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Ben Stein Hearts Britney Spears

10/2/2007 11:37 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Britney Spears doesn't have a lot of people left in her corner these days, but should she ever need it, she can count on support from ... Ben Stein?

The former presidential speechwriter/game show host was outside of Mr. Chow and he couldn't have been more thrilled to talk to TMZ about Britney. Stein called Britney a "real authentic American," saying, "She gives her kids Doritos instead of carrots, just like every other American."

In what America is Ben Stein living? The deep South?


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Gee, you think maybe he was being sarcastic?! I know it's hard to imagine Ben Stein using sarcasm and all, but it just may be the case this time!

2475 days ago


Hey Mr. Stein its because of Americans you have a job and are able to get into Mr. Chow's. So the next time you want to insult Americans maybe you should think twice about where your paycheck comes from. Jerkoff.

2475 days ago


that man's deadpan is second to none. i love him!

(that means he was KIDDING, so calm yourselves)

2475 days ago


Sorry Ben this American put carrots in her kids lunch today and not Doritos.

2475 days ago


The same America as Perez Hilton? You know, the one where 1/3 of people are obese... 1/3 are overweight... and 1/3 of us aren't. The America where we call a girl in a size 10 bikini fat. That America?

2475 days ago


Not that I am taking any sides or anything, but actually how many parents last night fed their kids fast food...It is so easy to pick up a pizza, or Mickey D's after a soccer or football game, isn't it? Not that I am condoning Doritos as a dinner choice though.

2475 days ago


Ben Stein is an idiot. If you have ever listened to his commentaries on Sunday Morning on CBS, it is obvious the man is completely clueless to what is really happening in the real world.

2475 days ago


why is everyone so freakin' touchy around here? the man was JOKING.

and hey, americans ARE fat asses, get over it.

2475 days ago


what do you mean "what america is he living in"?
uh...the america where there is an abnormally high & continually increasing rate of childhood OBESITY.

stop living in denial.
americans are fat....because they DO eat doritos & not carrots.

2475 days ago


who's touchy? lol. It's hilarious. I know this lady that uses a seatbelt extender. She's that big. When she saw the Brit videos, she was all "OMG, shes so FAT" LOL. Too funny. Go Doritos.

2475 days ago

yirmine snipe    

Open your eyes people. He was spot on. There is a reason Pepsico is making a profit selling soft-drinks and chips while the American farmer is going belly up.... most of America does eat more chips than carrots. There is life outside of LA-LA land and guess what - it eats foods that taste good not foods that are good for you.

2475 days ago

calling it like i see it    

I'm so tired of all the deep south comments. This is a form of racism. Just because one person from Louisana does something strange, doesn't make every southerner a pantyless hick. Maybe we should sue TMZ for racism, now that would be a story.......

2475 days ago


I don't have a problem with what Ben Stein said.

I do, however, have a problem with TMZ's remark about the deep South. What part of America are you in that says stereotyping is still okay?

I guess you think racial profiling is all right, too.

I'm sick of the comments, sick of the Britney bashing, sick of how TMZ puts "y'all" into everything Britney supposedly says, sick of TMZ period.

2475 days ago


I too am sick & tired of TMZ's derogatory comments about the South & Southerners. Yes, we have stupid, trashy people in the South. Guess what, so does the West Coast, the North, in fact all of the US and the world has them. TMZ needs to drop the ignorant, prejudiced comments regarding an entire section of this country. It shows they aren't any smarter than Britney.

2475 days ago


oh come on! he was making a POINT! i give my kids veggies but i also give them junky food about once or twice a week. ease the hell up! i think he just meant that britney is NOT a perfect mother. guess what, stepford wanna-be's? NO ONE IS! and your kids will likely resent you at some point for being so freakin' controlling...

2475 days ago
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