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Brit Hits Bev Hills -- They'll Never Find Me Here!

10/3/2007 10:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Another night without the kids, another hotel for Britney Spears.

TMZ cameras caught Brit and cousin Alli Sims going into the extravagant Reg. Bev. Wil. Hotel around 6:15 PM PDT. An army of photogs trailed behind Britney, who drove her dinged up white Mercedes from her Hollywood Hills mansion following a day filled with gas stations, coffee shops and photo ops.

After the spectacle, Brit decided she finally wanted her privacy, and asked one of the hotel employees to get her to a "private room."

She's Cinder-effing-rella!


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Her behavior is just shameful

2576 days ago


Doesn't look like Alli packed her bags and left anywhere but with Brit to a hotel....a hotel that includes everything and more paid for by Brit! get the "facts" right TMZ!

2576 days ago

molder mama    

I am so sick of hearing and reading about britney spears! she is not the most important thing in this world. she is not a good singer surly not a good mother so why write everything about here. trust me people are sick to death reading about her. she needs real help!

2576 days ago


she sure isnt helping her cause any...she should stay outta sight for a while

2576 days ago


hey harvey
Doesn't this just blow your mind? This is just getting more sickening as the days pass. Some of us had trouble having children, adopted and then got pregnant and for the life of me can't believe what is going on. Brit YOU had it all, still have enough money to live very well off and take care of your children, hire the best and yet you are throwing it all away. Are you trying to have your boys grow up with NO respect for you at all???

Good luck kevin, YOU deserve those boys, at least they will be kept out of the paps view for now.

2576 days ago

Yeah, Yeah, Yeah...right    

Can she not stay home? Does she not have a bed at one of her two houses?

I just can't take much more of this chick.

2576 days ago

Mary Ann    

Why can't this train wreck just stay the hell at home.? She is an attention whore, pure and simple. Seriously, I think something tragic is going to happen to her if she doesn't get help.

2576 days ago


She thinks this is a big joke. She has no connection with her 2 sons. She needs to get a reality check. There a tons of women who can't have children out there that I'm sure Britney's behavior is not setting well with them

2576 days ago


I'm thinking dumbbrit doesn't want the children. She has not shown me that she does. Some aren't cut out to be mom's and she must be the poster child for not wanting to be a mom

2576 days ago


I think she frequents these hotels because she's taking part in some arranged gangbangs, and Alli is filming them.

2576 days ago


Get over it guys.... one important life lesson to you - there are 2 sides to every story. At the moment all you see and hear is the media side. Don't expect Britney to fall to pieces in front of you - that's what you're all waiting for, you judgemental pack of wolves... ogling her pics and vids and judging her when you know NOTHING about her or what she really feels. So you see her smile, or go get coffee or go get gas... big frickin deal!! Seriously, get a life of your own and stop living vicariously through Britney Spears.

She will get it together... you'll see.

2576 days ago

Old, tired, crazy, psycho Britney SUCKED    

She meets her drug dealer at these hotels....thats pretty obvious.

2576 days ago


She has no morals.... i mean...idda been in court....whadda a mess.....

2576 days ago

Yeah, Yeah, Yeah...right    

RE #6 Posted at 10:02PM on Oct 3rd 2007 by Jillian

She DESERVES to sit and look at babies rooms, clothes, toys laying around! She needs to be constantly reminded of what her life has become and the fact she has allowed this to happen to her two children. She deserves to be reminded everyday that she LOST her babies.

2576 days ago



2576 days ago
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