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Brad: Jen and I Have "A Deep Friendship"

9/7/2007 9:19 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

How's Angelina going to feel about this?! Brad Pitt says he and ex-wife Jennifer Aniston are bound by "a lot of life together," and that they're still friends in a "deep" way.

Pitt tells V magazine (via People) that he and Jen "still maintain a deep friendship ... that isn't erased in any way" by their breakup more than four years ago. As for the split itself, Brad says, "I don't know how better to have handled [it] ... The thing guiding me then was ... you need life to be everything you need it to be."

And when it comes to his current baby mama and paramour Angelina Jolie, Pitt says he had to put questions about his marriage to Aniston behind him, "before an attraction to Angie could be answered."

Fitty Wants Hillary, Thinks He's a Soldier

Go shorty, it's your inauguration day, go shorty, it's your ... Can't you just hear it? It could happen, now that 50 Cent is on the record pushing Hillary Clinton for president.

Fitty tells Rap-Up magazine in its September/October issue, "I'd like to see Hillary Clinton be president and ... this is a way for us to have Bill Clinton be president again, and he did a great job during his term." Meanwhile, he also points out the difference between him and George Bush, "I actually go to war, when I go to war. Bush just sends [people] to war."

Party Favors: Larry Wachowski Is Still a Man ... Alyssa Milano Joins "Earl" to Love Lee

The buzz that bizarro-director Larry Wachowski -- one half of the Wachowski Brothers of "Matrix" fame -- was getting the chop and becoming a woman are, apparently, untrue. FOX News reports that Larry has not yet become Lana ... TV Guide's Michael Ausiello reports that Alyssa Milano will be joining the cast of "My Name is Earl" to play Jason Lee's love interest. In other child star news, Henry Thomas -- Elliott of "E.T."-- will be joining "Without a Trace" to play the nemesis of head guy Anthony LaPaglia. Phone home ... so we know where you are!


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bored 2tears    

Jen should not even give that jerk the time of day
who knew 1 cent was so political

2605 days ago


It is great that Brad and Jen can be honest about their Friendship and can put their feelings in perspective.

You don't have to treat your ex like a disease to be avoided.

Some people are more suitable to be friends than they are to be lovers.

Also people grow apart - but may still have compatible traits that would make maintaining a friendship enjoyable.

This will probably be the trend in this century as couples are less tabooed to stay together permanently - and do not wait until years and years of incompatibility and bitterness finally breaks them apart - but breakup earlier and realize that certain attributes can still bond them together

2605 days ago


Brad and Jen separated in February 2005. Their divorce was final in the fall.
How is that MORE THAN 4 YEARS AGO?!!

2605 days ago

Hop Off    

Brad Pitt is such an insincere, pathetic liar. He had an affair and flaunted it for the world to see. Jen is better off.

2605 days ago


Half Dollar needs to grasp that American soldiers fight for his freedom, enabling morons like him to say such incredibly stupid things without being strung up or having his head chopped off. He's at war? Sniping with Kanye West doesn't count, idjit.

2605 days ago

Desease control    

Brad is putting out PR spin that things are cozy with his X.

Mybe Brad plans on showing up with Shilo on Jens door step.
Saying help us we are trying to leave a bad situation and have no place to go.
Then Jen well see how Brad has suffered and can take him back
and be a step Mom to his baby.

Then Brad can sart looking good agin and Shilo can have a stay at home daddy
and Mommy. and not be drug to every nation on the plant on Good well tours.

That would be excellent for Brad and Shilo.
Go back to Jen.

2605 days ago

I speak da trooph    


2605 days ago

Desease control    

Poor brad he has been so used and abused by angelina Jolie he miss the old days with Jen.

Only Brad knows the pain of being with Jolie.
Im sure he has been through hell.

Welcome Home Brad

2605 days ago


Alyssa is one of the smartest actress's in Hollywood she knows which bandwagon to climb on. She will be a pleasent addition to the show. All right Shelly, Im gonna say it....And she is really hot.............See now, that wasn.t bad............

2605 days ago

Desease control    

Brad doesnt want to be envoled in any more of these 3 rd world adoptions.
Pax has not adjusted well. The kid still wants to go back to his country and his people.
When Joile / Pitt adopted pax from the orphange they told the orphange they had set up charites to help the orphange. Once Pax was adopted the Orpahnges found out those chrites had closed beacuse jolie/pitt had put no money inot them.
They took the Kid and stiffed the orpahnge.
Let pitt anwer to that ensted of distracing us with talk of his X wife
who probaly wants nothing to do with him.
Jolie is a corupt person and so is Bradd Pitt !!

2605 days ago


Was never a Pitt fan or a Jolie fan or a Jen fan but seeing him and jolie flaunt there relationship for the media was to me disgusting. I gained a lot of respect for jen she showed how mature she could be she's a strong woman. And he's disrespectful toward her, and Jolie should be careful that trait doesn't go away.

2605 days ago

Desease control    

Yes, Brad I well take you back.

2605 days ago

Rocco and David    

Brad is trying to stay on good terms with Jen so that when Angie dumps him for another woman, man or sibling (who knows), he'll have someone to fall back on. What a sick-o, mix-up, pathetic world this is - well, not really the world but a lot folks in it!

Jen - stay away from Pittbull - he's bad news, a Liar and a Cheat.

Angie - you deserve him 100%.

2605 days ago

Lenn K.    

Why do we care a fifty cents ( Jackson ) votes for? Most blacks will always vote for the Democrat party and still get their ass screwed. God, you'd think they'd learn by now that Hillary doesn't give a rat's ass about them!!, Hell, her husband didn't!!

2605 days ago


I will not give a dam about Jennifer UNLESS she gives some of her millions to charities and saves a few children's lives LIKE Angelina Jolie.

Jen is nothing compared with AJ in every ways. Brad just smart enough to see that. Hell, anything else aside, If I were a man, I will LEAVE a woman who won't give me a kid too.

2605 days ago
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