Bosworth & Stiles Go Cowgirl Chic

9/13/2007 5:49 PM PDT
Rail thin Kate Bosworth and a healthier looking Julia Stiles were rocking similar Daisy Duke shirts in NYC yesterday -- with Stiles winning the look by not pairing it with awful jeans and equally wrong sunglasses. Also in New York: still funny "SNL" cast member Amy Poehler and a thumbs-up Kanye West.

Back in L.A., Justin Timberlake's girl, Jessica Biel, hid from cameras, Jack Osbourne kept his Geico caveman look going, Jon Lovitz acted like a statue on Sunset, and a hooded Ja-Rule hit up Area. A fresh-faced Felicity Huffman, "Bones" hottie David Boreanaz, "Heroes" sidekick James Kyson Lee, and Cheryl Hines were all at the Clothes Off Our Back event hosted by a fake jewelry wearing Jane Kaczmarek.

All this and more in today's rodeo-to-Rodeo edition of Star Catcher.