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Dr. Drew: Britney = Anna Nicole?

9/14/2007 9:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Include Dr. Drew Pinsky in the list of people who are worried about Britney Spears after her VMA meltdown this week. In fact, Dr. Drew takes it one step further by comparing Brit to another famous blondewreck: Anna Nicole Smith!

TMZ cameras spotted Dr. Drew at an Emmy gift suite in Hollywood today (Why was he there? No clue). When asked about BritBrit, the Doc answered, "This is a young woman we're watching unravel. We're gonna have another Anna Nicole Smith on our hands."

Does that make K-Fed the new Larry Birkhead?


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...there are alot of spelling errors in this article........ i would click the word checker next time.......

ps ..... i am not worried about britney...

2542 days ago

Lenn K.    

Everyones been saying the same thing. Britney needs to take a timeout from the media and her so-called career. It's gotten to be too much for her!!

2542 days ago


I can't wait to hear what you yahoos have to say when she takes a self induced dirt nap.

2542 days ago


Just give the poor girl a break for crying out. I was a huge fan of Brit when I was in elementary school and she was starting to become a superstar.Once she realised her 3rd album, I was into different music. I made fun of her for the headshaving and the umbrella incidents. But watching the VMA's Sunday, broke my heart. I fetl embarassed for this poor girl. It was like watching a train wreck in slow motion. You just kept saying "Oh, Britney, why?" I think she's just worn out from all the press coverage. She's only human after all, we all have tough spots. Her's just seems to be dragging out for years. It doesn't help that the papparazzos won't leave her the hell alone. I'd have to say after that performance, I believe she wasn't ready for it all again. MTV was all about expoliting her to their ratings up, and while it worked, it kicked her while she's down. She's just needs to go on vacation somewhere remote. Recharge her batteries. Figure out where she's going. I think the album could be a big sucess though. I really like the new song. I can't say I've liked her songs for about 5 or 6 years. But I support her. She deserves to have something go right in her life. Geez.

2542 days ago


TMZ would be lost without Britney. It is impossible to tell fairy tales without mentioning princes and princesses. In this case the princess of pop is being chased by the evil doctor D.

Fairy tales always have a happy ending. A prince, a good fairy or maybe even God will struck down the evil doctor and the princess will live happily ever after.


2542 days ago


Exactly Lenn K. we've been saying this for too long. When is someone going to step in and help this girl? During her funeral?

2542 days ago


We can only hope Dr. Drew is right about Brit. Just die, already!

2542 days ago


I wholeheartedly agree with the Dr's comments and it is what alot of people, fans or not, have been saying for a long time. She needs help before its too late. On the other hand, why must your article mention KFed? He is not responsible for Britneys actions of late.

2542 days ago


Britney Spears needs to concentrate on her own well being, and that of her children and her family as a whole. This all reminds me of all these shows like the AMAs that kept using a clearly drug addicted Anna Nicole Smith to present awards so everyone could laugh at her. Well, the entertainment industry and the media, one in the same, didn’t tell her to clean-up…and by their collective non-action in that regard…and their constantly using her as a guest, and thus, live human punchline at numerous events…Anna Nicole Smith thought, and knew, that her behavior was considered exceptable by the entertainment industry and the media at large. As a result, look at how that story ended!!!

Now that they helped kill Anna Nicole Smith, instead of trying to save her life, they have moved on to other human punchlines like Britney Spears, Lindsey Lohan and Paris Hilton…all of whom they’d loved to help destroy themselves, just like Anna Nicole Smith and into an early grave...via the same non-action in respect to making an honest effort to reach-out and help these young ladies. No, instead they’d rather pander to these troubled souls, and allow them to keep spiraling out of control…and further ebb toward the brink of disaster.

And if that weren’t insult enough, we now have an insincere Simon Cowell, Randy Jackson, Paula and the other folks at American Idol, who are pro-actively pandering to Britney Spears and her addictions by not adressing them. There is a big fat flying pink elephant in the room and nobody is saying anything about it!!! They say they wish to help her with her career, but they refuse to address her drug and drinking problems as a honest first step in this effort. They have even failed to give her the good advice of saying: “Mend your family…before anything!!!”, and specifically that should begin by Britney mending her relationship with her parents.

These industry people don’t give a damn about her, and the same is true of the Emmy folks who are thinking about hosting her with a guest spot on their show. If they really cared about this woman’s personal welfare, somebody would step in with an drug and alcohol intervention…not more deals!!!

2542 days ago

A girl    

Can you say "All new 'E! True Hollywood Story'"?? Although, I don't see her down the same path as ANS......Hopefully, she will get the message that she has to calm down

2542 days ago


wouldn't this imply that she has a drug problem as that is what did ANS in. i personally think BS has a mental problem, either that or she is just really dumb (i vote for both )

regardless, she listens to no one as it sounds as if she has shut off her parents. what did she do after that mess on MTV....went out drinking without her underwear for cameras to see. WTF??

this girl needs to hide out for about a year. get and take a lot of advise that people who care tell her and then i have no doubt that she could be back as she certainly has the fans. ( talent? that was never her strong point.

i don't think she could go that long without doing something to make the rag/mags tho. i think that is her addiction.

i could care less...but it is time she thinks of the damage her boys are going to suffer from her antics and she should be doing everything she can to maintain custody. she may love them, but she loves herself more.

i have no pity wasted on her.

2542 days ago


#9That is a bunch of crap and you know it! NOBODY puts a gun to their heads and makes them drink, drive drunk, use drugs or smoke cigarettes. I do not feel sorry for them because they cause the misery to their lives. They need to stop being so self centered and start thinking about others.
This is petty stuff compared to what is going on over in the Middle East where military men and women are dying everyday.

2542 days ago


wy are this man worried about britney? who is him for been WORRIED about somebody that he even know? he should be worried about his wife, maybe she is with another man and he even figure out.

2542 days ago


Personally if this man was a real Dr. He would of said since she's not my patient and I have not met with her personally I can not comment. Instead he takes media gossip and does an evaluation on her. I find that more dangerous.

2542 days ago

Whammer Jammer    

Twitney won't ever move out of L.A. because she cannot stand to not see her name in the news everyday. Everybody continues to make excuses for her, when she herself is the problem. She can't live without the attention.

2542 days ago
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