Les Deux a Don't for the Dutch

9/13/2007 9:50 AM PDT
America, the place where dreams come true ... unless that dream is to get into Les Deux nightclub with a sweatshirt and a Dutch accent!

TMZ caught two self-proclaimed "celebrities from Holland" last night, who came to the Hollywood club straight from their plane at LAX -- suitcases and blind hope in their hands. "You want to meet nice girls ... you have to be here," one of 'em told the camera -- guess they haven't seen the bitchfights going on outside!

Only a few moments later, wheeling their bags behind them, the two Dutchmen came back to TMZ's camera, shaking their heads in defeat, angrily yelling, "They don't know how to treat celebrities here!" Steaming mad, one then dished out what is quite possibly the best put-down ever: "Where are we, in f**kin' Greenland?!" Goed nacht!