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Maddox Jolie-Pitt -- Left Behind?

9/13/2007 2:23 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The Jolie-Pitt clan took off from New York last night ... but where the heck was Maddox?!

Though Brad and Ange caused quite a scene outside Madd's pre-school when they picked him up yesterday, when it came time to board their plane, Maddox was nowhere in sight. TMZ spotted Brad holding baby Shiloh, Angelina grabbing onto Zahara, and Pax walking himself into Teterboro Airport in New Jersey. Where's Maddox?!


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he was at a party...:)

2561 days ago


How many school is this poor kid enrolled in anyway? Every day there is a different photo op of them picking him up from a different school in a different country. Poor kid. Why collect kids? Why not leave them in their homelands and support them and their families? They have too busy of lives to drag these poor kids along for the ride. Angie NEVER spends any time with Shiloh and she never interacts with any of her kids. It is always her holding them and trying to look hot. Can't they walk???

2561 days ago


9:45PM-Awesome comment. I think Brad is fed up with the way Ange ignores Shiloh.

Shiloh is better off not being around Ange, Brad knows why she is losing weight and

acting more crazy than usual. It is so obvious that Ange is on drugs again or she thinks her

stick body is hot. Either way none of the children need to be around her.

12:35PM-You need to see the light. I do see all of Brad's movies cause he is good actor.

Ange is the new box office posion. Her movie making days are over w/o Brad she is

nothing but an underweight ugly nobody. Looks like you will be seeing her movies

by yourself. Her fans even know now she is a has been.

11:42PM-I feel sorry for you coming here and making a butt out of yourself. Who are you to

judge other people here. You sound like a Ange lover with your ignorant comment.

If you have not noticed Ange has lost her fans. People dont like the way she treats

Brad and Shiloh. She acts like Shiloh is Jen's child not hers. Odd that she speaks bad

things about Shiloh. I give Ange a year then she will be in the nut house where she


12:49AM-Stop talking to yourself. It is obvioud that you are 11:42PM, too. What a sad

person you must be.

2561 days ago

You're stupid    

You're all so stupid,really really stupid.I can't believe how you're talking about Maddox.He's a child,a cute innocent boy and he is in the plane with Mom and Dad,look at JustJared and you'll see.
Und warum seht ihr euch das Video an,warum macht ihr euch die Mühe es zu kommentieren,wenn ihr die Jolie-Pitts so sehr hasst?Ich verstehe es nicht,es macht mich wütend,.....

2560 days ago


Stop asking about Shiloh.... it doesn't pay. The fans will defend Jolie to the hilt. The rest of us who have compassion tend to wonder why the youngest and coincidentally the biological child is left out of alot of stuff. We see Jolie holding Z and Pax and "even old enough to walk on his own" Maddox all the time - coming out of toy stores and parks.... but hardly ever showing the same affection to the adorable blond baby. I think she resents that kid bacause she resembles Voight. She's not too skinny and frail to hold the others so don't use " she has heels on" as an excuse for not holding shiloh. Shame on Pitt. He must really rip her a new ass when they're alone. It has to get frustrating to see that baby get the shaft. I think this women is off her rocker to carry another child -she should stick to adopting. Only for Shiloh's sanity would I even suggest she give birth again!

2559 days ago


Maddox has school tomorrow - he can't skip, cause he's in FIRST GRADE not pre-school.
he's probably with a nanny til they get back

2558 days ago


He was busy getting his hair cut...

2549 days ago


93. 9:45PM-Awesome comment. I think Brad is fed up with the way Ange ignores Shiloh.

Oh 93 pleazzzzzzzzzzzz tell us do you know Brad. What has he said about Ang not holding Shi??-- When Brad doenst get back 2 U - Sorry Dumb A@S#S%

2526 days ago


Maybe since he probably already knows how to read got embarrassed at all these 'hive' his parents are causing and he put an add in the paper for something like this: looking for someome normal to adopt me, who eats normal, and not travel so much, looking also for stability in a home that I would call my 'own with (and my own room with a TV that I could watch at least till the show ends without rushing out the door) ,normal siblings as well as a grandma and a grandpa! Grandpa Jon, if you are out there, come get me please? at least for an hour!!

2514 days ago
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