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Britney Tried to Give "More," Audience Wanted Less

9/10/2007 1:02 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Click to return to TMZ.comBritney Spears aimed to bring the house down when she opened the MTV Video Music Awards, but instead she just looked like a house. A little too early for the skimpy outfits, perhaps?

The former Mrs. Federline sleep-walked her way through a critical performance of her new single, "Gimme More," and camera pans to stars like Rihanna, 50 Cent and Diddy showed the crowd wasn't really feeling it. Britney herself didn't look too enthused by the ordeal ... even seeming to forget the lyrics to her own song!

And where was the much-hyped collaboration with Criss Angel? Apparently, that was a disappearing act.

Um, Brit? Your career called ...


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I really thought she would pull this off. She has had an amazing career until the last four years or so, after all. But this was terrible. She really let everyone, including herself and her boys down with that performance. She just phoned it in, she was extremely tentative, unsure of herself—no confidence, and lacked any passion. Bad wardrobe choice, too. Isn’t anyone working for her? Someone needs to step in!

2580 days ago


I dont watch the VMA's because they are pure crap, but I did catch her performance online. What exactly did Sarah Silverman say?

2580 days ago



2580 days ago


It was an awful performance. Britney looked bored and was either drunk or high or both. There was no excitement. It was not the performance she needed. It is very sad. All of Britney's actions, including this horrid performance, seem to point to the fact that her last and only big number will be her step into the grave like Anna Nicole Smith.

2580 days ago


you know..... it's obvious britney is going through alot.. i actually feel sorry for her... i can't believe sarah silverman said those awful things about her and her children. what i'm saying is we all go through tough times let's have some compassion for her

2580 days ago


it should have been better, yes, but considering what she's coming back from, it wasn't as bad as it could have been. i was disappointed though, which sucks, because i really do want her to do well. it really just lacked the enegy and spunk of her usual performances...she didn't look like she had fun at all, and seemed uncomfortable onstage (weird, considering she's a superstar). her face, legs and boobs looked pretty good, but she should have covered up the stomach for now and her extensions sucked. wish she'd just rocked a pixie cut or something...or just gotten better extensions. hopefully the song gets a kick ass video.

2580 days ago


looks like the choreography was changed after criss angel pulled out... that's my best guess.
she seems to be ad-libbing a lot of the moves here.

bummer britney, we expected you to do better but why??
you haven't proved jack to us so far.

2580 days ago


Oh god, that was terrible. She looked absolutely bored while performing and didn't even bother trying to cover up her poor lip-syncing. What a disappointment.

2580 days ago


This is someone who continues to earn over 700K a month? She has no focus on her profession, and it was obvious she was out clubbing all night, with the stumbling in the beginning, the loping around stage, etc. I can almost stand lipsynching by performers, if they actually put a little effort into it. She was just soooo going through the motions. You know, if I have a big meeting the next day, I get prepared and I rest up the night before. Apparently she just wants to rest on her laurels instead of trying to be a professional. Sorry Brit, you were a bust.

2580 days ago


who are the idiots who think she looked hot? Are you kidding, she's a heifer!! That performance was embarrassing.

2580 days ago


It was painful to watch, she looked extremely uncomfortable.
Her outfit was way too skimpy.... she has that bloated alcohol stomach thing going on. I know some of you are going to say she looks great especailly after 2 kids but if that was my career (to look good), you better believe I would not look like that ! It's not like she is busy with her kids!

What about Sarah Silverman...geesh...if she wasn't uncomfortable perfoming..that didn't help!

2580 days ago


TMZ broke her spirit???I don't think so. They didn't make her do all these crazy things she's been doing. You are making excuses for HER!!

2580 days ago

Get a Grip People    

Ok, the performance was not THAT bad! lol

It was just, kinda there..and that's it. I think there were some genuine Britney moments, where she showed that she still has it...but i think it could have been a lot better...

Part of the problem was more of hte just wasn' good as it could be...

That said, i think she did a good job...maybe shouldn't have been the opening act...but decent job nonetheless...and she looked pretty-ish (a little too early for the bra and panties...but she'll get there)...

i look fwd to when she REALLY performs this song...and breaks it' down...i'm sure she will soon...

2580 days ago


Not a fan, But I was hoping she would do well..
I was shocked at how "out of it" she looked..
I think she should reunite with her Mama at this point..

2580 days ago


She looked like the queen of Loratabs and painkillers-must go down as her worst performance ever. MTV must have seen her performance in rehearsals-they should not have let her go on like that. Maybe she will watch it and see that she actually sucks and straighten herself out. She claimed she wanted kids so badly-did she somehow forget that when u have kids, it's time to grow up and be responsible? Those poor kids did not choose to be born to a messed up bad weave party mom.

2580 days ago
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