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Britney Can Drive ... In Louisiana

10/1/2007 4:44 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Britney Spears does not have a valid California driver's license -- she does have one in LA, but someone should tell her that LA is Louisiana, not Los Angeles!
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TMZ did some digging and found that Brit has a valid license in her home state of Louisiana, but she doesn't live there. A rep for the DMV tells TMZ that in California, you have 10 days to apply for a license after arriving here as a resident, and Brit never completed the process. Examinations is hard, y'all! She did, however, appear in Louisiana in December of 2005 to renew her license, which is valid through December of 2009.

The L.A. City Attorney recently charged Britney with driving without a license. TMZ caught the unlicensed Spears driving through a Malibu parking lot this past Saturday, surrounded by paparazzi.


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Stephanie P.    

she has no common sense whatsoever

2578 days ago

Dawn Day    

Wow....they are taking her down piece by piece. This is truly her wake up call!!

I have mixed emotions in this saga. As long as the kids are properly cared for is what matters at this point. Britney needs to utilize her resources and come to grips with all of this and get back on track!

2578 days ago


Dizzy Bitches should not be allowed to have kids! At least they wont be on welfare!

2578 days ago

Busted Celebrity    

Maybe she can drive to see her kids now?! LOL

Busted Celebrity

2578 days ago


What a ditz.

2578 days ago


This is fricken ridiculous! So all these years and with the number of times she was stopped and/or helped by the one informed her of this...Im sure it pops up on their computers...SHame on the LAPD for NOT doing their job...I hope all who pass judgment on anyone get it returned to them hundred fold...Brittney...I WISH YOU LIGHT!

2578 days ago


Maybe she does not claim permanent residency in California. This is news?

2578 days ago


Look out, I'm driven down the wrong way ya'll.

I'm headin down to get ma youngins back.

2578 days ago


NO CHRISTMAS IN THE WHITE HOUSE if Democrat Barack Obama get his way, Muslims dont believe in CHRISTMAS

2578 days ago


#8 Thanks for the info, but not voting for him anyway lol

2578 days ago


TMZ - Which state does Spears file her income taxes with? Louisiana or California?

2578 days ago


She's lived in L.A. for two years now. I think she's a resident. Besides,what's so hard about getting a license in Calif? I'll bet now that the kids are going to be gone she'll go balls out partying.

2578 days ago


This makes no sense....military and other people can keep residency in other states while living in another. I am thinking because she is from Louisiana that she wanted to keep her residency there. She makes money all over the country....not just in LA. I think many celebrities have residence in their home states and not the state they primarily reside in.....heck lots of them have mutiple homes in multiple states and you can only be a resident of ONE state. Technically she is a licensed driver.......California as usual is grasping at straws here. In our state if they bust you and decide you should be a resident, at that point you have so many days to correct the are NOT immediately classed as an unlicensed driver and held to criminal charges. Even after the intial warning you have an additional fee you must pay to change the license. Sounds like California is working to get her basically anyway they can and playing by their own set of rules against what others say. Funny they do not clarify what exactly deems one as a is anyone vacationing there more than ten days a resident who is not allowed to drive even though they have a valid license from another state???

2578 days ago

CA Mom    

Wonder if someone didn't pass a randon test?

2578 days ago


It really doesn't matter where she files her income taxes, or even where she claims to have residency. In order to get a California judge to give her a divorce she had to claim California residency and meet their residential guidelines. Surprise, surprise this makes her a California resident. Whom by law was required to have a California license, not a Louisiana license.

She has enough money to be able to take care of any problems stopping her from getting a license, she just didn't want to deal with it, time she owns up to the responsibility now. She's going down and quickly at this point. She deserves all of her problems, anybody else would have been arrested and stopped by police at this point for driving without a valid California license, instead the police in her area have been kissing her ass and escorting her all over while she drives illegally. Great example from the people who are supposed to enforce the law!!!!!!!!

2578 days ago
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