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Maddox Goes to School

9/7/2007 2:16 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Mama Angelina dropped off a uniformed Maddox to school yesterday, and the little thing was adorable! So was Maddox!

Maddox's preschool, the prestigious Lycée Français de New York, costs a whopping $18,000 a year -- that's a lot of crayons! The school's first language is French, and blends programs established by the French Ministry of Education and top-notch American private schools. Can you tell me how to get to Rue Sesame?

Over fifty nationalities grace the halls of Lycée -- a perfect match for the multi-national brood of Brangelina!


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I live in So cal and have a french School in my neighborhood. The Quality of the childrens education there is vastly superior to other private schools in the region and very difficult to get into. An $18,000 tuition is not outrageous at all. Brad and Angelina have no obligation to have their child accept an inferior education to appease small minded critics. Thanks to Brad and Angelina Maddox will have hope, opportunity and health. All Things that did not exist for him in the Cambodian orphanage.

#76 Trace = your 100% right

2572 days ago

C Ya    

GOD she is so damn skinny!

2572 days ago

No Fooling    

Maddox needs to go to a public school instead of the overly priced French school. If AJ wanted her son to be happy, she should treat him like an ordinary kid. All she cares about is herself and HER image.
It would be nice if I could see just one pic of her kids smiling. All I`ve ever seen them do is scowl.
Then again if my mother was AJ, I`d probably scowl too.

2572 days ago


That is so adorable how can people Bi**h abou something like this...

2572 days ago


$18,000 is NOTHING for NY private schools...kindergarten starts at over $30,000 at many of the schools.

2572 days ago


ROFL - any body who thinks $18,000 is overpriced for private school obviously never has priced them . The Lycee is an excellent school, and not at all as expensive as other private schools. Why would Angelina put her child in an inferior school just to appease a critic.
Get Real.

2572 days ago


What happened to New Orleans? Well that was yesterday, last time I checked American children spoke English first and then whatever language you want. The kid should be in the first grade, that does not look good for the many embassy's they have in their home. But what do we know.

2572 days ago


I love this family. Good for him, going to school where he might actually learn a thing or two. I wish them well.

Only good thoughts make you happy. Quit crying because you’re not her. Geeze!

2572 days ago


I don't get it. I thought this child was enrolled in school in New Orleans, where they were planning to live and retire from the movie indusry. Oh wait, that was before they moved to Czechoslavakia, then France??? Poor kids. Talk about unstable lives!

2572 days ago


Ohhhhhh Shooooooo Shweeeeeeet !!!!!!!!!!!!
Congrats Brangelina...............
Keep it up !!!!!!!!!!!

2572 days ago


what happened to settling down and making a home in New Orleans?

2572 days ago


Hopefully mom went to eat something after.

2572 days ago

Glisten Garbor    

I went to that school for 2 years..Will he stay the whole year or will they take him out to travel the globe?

2572 days ago


Have any of you priced private schools in Manhattan? My brother is in the process of doing so for my niece and nephew. Angelina and Brad are the only ones who should be making the decision where best for their children to be safe and educated. You lot don't have a say in the matter, although a few of the kinder people here most likely do the best they can afford for their own children.

2572 days ago


So young mad who is 6 and should have started 1st grade this week is only in pre school. I guess they have had to keep him back a few times due to all there travels in the world. As a mother you want to put your kids first, saint ang has not done that and because of that her son who should be in 1st grade is only in pre school. The french school is fine its there money but that kid deserves the love of his parents and that means they need to sacrafice for him. put down roots before its too late.

2572 days ago
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