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O'Neal Calls Foul on Wife -- Files for Divorce!

9/5/2007 12:14 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

ShaqLook out ladies (seriously, get out of his way), Big Shaq Diesel is going back on the market.

In divorce papers filed Tuesday in a Miami court, Shaquille O'Neal claimed his marriage to wife Shaunie has been "irretrievably broken," and accuses her of being shady with his cash.

The couple have four kids together, and each has a child from a previous relationship. They tied the knot in a ridiculously lavish Beverly Hills ceremony in 2002, and bought an $18.8 million estate on Miami Beach's exclusive Star Island – where Shaunie has been living by herself. That estate is up for sale ... for $32 million.

Shaq, who is currently in a contract with the Miami Heat worth a cool $100 mil, claims that his Hollywood is Splitsville -- click to launchwife has been "secretive about her assets," and he's asked the court to order a full investigation into every penny she came into during their union. He claims that Shaunie has "certain properties" purchased with the Daddy's cash that ended up "owned or titled ... in [her] name alone." He wants a full accounting of her real estate, safety deposit boxes, loans, trusts and insurance policies and jewelry.

The Big Aristotle also notes that he made Shaunie sign a pre-nup -- which he's asking the court to keep private. As for custody, the jet-setting basketballer requested that the kids live with Shaunie, and that he receive "liberal rights of visitation."

PETA Gives Whoopi a Whuppin'!

Whoopi GoldbergWhoopi is the new Rosie on "The View," in more ways than one! Day one, and she's already pissed off a whole lotta people, including animal rights group PETA. Goldberg defended Michael Vick by saying there are things that are "indicative to certain parts of our country," ... meaning the South.

PETA President Michelle Cho fired off an email to Whoopi that very politely said just how ignorant Whoopi's statement was. "I think a lot of people who live and work in the South -- as PETA does -- will not appreciate the "view" that cruelty to dogs is an accepted Southern pastime. Those who fight dogs do so in New York, Chicago, and even the Republic of Ireland, and what unites them is lawlessness and callousness, not whether they eat grits or Belgian waffles for breakfast." Cho went on to say that "animals are as vulnerable to abuse as children are, and they need your voice more than Vick does right now." Whoops!

The View -- click to launchUPDATE: On today's "View" Whoopi said she was "not condoning" Vick's actions. It sure sounded as though she was making excuses for them.

Brad Pitt: Aging is the Pits

Even the hottest movie stars sometimes feel old and decrepit. Take two-time Sexiest Man Alive honoree Brad Pitt, who admits in the October issue of Details that turning forty took a heavy toll on him. "One thing sucks, your face kind of goes. Your body's not quite working the same. But you earned it. You earned that, things falling apart," he said. Yah, he's a wreck.
Brad Pitt
The beauty crisis didn't stop pretty Pitt from appearing half naked in 2005's "Mr. and Mrs. Smith," where he met current flame/baby mama Angelina Jolie.

Pitt's Gals - click to launchAnd what about his tres internacional family? "They have the same dynamics I had growing up," Brad said of his three adopted children and one biological daughter, Shiloh. "It pleases me so much." So much, in fact, that he and Jolie are planning to expand their multi-ethnic brood, saying, "We're not done."

One thing that is way too done -- Brad's cyborg-looking face on the mag's cover. Who cares about aging, when you have Photoshop?!

Heiress Bitch Needs Lawyer

Leona and TroubleWhat do you do when you're a hot, blonde, rich little bitch and you've just inherited $12 million? First, you should hire a decent attorney, find a nice place to live ... and get down to the groomer for a decent nail clipping!

The late Leona Helmsley's dog, Trouble (lower left), is in a bit of trouble. It seems the pampered pup isn't wanted by Leona's brother, Alvin Rosenthal, and the bitch (Trouble) has had to make do -- living with a few servants in Leona's massive Connecticut mansion, reports The New York Post. Arf!

Sources say the canine socialite needs a Stars who look like their dogs - click to launchlawyer to ensure that Leona's wishes are carried out -- including her desire to have the pup eventually entombed alongside her and husband Harry Helmsley -- as NY laws forbid dog remains to be buried with humans. Oddly, New York law has no statute prohibiting burial with Leona (upper right).

We're Just Sayin' ...

Newcomer Daeg Faerch plays the young Michael Myers in the remake of "Halloween," but
he has a celeb look-alike who is even more terrifying than the iconic serial killer.
Daeg Faerch and Michael Myers


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Whoopie look like a dog, Iwould stay away from Vick if I was Her!

2565 days ago


Alvin Rosenthal,if you're reading this, I would be happy to take Trouble into our happy family here Scottsdale, AZ. Wehave thwo female dogs, 1 male and q femal ecat---all indoor animals with their own living spaces. Trouble willbe pampered and welcomed in, just as all four of my own--- who've been here 4+ years at least. send me a line at or go to my site www.vintagevanguard,com formore contact info!!!

2563 days ago


Thank you, Deep South, for speaking up for us southerners and for black dog owners everywhere!!

"15. I am a black dog owner from the deep south and I find Vick's behavior to be abhorrent.

