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Les Deux a Don't for the Dutch

9/13/2007 9:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

America, the place where dreams come true ... unless that dream is to get into Les Deux nightclub with a sweatshirt and a Dutch accent!

TMZ caught two self-proclaimed "celebrities from Holland" last night, who came to the Hollywood club straight from their plane at LAX -- suitcases and blind hope in their hands. "You want to meet nice girls ... you have to be here," one of 'em told the camera -- guess they haven't seen the bitchfights going on outside!

Only a few moments later, wheeling their bags behind them, the two Dutchmen came back to TMZ's camera, shaking their heads in defeat, angrily yelling, "They don't know how to treat celebrities here!" Steaming mad, one then dished out what is quite possibly the best put-down ever: "Where are we, in f**kin' Greenland?!" Goed nacht!


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I love TMZ    

BOOOOORING! I'm falling asleep here, please give me something

2597 days ago


lmao, i'm from Holland and guys why go to Hollywood when you have Amsterdam. Tadaaa...
Goedemorgen, lol

2597 days ago


omg i love foreign people, nice girls in les deux! total idiots :D who goes to a club with a suitcase? i wish they let him in just so his suitcase could of been stolen halfway through the night when he went to do some interesting dance moves.

2597 days ago


Gotta love these guys....they know how to take the piss out of an overrated establishment.

2597 days ago


I am from the netherlands, and those guys are not famous, they just wanted their 15 minutes of fame......

2597 days ago

Lord Snooty    

What a complete set of LOSERS !! I'm from Belgium (neighbour of Holland) and these nitwits are NOT celebrities. Who in God's name come's straight from the plane with a trolley and a bagpack and then tries to get in a well known nightclub ? Only Hollanders would try that. These people are known for their unbelievable bad taste in clothes and manners. They all go on holliday in cars with caravans loaded with all the food they will be eating on their holliday (they are even more stengy than the Scots). I hope they will show this scene on Dutch tv so they will be recognized and ridiculed for at least a year !

2597 days ago


I went to Les Deux when I was visiting from the east coast a couple of months ago.....i don't know what the hype is all about. My friend had hooked up a VIP table and that Douche that was married to Britney for a millisecond was there with all his leeching poser friends next to us. Hollywood clubs are such a joke....most people that go there are so useless and are so into image and status that they have no identity.

2597 days ago



2597 days ago


#6 Your comments are funny too.

I hope these two guys really are celebrities in the Netherlands.

Once their legions of fans see this video they will be falling off their bicycles laughing.

This will be more embarassing for them than Britney's trajic performance was for her.

2597 days ago


well its a club for LOOSER's , its right where they belong.....its a has been club.

2597 days ago


Those are not Dutch celebrities and they are in no way stereotypically Dutch. NO ONE would go to a (respectable) club dressed like that with a backpack, or suitcase whatever. Those are just two morons who thought that they would get in les deux by making a ridiculous scene...

and Belgium Boy, go eat "friet", your comments about Dutch people are ridiculous and stupid.

2597 days ago

just wondering    

.....THIS VIDEO HAS ALREADY MADE MY DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...tooooooooooooooo funny!!!

2597 days ago


LOL.... now thats funny they came with their luggage !!

2597 days ago


Oh come on, I am from Holland also and they are not celebrities. i have no idea who they are but have some sense of humor. I really laughed. I mean they show up with suitcases. Fantastic. have some fun. lol.

2597 days ago


Looks like Hans and Frans found out there weren't in Holland anymore...
I guess the Dennys down the street dosn't look so bad now!

2597 days ago
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