Knocker Out! Catfight at Les Deux!

7/16/2007 2:00 PM PDT

Knocker Out! Catfight at Les Deux!

Fake hair flew and breastesses were exposed outside Les Deux Saturday night as a group of alleged ladies got into a hardcore fight in the parking lot. Meow!

After Britney's exit cleared the area outside the Hollywood club, a pack of fierce fighters were foaming at the mouth to lay the smackdown on one unfortunate girl -- ferociously punching her head, pulling on her weave and exposing her jiggly bits to the cheering crowd. Hollywood is just teeming with lovely women!

It's a delightful and classy clientele out in Hollywood!

Update: According to at least one reader of PinkIsTheNewBlog, the melee started when one of the ladies yelled "whore" at Britney Spears and screamed "go back home to your babies," as she pulled out of the Les Deux parking lot -- and the other women got into it to defend Brit's honor!