -- like the year the Mariah Carey's cinematic masterpiece "Glitter" was released, or perhaps the year that Britney Spears' "Slave" song topped the charts. Come on Mark, give 'em somethin' to work with! It is understandable though, that collegians would be more likely to remember the last time Britney had a hit rather than the day that changed America forever. Oh Brit Brit! Ding Dang!

Over 2,700 people lost their lives on September 11, 2001.


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Well maybe it could be the fact that some of those "tomorrows leaders" were only around 12 or 13 years old and many parents tried to keep that tragedy away from their children at the time!! Any thougts on that!?

2608 days ago


We're in desperate need of help. 9/11 should have been a wake up call....what will it take??


Right NOW

We're screaming



and DUMBER than ever.

2608 days ago


sorry #55 the majority did NOT vote for the man we call president

that election was rigged

don't forget about mr jeb bush and the florida voting count fiasco?

2608 days ago


what will it take you ask?

well if the terrorist attacks had occurred in hollywood where americas royalty lives, then no one would ever have a problem remembering the day, month, year, hour, second, what color underwear they wore that day etc.

2608 days ago


Blowing California off the map would up the IQ of the nation by at least 20 points.

And Racheli - If this country sucks so bad, why are you still here? I hate to sound like a "Love it or leave it" person, but you really seem to have a lot of bitter towards your fellow Americans. You must be a joy to be around. Seriously, people must run from you at parties.

That said, how shameful it is to think that anyone who was over the age of 10 at the time would NOT remember what year 9/11 happened.

2608 days ago


I wish this had been done at Harvard or Princeton, because I think there are a lot of Ivy Leaguers who would miss these answers, too. (Of course, with their high-status degrees as tickets to power, they don't HAVE to know these things, do they?)

2608 days ago


It is such a shame that students attending a university would not know the year that 9/11 occurred. Its an even that has changed American history, and its not as if he was asking them some scientifc question that would require years of research. But it is SDSU, Im surprised those people can walk on two legs! State is a school for those who are incapable of intelletual thinking, what morons!

2608 days ago

rumor is ugly    

It's San Diego! "Oh my God, like, it's really hot out today. And oh my god, can you believe it? It's like, so close to the ocean and stuff, and like, if your parents have like, a ton of like, you know, money and stuff, you an go this college too! Cuz like, I'm gonna be an actress someday. Isn't that hot???

2608 days ago


Perhaps young people spend too much time on celebrity sites like this rather than reading a newspaper.

2608 days ago


just because we live in san diego and we go to a state school does not make us stupid. i'm an civil engineering major with a life who doesn't have the income to go to a UC. so don't generalize. at the end, in the workplace, skill matters--not what school you attended. plus, this was taken during welcome week and those were probably freshmen--they were sixth graders when 9/11 occurred. students are required to take two american institutions class and every one of those classes have something to about 9/11 so i'm pretty sure most ppl should remember that 9/11 happened in 2001. i go to sdsu and good god, this was embarassing.

2608 days ago

Angry Owl    

It's not the parents' fault nor the teachers' fault nor the politicians' fault. It is these teenagers / young adults' fault for not chosing to place enough emphasis on the subject matter to remember it. At their age, remembering facts and to paying attention to the world around them is entire up to them. You can teach someone something until you turn blue in the face, but if they don't bother to retain it, there's not much else you can do. Today's young adults simply have their priorities elsewhere.

2607 days ago


To the author of "7. A christian activist..? As dangerous as a muslim fundamentalist that."

Details, please.

2604 days ago



My first reaction was, that's hillarious.
My second reaction was, that's just wrong.

You should all know that 99% percent of us teens aren't incompetent retards.

PS. I'm a proud map owner! :D

2603 days ago


This is sad. That's what they get for asking SDSU students. They should have asked at UCSD!

2601 days ago


It isn't at all that amazing that no one knew the answer to that question, and though i highly doubt these were consecutive people questioned i still believe that most people don't know for the simple reason that many people mourned the event for so long that years after its occurrence they still thought that it happened recently. I knew the answer right away however i remember a year after the date we honored it with a five minute quite period in our classroom. It was a tragic event and i applaud those that didn't know the date all the same since though a couple where people who might not have cared, perhaps the rest where people who had been so affected that it still hits them hard today.


2601 days ago
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