Posted at 2:49PM on Sep 5th 2007 by Deep_South"

2560 days ago


where the hell is PETA during the IDITAROD, that dog race generates millions of dollars, they show it on tv , thousands attend, and cheer. im quite sure, that people are betting on it.dogs run for 5 or 6 hundred miles, they often die,just to be replaced by another dog so they can finish the race, wheres the outrage, if that was a white man they would have gave him probation/ slap on wrist. just like always. plus why did the feds raid dmx house a few days after vick thing went down. it seemed it was open season on "black" dog owners. yall people make all the damn laws, my people gets punished for them. if I was aquited, YOU would think iwas guilty.

2558 days ago

Gary so glad to see your comment, if white people had even one fund of any kind for white people one of the biggest racists groups in the world [ NAACP ] would be bussing them in from around the world to march and chant about how racists white people were to have anything just for white people. You can also bet that the two biggest racists in the world AL Sharpton and the most Reverand out of wed lock child producing preacher Jessie Jackson would be jumping up and down about the racist white people. One thing for sure and they will tell you in a heart beat Black Racists are AOK but white RACISTS are wrong. Some one needs to tell all Black Racists that slave days have been over than any of them have been alive and that it was BLACK AFRICIANS who grabed the blacks held them prisoner and then sold them to white people, which they never talk about.

2540 days ago

Deborah Gonzalez    

Did anyone see Whoopi on the View? Let's go to the video tape. PETA you should be ashame of yourself, Whoopi was not talking about all people in the south, she was talking about people who don't have anything better to do but be crucial to animals an probably to themselves. I grew up in the south and I've heard of dog fights, not that I agree with dog fighting or condone it, I'm saying it does exist.
I don't agree with hanging Vicks out to dry, either, I would think that we would educate this young man, his life was taken away because of his stupidity, was it your need to get publicity for a cause that needed a face? Why not have Vicks be the poster child oppose to losing his career, I feel that Vicks had a bright future and this incident as crucial as it was did not merit his future, what good is this going to do if another one of our young men are thrown out because of stupidity, wouldn't it have serve a better purpose to make him a poster child with education and stipulations mandated so that he would not do this again. All I'm saying is taking another life makes know since to me, is anything gained other than jail and the media having a field day. Make him stand up and take responsibility for his actions, who would have made a better poster child than Vicks telling the world he was stupid, taking the life of any animal is crucial and unacceptable behviour in society, have him educated and then educate others on the ramifications of taking a life, even a dog. We all must be responsible in what we say and what we do, it seems that people have gotten more upset at Vicks for the dogs than what racism is doing to the blacks in this country.
It is ashame that Vicks could not be educated oppose to being crusified, it would have serve a better cause and given a lot more people (like Vicks) a face.

2540 days ago

what ?    

Shaq's soon to be ex wife deserves every darn penny !!!! if their in CA she is gonna get half . it says that shaq wants her to have custody of the kids and for him to have liberal visitation .. sounds to me like he is saying ~ the kids are your problem B** .. well shaq give her half and you'll get your wish ! :)

2509 days ago


"I believe in the brotherhood of man, all men, but I don’t believe in brotherhood with anybody who doesn’t want brotherhood with me. I believe in treating people right, but I’m not going to waste my time trying to treat somebody right who doesn’t know how to return the treatment."
-- Speech, Dec. 12 1964, New York City.

"There is nothing in our book, the Koran, that teaches us to suffer peacefully. Our religion teaches us to be intelligent. Be peaceful, be courteous, obey the law, respect everyone; but if someone puts his hand on you, send him to the cemetery. That’s a good religion."
-- "Message to the Grass Roots," speech, Nov. 1963, Detroit (published in Malcolm X Speaks, ch. 1, 1965).

2505 days ago


he looks like a younger version of Drew barrymoore

2574 days ago


Nothing anyone can say can be a logical reason to condone dogfighting - Whoopi should be ashamed and the View and it's advertisers should be avoided......

2574 days ago



2574 days ago

Willi Krause    

It appears (from past actions and rhetoric) that Whoopi supports anything that blacks do, so this latest action is no surprise to me. She's about as open-minded as the Republican leadership. Ted Danson was just an experiment or curiosity, or so it appears. Frankly, I wish she'd just shut up.

2574 days ago

Susie and Benji    

Whoopi is off the wall and shocked the hell out of me playing the race card. Once a low life always a low life. Excuses, excuses, excuses. Whoopi should join the NFL...National Felon League.

2574 days ago


Tmz should be ashamed! did anyone actually see what she said? If you had you would know she was not condoning dog fighting or Vick, This is a perfect example of the damage the gossip tabloids gleefully perpetuate.

2574 days ago


I've always liked Whoopi, but don't understand why she's defending Vick?

Does she condone dog fighting? Does she condone the torture and hanging of those same dogs?

And nice rant Taylor. Respect another race's culture? What are you rambling about? Dog fighting has culture? It doesn't have a thing to do with race. I'd like to hang all dog fighters, regardless of their race.

2574 days ago
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