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Rosie - I'll Shut Up About Myself

9/19/2007 9:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Rosie O'Donnell says she wasn't dissing Oprah when she said no to a sit-down request -- and that she's not doing any interviews to hawk her new book ... for now.

Posting on her blog at, the mouthy mama says that the book is "too raw" and that her "no" to O "has nothing 2 do with anything but me ... my need 2 find my place within." And thus, says Ro, she "decided no interviews" about the book.

Which begs the question -- is she still going to talk to Diane Sawyer, as Page Six reported yesterday?

Fitty Better Prepare to Hang 'Em Up

Though the final tally isn't in, it looks like 50 Cent might want to start getting his Razcal ready for retirement. A report in Hits magazine predicts that Kanye West's album, "Graduation," will sell almost 300,000 more copies than Fitty's "Curtis," a circumstance that, as 50 Cent "promised," may lead to his retiring.

The official Soundscan numbers will come out today, but the prediction is that Kanye's album sold 930,251 copies in its first week, while "Curtis" moved 659,682 -- plenty of copies, but not enough to forestall 50's ride into the hip-hop sunset. Then again, there's always the comeback tour.

Party Favors: Did Scary Spice Leave Baby for Four Days to Get Married? ... Jacko's Kids Wig Out at "Lion King"

A cleaning lady formerly employed by Melanie "Scary Spice" Brown alleges that Brown left her 2-month-old with her for four days while she shipped off to Vegas to get married, reports Gatecrasher. Brown's rep says that the accusations are "fictitious." ... Michael Jackson's kids upstaged the elaborate costumes at "The Lion King" on Broadway, when they showed up for the show wearing wigs under their baseball caps, reports Page Six, and Jacko himself "was totally white" and wore "wacky pants."


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Who cares about Rosie? She is a meanie...

As for Scary Spice.... what a pathetic excuse for a mother.... same goes for Jacko!

2593 days ago

Anyone, anyone?    

Forget Britney for a minute, Michael's the one who shouldn't have his kids. Imagine them all grown up. They'll be ridiculed on TMZ everyday. They've never had a chance at normal.

2593 days ago


About Scary spice leaving her baby for four days...WHO CARES? IN the NORMAL world, if you're going to get married and have a honeymoon, and already have a child, you leave them with someone that you trust. Some people leave for a week so four day is nothing. The media capitalizes on the stupidest of things like when celebrity parents do the same things that every parent has done, just not in the "lime light". Not even worth my time really cause I'm suprised TMZ would print something so lame!

2593 days ago


Rosie will "shut up about myself." ????

I won't hold my breath.

2593 days ago


Where in the world have these people come from? I could care less about Rosie and her book....or whether she appears on Oprah or not. I quit watching Oprah years ago...after she became an expert on virtually every subject and her constant interrupting of any guest when they speak. I saw the Goldman's when they were on while switching channels and her treatment of Kim and Fred was horrible. She has no shame. As for Jackson....the world knows he is crazy..and people with brains know he has molested little boys...but doe anyone care about what he has done to his children...if in fact they are really his? Something I seriously doubt. Where in the world do these nuts come from?

2593 days ago


You're quoting "Hits" magazine as a source for valid record sales? That's a laugh! They're not even affiliated with SoundScan or anything more than Independent record promoters. Jesus. Bring back Neil Bogart. He was the master of inflated record sales!

2593 days ago


At least Jacko's 3 kids will keep psychiatrists busy for many years to come!!

2593 days ago


Rosie is jealous of Oprah. She's a very powerful woman, and the fat
bitch can't stand to even be in the company of a powerful woman that
has brains and is not afraid of her. Who doesn't promote their
upcoming book? What a liar. The only question I have is how the hell
does Kelly do it day in and day out? Gees...50 is great at marketing.
By no means will he retire from rap. He and Kanye were in on this
"beef" that never was. Can't stand Mel B., but what was wrong with
her leaving her baby with someone she trusted for four days to get
married? Don't see the story there, except she really shouldn't have
trusted this person at all. I bet the lady said, "Sure I'll look
after her," when Melanie asked her. Looks like the cleaning lady is
tired of cleaning and is just trying to make a buck, like her former
employer. Boy karma is a bitch, ain't it? roflmao

2593 days ago


How can child welfare authorities NOT take those children away from Michael? Everytime I hear a story that includes those kids I could just cry. They always look so serious, not like children at all. How damaged they must already be. Can't anyone see that?

2593 days ago


I am actually NOT tired of Rosie. I may not always agree with her, but she is certainly... uhm "interesting" to say the least. I'd much rather hear her - being "real" - human, fallable and honest about her views than some cookie-cutter version bending backwards to always be politically correct.

You go, Rosie... do YOU!

2593 days ago

Only swim in the Ocean    

Rosie, quit whining about your life. No one cares!

2593 days ago


Don't want to do interviews about the book? She doesn't need to. She's getting enough publicity by saying 'no' to oprah. it's all over the place. NICE pr job rosie!

2593 days ago


who cares if Mel B left her kid for four days? big effin' deal. people who stay around their kids every day can be far more unsafe (Britney, Kevin)...

2593 days ago

Jon Bodack    

Rosie O'Donnell needs to just keep her fat mouth shut! If 50 cent is going to be retiring,? go out with a bang 50! I don't think Scary Spice(Melanie Brown) would ever leave her daughter at home for 4 days just to get married, she's more responsible! I'm sure Michael Jackson's kids looked cute dressed up in Lion King costumes!

2593 days ago
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